JR's Bar & Grill

808 Pacific St, Houston
(713) 521-2519

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Cindy M.

I only gave them a star because there's a taco truck outside. Service was rude. They had table service and when they came to take our drink orders I ordered my drink they walked away and said non of us had our drink orders ready. Everyone was confused because he didn't even wait to take anyone's order. Then when we asked if he could take our orders he yelled and said we weren't ready and he had other orders to take. What's the point of being a bar tender if you're going to be unprofessional and can't work in this environment. Trash.

Benjamin R.

Kobi is daddy. The karaoke is amazing. The drinks are cheap. The drag is on point. It's always a fun time at JRs! Highly recommend :)

Damon Salvatore

$2.50 margaritas is lit. Trust me its legit. If you want a cheap drink this is it.

Freddy A.

Came on February 2nd, Sunday night, I was seating in the bar AS ALWAYS and all of the sudden the bartender Corey told us, in a very rude way, "I need those chairs"... I asked him why and he said: "that's how I can make f*cking money". Being a server myself I asked him if there was an specific reason and he started beingg rude and yelling at me. I talked to the managers and they only told me "he is new" and asked me to move to the side. Tragic. Just tragic. Disappointing situation.

Mitch E.

JR's has been a staple to my Houston visits since 2010. Each time I have a new and enjoyable experience. The bartenders are always friendly and pour a good drink. They often have drink specials which make it affordable as well. Please note that they put a $50 hold on your card when you open a tab. The music is fairly different in every room of the bar which is nice for those with varying music tastes. The bar has a dance floor, pool tables and four different bars. The patio bar is a highlight of JR's with a water feature, covered areas to sit and numerous picnic tables. The clientele is mixed from young, old, etc... though no one ever appears to be pretentious. They have various events as well such as karaoke and drag shows so there's always something to see and do while at JR's. I'm a little confused about the "grill" part of their name because I've never seen any food options. There is a food truck right outside with great food but I don't think they are owned by the same people. No big deal, I don't go there for food anyway. I have no reason to believe you won't enjoy your time here. Check it out when you're in the area!

Joshua M.

I came here randomly for drinks one night, and surprisingly this was my first time. Why I have never come before is beyond me. (Also before I continue it was a week night and not a weekend so I can't speak on that) I was shocked to see how nice it was. The atmosphere was great, it was clean (bathrooms included), and the staff was very nice and respectful. It really had a nice vibe the day that I decided to go, and I must admit I'd actually like to see it during the weekend! During the week it was great!

Charity B

The karoke line here is always way to long to even give it a try other than that the atmosphere is laid back no drama


Caters to one audience depending on the night. Waited to sing Karaoke while others sang two to three times. Coffee knew what she was doing. I can change my songs to fit the crowd but be honest and let me know.

VYnilla N.

I was here on a Thursday night. It wasn't too busy around 7ish but it get more crowded after that. They put on all of the most recent hit pop songs even Kpop. It was a good crowd with people from varies of backgrounds. The Mai Tai and Cosmopolitan cocktail were both very good. I stay in door because it was a bit chilly but their outdoor section is nice, and cozy. They have the stage with live music performance. They also have 3 bar stations total, so if one get crowded, you can grab your drink at another. The price of the drink were reasonable. You can either park in the parking lot of the restaurant across the street or do parallel parking. I would definitely come back to JR. Love it.

Christian M.

My review is based on the policy of bags and not being able to enter the establishment. I completely understand the security reason for it but if we're stopping men with bags shouldn't the same policy apply to females? A concealed weapon can be carried in a small sachet. I guess to the manager of the place last night you assumed we were locals and drove ourselves to the bar even when you checked my Jersey ID. Suggesting that I put my bag in the car even when I explained I had none and none of our friends had any was some sort of insensitive. And yes I offered my bag to be checked but a not so welcoming, snarky and rude answer was given. But anyways, the place looked ready for the holidays from the outside, if you're in the area remember not no bring bags and if you do be ready to be left outside if you don't have a place to put it.

Arist Sales

Amazing place to go for HH and to grab drinks with friends anytime. Located in center of Montrose around other gay bars so will definitely recommend this area.

Marigold S.

Lost a couple stars due to one of the bartenders being rude. I purchased 3 drinks totaling $48 and the bartender had the audacity to shoo us away and tell me "you guys have to clear the area, this is my service area" wtf. are we not allowed to hang out at the bar area after buying drinks? Ugh so rude! I wasn't even rude to him first or anything which left me confused as to why he was being such an ass.

Enrique E.

Turning people away when your bar is empty is an interesting business concept, never heard of turning people away for purses but if discrimination is your brand y'all have a good night sorry I thought to even spend my money in the establishment...

Melissa S.

Love this place! Staff is super friendly! Cheap drinks! Very laid back and fun! Patio area is great to watch the game or just have a drink with friends outside! Highly recommend!

Cesar Hernandez

The atmosphere is great, I don't drink so i just decided to get a frozen margarita so he charge $5 dollars and i decided to give $5 dollars of tips, I just saw my bank account and he decided to charge a tip of $20 dollars and $ 5 of the drink, yall need to be careful giving tips out of your card and the bartender service is not even that great. I would like to talk with a supervisor or a owner.

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