Dera Grill

4107 N Story Rd, Irving
(972) 871-1116

Recent Reviews

Lizz J.

Ordered about $100 worth of food. Drove 20min & was told good was ready... no one here place is closed . Rude.

Arshad Khan

all foods are delicious .

md obaid

Bought a beef nihari and ask for a white rice which is not coming along with it. So they have charged me $5 extra for that not even single serving rice. Single small container of white rice for $5. This guys are robbers!!!

Alan Escobar

This is my first Pakistani restaurant I of course I loved the mango glassi and and house special!

Arthur Sherry

Had a good experience here with my girlfriend. The food came fast and the service is just fantastic. Prices are convenient.

Sarfaraz Golam Ahmad

The taste of the food is good. I am not complaining about that. But horrible customer service. The way they treat their customers are awful. I went to my nephew's birthday and the banquet hall's floor was super slippery. One kid almost had an accident which could lead to a serious concussion. Also, the heating system was not working at all in very cold evening. After requesting several times they came but left without fixing that. All my family got sick on the following day.

Asma Ismail

Last Sunday I arranged my son's birthday in their banquet. Previously I have done 4 get togethers there (under old management), every time in their restaurant. Everything was perfect, from food to management and specially the staff courtesy. This time, I again chose to do my party at Dera Grill despite all the other better options available to me. But I am sad to mention that it was the worst experience for me with their new management. The quality they give me for every single thing was not up to the mark for the price they charged me. The biggest issue of their banquet was that there heating system was not working. When I inquired, the manager lady on the party night, she said that "I dont know about it and it is cold outside thats why it is getting cold inside". How you don't know about it, at the time of booking and deposit you should have informed me that heating is not working. You are offering the banquet for the customer's party and you don't have your HVAC mentained.The temperature at that night was in above 50s but it was much much cooler inside. All of my guests complained about it. And I was so embarassed. They brought 2 heaters to warm up the place but those were of no use.

Arshad Ali J.

Food is great. I had Chicken Karara and kabab. Service is okay, could be better. Highly recommended


Buffet is reasonably priced. Choices are less. Not recommend if you are vegetarian.

Sadia Faisal

Horrible service. The waiter she is very rude and doesn’t know how to greet her customers with comfort. Horrible, horrible manager when I was asked for a refund. No refund policy, and no menu as you walk in straight ahead. Prices are fake on the menu and charged differently as you're ready to pay. The tables aren’t clean, and the ceilings are all broken. Wouldn’t recommend to go on a special event or general. Went 2 times, and both times lamb and beef wasn’t available in any dish..

Queen Simba

Horrible place. DON'T GO IF U CHANGE YOUR MIND ON A PRICE. The food tastes horrible and the staff is soooo rude. I asked for a refund and she told me she cant gimme one. The staff lied and charged me soooo much. Don't go. It's such a disgusting place!!!

Haroon Ahmed

Visited Dera grill today. They had a buffet available, but we opted to order from the menu. We were pleasantly surprised with the fast and polite service as well as the quality and taste of the food. During our visit the owner (Shahid Baji) came and chatted with us. He made us feel more like a guest in his house than a customer. He even brought us sample of some dishes from the buffet to try. He also shared with us his plans for some upcoming menu additions and his passion to replicate the taste of true Lahori food in his recipes.


Excellent food and reasonable prices

Mir Ali

Was misinformed about buffet price. Very few items in buffet and the taste is just OK. Customer service is on a very low level. 3rd bad experience in this restaurant so far.

zahir hussain

Delicious tandoori n grill chicken items

Hannah N.

My first introduction to Indian cuisine was here many years ago. I had the lunch buffet and since then it has become one of my favorite cuisines. I love how flavorful and warming the Indian curries are and the satisfying bite of warm, fluffy naan dipped in them. Located in a little shopping strip, I was happy to find that this place was still open after all these years when I stopped in last week for the lunch buffet ($8.99.) We walked in and a gentleman gestured us to seat and help ourselves. There was nobody else there and it looked like we were the first customers at around 12:30pm. One other customer came in as we were leaving. This was surprising, because I recall them being quite busy for lunch before. The offerings were limited, though what they did have was good. The biriyani and tandoori chicken were still the star items for me. The chicken was flavorful and not dry at all like a lot of other places. The curries were tasty but was unfortunately barely warm. For dessert, they only had kheer, but man was that kheer delicious! I wish there were gulab jamun though. The only time we saw the staff was when a lady dropped off a basket of hot, fresh naan. The dining area is not in view of the counter. There was no clearing of plates or even asking if we wanted something to drink. Everything is self served. They have room temperature water in a dispenser on the buffet. Cups and utensils are also there along with napkins which are also at the table. Some may like this setup for a quick lunch option. We did. Would I come back again though? Probably not any time soon. I've had the pleasure of dining at many other places that offer more variety and awesome service. Although the food here is solid, this place doesn't even try to welcome you. Maybe it's better as a to-go option from now on but I'm not in the area much.

Syed Hussain

Amazing food slow service

Ghousheh Ghousheh

I loved it great food nice peple

John Tran

Great food, not many choice but enough for a very decent price


Horrible manners, slow service, lie about how long it will take for food to be ready, then doesn't give a refund when you refuse to wait for the order. Still waiting on my card to be refunded

Shahzad R.

Awesome food... real taste of pakistani food

mian kashif ali

We ate here, chana, chicken and kheer was so yummy. Service was really great.

Aasia Ghazi

Excellent place!! We did our Eid gathering in their banquet hall and we all had a good time.

Max Uncovsky

Excellent fresh buffet at lunch. The chicken is the best chicken I’ve ever eaten in my life. The rice pudding at the end is the cherry on top. Very clean, affordable, and delicious.

Fatima Chaudhry

Went to Dera grill for eid buffet and the food was amazing, all their dishes taste very authentic . We have been coming here for couple of years and the quality of food has never disappointed. My husband loves their biryani.

Osama Butt

On sunday we went there for dinner.. but will never go there again.. the cleanliness is soo poor

Muhammad Iftikhar

Excellent food especially niharei and naan

Arif A

Buffet is good but not too many items, no bbq or kakobs, only bbq chicken. Taste wise food is good.

Isbah Furkan

I came here the first time and all the food made my tongue so happy! We had dal and chicken karai. I love how both of them have unique flavors especially the karai! The naan was so good and buttery! Then after we got to have keer and that’s how my diet kinda messed up but it was worth it! It tasted like all the best flavors you could think of mixed together! I really think people should come to this restaurant and try as many dishes as you want!


Bang for the buck . Lunch buffet 8.99 quick in n out. Nice clean place with friendly staff. Decent. Menu and fast refills.

Nauman Shafi

Bang for the buck . Lunch buffet 8.99 quick in n out. Nice clean place with friendly staff. Decent. Menu and fast refills.

Melonie R.

Best Tandoori Chicken (on the menu it's Chicken Kasara) I've had so far in Texas. Chicken was flavorful, moist, and highly memorable - in a good way!! No mint chutney condiment but there is a mild tasty side sauce which is their version of raita. Unfortunately, they don't offer plain white Basmati rice - only a marsala biriyani style flavored rice. The side salad that comes with the entree was a little disappointing for me. I would have preferred a mixed green salad with spring mix, or a romaine/lettuce mix with cucumbers and tomatoes. I would consider coming back often and rating a higher score if they offered a better green salad and plain Basmati white rice option.

Rohma Zaidi

I came here for the Iftaar Buffet. The food was delicious and the owners were very kind. 10/10 would eat here again.

Sofi F.

Booked catering a month ago and I was told one price and today when I went there they gave me another price. Got my deposit back and will never do business with them Horrible management They cannot run business like this

Shafay Yaqeen

I went to this place and found it awesome. Food was awesome and service is 5 star and even the owner of the bistro came to me ask everything is good he made sure that I get best food .

zameer syed

Nice food, I am on protein diet, their chicken karara/ grilled chicken is amazing, not too many entries, that is good, all you need is two to three good items.

Romana Mehar

Love the new decor! The food has always been 5/5! The proprietors take such personal interest to make sure everyone has opened their fast timely and that everything is easily available. THIS is the place to go for iftar!

Filza Tajik

Went for iftaar tonight. Great customer service from the manager - we got everything we asked for within minutes and never had to ask twice. Staff was attentive, food was fresh and HOT, refilled multiple times straight from the kitchen at the buffet. Buffet was reasonable $12.99 PP I believe. Everything was fresh. Felt like home cooked and personalized atmosphere/service. It's truly underrated.

Mohammad Chowdury

Some kind of bad smell inside when you get in. Food quality is not that good. Table was dirty including restroom. However, the servers are polite and foods arrived on time.

Supriti Biswas

Really liked their fresh hot kebabs, have very rarely got this good taste just like back home.