Bistro Provence

13616 Memorial Dr, Houston
(713) 827-8008

Recent Reviews


We were lucky enough to secure a table for the regular set menu with matched wines. The five course menu included a wonderful fish dish, cassoulet and delicious desert.. . There was a lovely French wine with each course, two whites, two reds and then a champagne.. . The highlight of the evening was the host regaling us with tales of the origins of the French food and providing excellent information about the wine.. . This was one of the most fun nights out I’ve had in a long time and thoroughly recommend the experience.

Lisa Beck

Like a culinary trip to France without needing a passport.

Energy Reader Amy Neal

The food is amazing! The service was perfect! They make the experience enjoyable and amazing. But the food OMG the food!!! GOOD


I will be perfectly honest, I have been to France several times and this is not like a real French Bistro but somewhat similar. The food is delicious though, maybe not all French but yet still delicious and made fresh. The people are friendly and attentive, the place is small and cozy. I will definitely go back, probably today and will be recommending this place to my friends. This will definitely be one of my go to places when I want to eat fresh home made food, great wine and excellent desserts! Oui! Oui!


Grumpy had to step in and comment on this place if for no other reason than the French onion soup, while quite good has to be chewed! Yep. Sampled onion soup all over France in the almost three years Grumpy spent in oui - oui land and never experienced that once. Got to have been the type of cheese they float on the top, but the taste was on target.. The place is small and a tad on the crowded side, but it has a nice atmosphere and the service was quite acceptable. The menu was somewhat limited but diverse enough to satisfy most palates. A cautionary word or two: The selections tend toward the expensive side and parking could be a problem during popular dining hours.

Sue Montgomery

Fabulous in every way. Will return on my next visit to Houston, 2020.

Ryleigh Kidd

French food, mmm, super good. Very appetizing.

Gary C Gardner

We decided to go to Bistro Provence for our 42nd Wedding Anniversary celebration. We’re so glad we did. Wonderful atmosphere, wonderful people and fabulous food. This is a little slice of heaven right here in Houston. Thanks for making our Anniversary something special.

Yolanda Franzen

Lunch was delicious. Best homemade bread. Very nice ambiance. We were able to visit without any unwanted noise. Great service.

Vinh Nguyen

This place always makes you feel at home! Their finely detailed menu is very reminiscent of what I've experienced in Paris. Their escargot and anything from their brick oven is amazing!

Kris Volk

We had a great mother's day meal on the patio. Can't wait to go back!

Peter Salvatore

5 years ago I frequented this resteraunt at least twice per month for almost 10 years... I literally introduced dozens of new clients loving everything about it. I returned after almost 5 years and sadly food quality and service has deteriorated while pricing has increased 10 to 20%. Still acceptable but use to be great.😒

DeLaura O'Haver

I came to Houston just for a day trip and decided to try this place and am happy to report the food, atmosphere, and staff were perfect. Great atmosphere,friendly staff, amazing food!!!


It was my first time at Bistro Provence and it brought me back to my sweet Normandy. French comfort food at its finest. I had the rillettes as an appetizer followed by a fantastic lamb stew and profiteroles as my dessert. I wish I had taken pictures but it was that good. Thank you for a great meal

Scott Logan

I had an awesome experience, food and service at this place is quite tasty not too dry or overcooked. I stopped by on Wednesday; staff that worked 1PM was very attentive. I will return with my friends. Prices are reasonable as well.

Pastor Oropeza

Bistro Provence transports you to the streets of Paris. The restaurant is casually yet beautifully decorated. We started off with a delicious duck and pork rillete. Freshly baked rustic bread appeared on the table as soon as we finished the last piece. As a fan of French stews, I decided to have the Lamb Stew, their special, for the main dish. It quenched the cravings for comfort food while still being an interesting dish that I don't get to enjoy everyday. The service was outstanding which allows you to simply enjoy your time there. Can't wait to return.

Charlotte Wells

One of my top spots for tasty french food. i love eating here. feeling here is like a restaurant in fort worth i liked.

Rusty B.

One of our favorite restaurants for a romantic dinner for two with my wife. Truly a neighborhood gem!

George S

This is not the real French food. The salade nicoise has potato chips in it instead of the boiled potatoes. The dressing is wrong. The beef stew has nothing to do with the pot au feu I was expecting. The charcuterie has a nice rillette but nothing else was edible.

John L.

This great neighborhood restaurant can compete with any restaurant in Houston. They have amazing food, great ambiance and service, and a top notch wine list! If you like French food, this should definitely be on your list!!


This is really like eating in France. Perfect for lunch.Great menu, with a variety for everyone.Excellent service, today our server was Blanca.Fresh bread & dipping oil.Branzino & Trout - were delicious.I would go back when I had more time, and have some wine and/or cappuccino, and dig into the desserts.No cell phone calls allowed, with fines - brilliant.

Deborah M

A New Year's Eve tradition for our family. Love the atmosphere, food and staff. Always feel satisfied at the end of the evening.

Heather S.

I had been told that this place was amazing, but found it to be otherwise. Food was cold and flavorless. The dessert was also terrible. The wine was good, however.

Jeff H.

Special Sea Bass was way over cooked... Not even close to well executed. Dry, under seasoned, and just plain blah. Ravioli with ratatouille was very good. Kinda like the place, maybe just need to get sauced entrees.

Team M.

Really disappointed in our experience. Atmosphere was nice. Wine was great, food... not so much. Possibly an off night. We won't be back.

Jayne C.

I've been here many times over the years; I was very disappointed. The mushroom soup I ordered was no more than lukewarm, didn't have any flavor nor taste. Foie gras was probably the best dish, but one tiny 1 x 3 inch rectangle piece of foie gras was $20. The coq au vin was super watery, and had a strong alcohol smell. The drumstick was over cooked, very dark. The chicken breast tasted like it was pre-boiled in water, then simmered lightly in the wine before serving. The best was the warm/hot freshly baked bread. Aside from the fact that the food was a disappointment, it took over 35 minutes to get our food. I asked for salt and pepper, the waitress brought over only the salt, only to take it back after 10 minutes. Never got the pepper shaker nor offered freshly ground pepper. Not sure if I would come back again.


This place has incredible food! It is a small restaurant and not in a busy area which is wonderful. We went for a double date and had a wonderful time. I had the lavender and honey duck and my husband had the Coq au Vin. Both were absolutely amazing! We also shared a dessert which was the puff pastry and was also very delicious. They bring you fresh bread with fresh olive oil as well. The service was fabulous and we would definitely recommend it! We will be back.

Michael T.

This place is very unique in atmosphere and architecture. For a moment I felt that I was actually in France! The food is authentic, however what I like most is how they implement a fee when it comes to cellphone usage no other place has this feature. Other places should adapt by this example. I greatly enjoy how friendly the staff is and how well they seem to execute their dishes. This place greatly deserved the five stars.


This one has a story behind it… nothing about the restaurant itself but… there is a reason why this one!It happened on an early Sunday morning having breakfast at USA Houston Embassy Suite Energy Corridor and I see someone that looks like an old friend I used to work with when I was in audit and indeed I was right… Olivier was with me in the line to get some toasts!We had a great conversation as veteran can have about a common assignment and reminding all the nice and less nice audits/colleagues and audits we ran. So after that breakfast we agreed to meet in the evening for a meal in the area.We had a nice ride in my rental (yellow V8 convertible Camaro) and did find underway this place with a name that is talking to us, Olivier is french, and we stop to look at the menu and it looked like appealing!

Roger Hernández

Bread was good, $25 lamb stew was just ok. Not a lot of flavor other than salt The mashed potatoes lacked any flavor and were lukewarm. Presentation was a bowl of stew with some barely re-warmed mashed potatoes plunked into it. House Chardonnay was nothing memorable, ok for a $10 per bottle everyday drinking wine, but was charged at $10 per glass. Overall a strong pass.


What I loved about Bistro Provence is it was like stepping into a proper French Bistro. I wouldn’t have guessed from the outside, but the inside is a unique and cozy place. I especially appreciate that no cell phones are allowed in the dining room. Lovely!The food was also good. I had the goat cheese pasta with seafood. My colleague had the beef stew and wasn’t as impressed. However, he was there before and liked his previous meal. It’s nice for 2-4 people; great for conversation.

Charles W Basden

You cannot go wrong. The food and wine selection are excellent. The owner and staff are so friendly. It's a little spot of Paris in west Houston.

Hayley Berry

French food and service at this place is great. Dropped in on Mon I think. I'll return with my friends. Prices are reasonable. Food and feeling reminds me of Kansas City.

Axel Turner

french food at this place - super good. Visited on a Wednesday I think. The service was very helpful and observant.

Diana Myers

french food and service here is quality. Food was so delicious. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back. The prices are well within reason for the quality.

Steve Albert

Great french Memorial-area restaurant


We knew we liked Bistro Provence from going there off and on over the years. But today, with all of the loud, commercial, impersonal restaurants, it was so wonderful to revisit! Not only did it work out for my husband me on our anniversary in January, but with a group of six in February. We wanted someplace cozy where six people could sit and visit with each other, experience delicious French food and feel we were somewhere else other busy Memorial Drive and it did not disappoint. Whether you order from a daily chalkboard of specials or from the regular menu, you will enjoy this sweet Bistro. Although we wish we could bring our own wine (a rarity to find these days) the bar prices were in line and wine list interesting. They even take reservations! Bon appetit!


This place has amazing food. We started with bistro salad and foie Gras and then had the Banzino. Amazing! Best Branzino I’ve ever had actually. My daughter had the pizza and was equally impressed. The dough is baked fresh daily. Only thing and why can’t give it 5 stars—- it’s not accessible. At all. The staff tried their best to accommodate so I will give them but that but to leave dinner when the restaurant was full we had at least five tables need to get up and move their chairs just so that we could leave. For my 11 year-old daughter who uses a wheelchair it was a little embarrassing so I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody who has mobility issues. In a perfect world they would move to a bigger place and make the restaurant more accessible.

Kile Spelz

Fantastic. Everything about this place is amazing. Food was excellent, wonderful wine list and the atmosphere was perfect for our date night. It definitely had an authentic French feel. We are looking forward to going back.

Ling Watson

I would recommend this place as one of the better French restaurants.