JR's Bar & Grill

808 Pacific St, Houston
(713) 521-2519

Recent Reviews

Arist Sales

Amazing place to go for HH and to grab drinks with friends anytime. Located in center of Montrose around other gay bars so will definitely recommend this area.

Marigold S.

Lost a couple stars due to one of the bartenders being rude. I purchased 3 drinks totaling $48 and the bartender had the audacity to shoo us away and tell me "you guys have to clear the area, this is my service area" wtf. are we not allowed to hang out at the bar area after buying drinks? Ugh so rude! I wasn't even rude to him first or anything which left me confused as to why he was being such an ass.

Enrique E.

Turning people away when your bar is empty is an interesting business concept, never heard of turning people away for purses but if discrimination is your brand y'all have a good night sorry I thought to even spend my money in the establishment...

Melissa S.

Love this place! Staff is super friendly! Cheap drinks! Very laid back and fun! Patio area is great to watch the game or just have a drink with friends outside! Highly recommend!

Cesar Hernandez

The atmosphere is great, I don't drink so i just decided to get a frozen margarita so he charge $5 dollars and i decided to give $5 dollars of tips, I just saw my bank account and he decided to charge a tip of $20 dollars and $ 5 of the drink, yall need to be careful giving tips out of your card and the bartender service is not even that great. I would like to talk with a supervisor or a owner.

Kirby Horwitz

Back in the day it was a five. Just doesnâ??t have the same excitement in the air. It could be me but donâ??t tell anyone ð??¯!

Jancarlos Reyes

Very cool bar for a relaxing weekend, not often crowded good music will definitely recomend it

Katie Brown

A bar for everyone! I was waiting on a date, and my bartender asked if I wanted to create a safe word in case I needed help. WOW! I have never had a bartender show so much love and consideration before. GREAT PATIO with fans and shade, too! Plus great entertainment (dancers, drag shows, karaoke). I always have a great time here!

Ryan P.

So I came into Houston for a conference and this was the first gay bar I stopped at in line of many. This was my favorite one of the night My bartender, Tyler, was attentive, charismatic, and overly positive. The bar was run efficiently and the glasses were clean (unlike another bar I hopped to that evening). While music was playing, it wasn't obnoxiously loud. There's a pool table and there were some go go dancers. My favorite part of the bar was the outdoor are connected to it. Another positive note, the bathrooms were well maintained. This will be the first bar I head back to if I return to Houston. Edit: power hour with $2 wells is amazing if you can tolerate well liquor

Rosa Medina

I no longer drive, and as a good Army gurl, carry my backpack everywhere, even to JR's twice, twice last month because I loved the Bloody Mary and the bartenders. Color me flabbergasted when I was coldly turned away from the door today due to their strict "no backpacks" policy. Maybe they instituted this policy since my last visit, and I have no problem with establishment's policies, as long as they are consistent. But, it felt wrong.

Kennon Fullen

Excellent friendly bartenders and staff; multiple, spacious bar areas.

Jareli B.

I went last Saturday it has a good environment people is so friendly and nice, the drinks are good just perfect for me we got the peach jar, the only thing I would say the music needs to be a little more turned up type of music, and parking was so full. Other than that everything was great had a good night.

Adriansyah R.

Been here for over 11 years and still one of the nicest bars in town. Weekends are always packed. Karaoke on Thursday and Sunday evenings usually the busiest. Bartenders are always busy but they works fast and you don't usually have to wait for too long to get your drink. Known all of bartenders bareback and dancers back then, but last few years turnover ratio kinda high. Thank God for the longer staying nice guys like Robbie, Tyler, Leo, Enrique, Michael, Reno, Kevin, Troy and others who's there through thick and thin with this bar!

Mocty W.

Cops are very anti-gay this seasoned so be aware! Visit this place at your own risks as they are looking for a reason to "lock you up".

Joseph Placencia

Was at the bar buying a round of drinks for friends. I turn around and 2 of my friends were getting escorted out by security. When I walked outside to find out what happened I was told I could not re-enter. I had no idea what happened and I felt so discriminated against. When I asked the manager what happened he would not explain to me the reason but told me to ask my friends. I had nothing to do with the issue but was not allowed to re-enter which was totally unfair. I have been coming here for years but they have lost a true customer. If I could give my experience there last night zero stars I would. Will definitely NOT be recommending this establishment to any of my friends anymore.

Erin Wood

This was an awesome place to Karaoke at. The KJ and KJ Host were pretty cool. This comes from a person who also is a KJ in San Antonio, TX. I read some comments how they are skipped and they have no structure and how the KJ Host gets drunk. But I saw for myself how he wrote down the names and kept watch. His name was C/Koby and he was nice to me. I highly recommend the place and yes there is a wait time but every Karaoke place has a wait time. I definitely look forward to trying out that place again!

Travis Ballast

Entertaining karaoke. Cheap drinks and fun nights.

Carlos H.

Loved this place! Parking nearby came with a free drink coupon. Different areas of the bar have different atmospheres. The back patio is gorgeous at night. Sunday night karaoke was a blast and you feel like a superstar with the stage and lighting. Prices were decent for the area. There was pizza for munchies and the drag queens that night were really sweet. Highly recommend for visitors coming to town!

Yu C.

LOVE. The staff doesn't stop working to make sure empty glasses and ash trays are cleared! The atmosphere is chill if you wanna be, and as lit as you turn it up. Bartenders are great and they always have interesting things going on...from karaoke nights to drag shows and dancers night to night. Their bellini is a MUST. Long islands are strooong. They've got such a huge space, with billiard area and so many bars in every corner of that place! Getting a drink is usually very quick!

Stephanie Marchena

Bar service is on point. Fyi gay bar. The atmosphere is pretty cool, and fun.

Nadia Koy

Honestly one of the best places in Houston to visit. The beer and the bartenders are fantastic. Make sure to visit and enjoy!

Jessica Marie Allen

Cheap drinks. Great atmosphere! Super friendly stafff. You canâ??t ask for more in a bar

SunginToOU Moral

Nice venue, love the karaoke section and the crowd was liveð???

Charlie H.

Great, however the margaritas were so water down that even a light weight like me couldn't drunk. The service was hmmmm horrible; it took 20 minutes to get a tequila shot honestly feel like I'm too old for that kind of wait. I left and went to the other side where the strippers were, the service was way better on that side. The music needs an upgrade too; I would love to hear more hood music and less music straight from playlist of rupaul.

Ocean G.

Great, however the margaritas were so water down that even a light weight like me couldn't drunk. The service was hmmmm horrible; it took 20 minutes to get a tequila shot honestly feel like I'm too old for that kind of wait. I left and went to the other side where the strippers were, the service was way better on that side. The music needs an upgrade too; I would love to hear more hood music and less music straight from playlist of rupaul.

Samuel Owens

Go to back bar. Itâ??s always seems to pour the drinks a bit quicker.

Jennifer B.

Yummy the place has decent drinks, I have only tried a martini that my friend always orders for us, it I have not truly explored anything else. The spot is pretty neat and spacious, I like the outdoor patio it allows ample space to talk and smoke if you need to. I feel like the place could be a little cleaner in the restrooms but nothing too disturbing.

Patrick Ghosh

I went there on Thanksgiving day they had an excellent free buffet with all the trimmings traditional Thanksgiving dinner also Ice-T pies customer service was very good people were very friendly and it was very clean.


Two words: drink specials. Love their margaritas and Bellini/mimosa pitchers!

kelby losack

Went to see my cousin's drag performance. The atmosphere and the (obviously regular) patrons and the staff were all very lively and friendly.

Anthony Nghia N.

I was visiting Houston and my first time at JR's. The drinks were not a disappointment! All the staff was friendly, and don't forget to tip the bartender! They work really hard to get what you want!

Glen Garner

Lovely place. The dancer was a total sweetheart. Was I too obliterated to converse or do anything, really? Yes. The multiple bartops throughout several rooms of the place, plus the outdoor bar/patio, is kinda neat. Remarkably clean; even the bathrooms.

Lisa K

Fun! Fun! Fun! The big night is Sunday of course. Houston has a large gay community and this is in Montrose along with many other bars you can stroll to and fro admiring the delights.

Regi W.

So I went to JR 's this evening and this is what I got . A half of shot of vodka and a full glass of syrup of blue curaçao . So sad that they have people behind the bar that has not had proper training. I prefer just water next time . Maybe if u gave me the sit-up myself I would have a real drink . Just saying

Emily J.

I went on a Monday night. They had $1.50 frozen Ritaâ??s! Loved the drag show! Atmosphere was great! I will be back for sure!

Arturo Soto Jr

Great atmosphere. Good drink specials, friendly service and good music

Rene Hernandez

Excellent service and music is admitted low in volume but by far the best gay bar in town

Eric P.

I do love this bar! I love their margaritas and the eye candy is not disappointing. I like the music and the bartenders are really nice and friendly! This place is always fun and exciting and I always look forward to coming back.

Brian L.

Jr's is reliable fun with cheap drinks and a fun crowd to watch. BUT the current crop of gogo boys are super douche. We went last night and the 4 dancers were bored and boring - and did I mention douche? Oooh, they do push-ups, oooh, they watched sports on the TV next to stage, oooh they winked at the girls. Eeeew, no fun cash tips down the g-string from us.


Went to JRs this evening to celebraate my 53rd birthday with my partner. Had 1 drink with Shane at back bar. 20 minutes later escorted out as i was refused service for being too drunk by other bar staff. Manager called to try and address issue... but he called police at my request but officers called where security..not police so that i could not file a report .After the embarassment of being refused service, being escorted out by security i am now banned for 30 days. why would a 53 year celebrating his birthday after 1 drink be banned..??? Manager Darren agreed I apeared not to be drunk as did security. Sunday 22nd at 1.05 amI have manager info, security info and numerous witnesses and intend to make formal comolaint