Pizza Hut

2001 Katy Mills Blvd, Katy
(281) 392-3240

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Sunny S

Close at 09:15 pm according to google & online 11:00 pm it’s not a first time always. Employees are not care anything always close the shop early upper management need to check on it or the Pizza Hut corporate need to to take a action.

Jon Hale

Go to any of the surrounding Pizza Hut locations other than this one. Curbside nobody came out. After going in the cashier just continued her personal phone conversation instead of even acknowledging me. I said I had a carry out order and she set an order on the counter and went back to her phone. Assuming that was indeed my order, checked it and left. Once I got home I realized the spicy pepperoni did not have the curly pepperoni that comes with it. Pizza was delicious but a slightly wrong order and trash customer service. I learned my lesson today not to tip ahead of time.


Pizza was delivered in almost two hours. When it was delivered I got the wrong order. Through the process I called multiple times and got hanged up on by the lady on the phone. Ended up having to drive to the store and was met with very nasty behavior. Person that hung up on me hid in the back and would not come to the front. Horrible experience, haven't even gotten my money back yet.

Bashment Yute

EVERY SINGLE TOPPING on that pizza tasted like it wasn’t fresh!!! The chicken was chewy, the pepperoni tasted funny, the worse were the onions and green peppers as they tasted like they’ve been sitting out for days and someone just threw them on to make a sale before the store closes. This was by far the WORST pizza experience I’ve EVER had with Pizza Hut and I’m very disappointed.

Amanda Woodard

Deliver HOT pizza. Tasted horrible and cold. The pizza had a bad taste too. Usually the food is pretty decent, this time was horrible!

Brandy Valdes

I ordered a double order of breadsticks and this is what I got in return, i tried to take a bite out of one but it tasted absolutely rancid the second it touched my tongue, like expired butter. (update) I had them remake my pizza’s because I got them cold as well and the beef pizza was untouched, and they just made two of my pizza’s and put the beef pizza back through the oven and tried to lie to me saying “oh I made it myself”. I’m not dumb.

GameIcon Wanston

The pizza took 160 minutes to be delivered. It was hot on delivery but the toppings seemed to be placed on after it baked in the oven. I was displeased with my order.

Luke Folkens

Ive never left a rating or complaint in my life, but I can't hold my tongue on this 1, my pizza has no sauce on it, it's missing the pepperoni, it's not even cut. Are yall sword fighting in the back with pizza paddles or what? Get it together. Did I have to ask for marinara? I'm confused. I waited almost 2 hours for this.

Todd Danielson

They seem to be very overwhelmed there, most likely because of short staffing. The order was quite late, it took a long time to be greeted, and the pizza tasted like cardboard. I feel, in general, Pizza Hut significantly went downhill 15 or 20 years ago, and this just reinforces why I would choose almost any other pizza place over it. So, to make me highly recommend it, address all of the issues I just stated. Thank you.

Justin Chatman

This location screwed up order tonight and took wayyy too long for my order. Then when I arrived and paid for it all, was told that they were out of brownies. I then had to settle for a chocolate chip cookie as a replacement, and had to wait for it to be made. Got home and the cookie wasn’t even cut. ALL of the employees were just sitting around on their cell phones and the manager seemed not to care. There were several other disgruntled customers present who had been waiting 30-45 minutes on the orders. If I could give 0 stars, then I would

Steve Podraza

My last two orders have been a bad experience. I had one order that was 30 minutes late on top of the hour and five minute delivery making it an hour and 35 minutes. Second order I paid for two parmesan packets and none were brought. I am disappointed.

Paola Quinteros

My order said it would be ready at 8:45 I got there at 8:45 and they told me it was going to take another 20-30 min I told them that was fine and I would wait. I waited and after 20 min they gave me my pizzas. I was missing my wings and they said they were getting them ready already. I waited and waited and I didn’t leave until about 9:50 with cold pizzas and half of my wing order. They only gave me the boneless wings, I was told I couldn’t get a refund since I paid cash which is the dumbest thing ever. Please go to another Pizza Hut don’t waste your time here.

A Hen

This is the second weekend in a row I ordered from this store. Last weekend the pizza took over 2 hours to arrive. It arrived cold. Driver said he didn't know his supervisers name because she was a new supervisor. I let it slide and got an email 2 days later for a free large pizza. Tonight I thought we would try again and put in a order for the free pizza plus another $40 in food. Unfortunately, it is the same story tonight. More than an hour later no update saying pizza is on the way despite a 45-55 minute delivery time quote. So I called again and surprise surprise, no answer at the store. The line just rings and then they hang up. The only people I could get to answer is the ordering hotline. They tried to reach the store but they couldn't get through either and are unable to cancel order. I went ahead and placed an order at a Chinese delivery place an hour after the pizza hut order and as of now it has been delivered. We are still waiting on our pizza order to arrive but unfortunately it has yet to leave the store according to the app. Never ordering from this store again.

Steve Cortes

I ordered delivery dinner for my family using the Pizza Hut mobile app. Our food arrived surprisingly fast. The food was packaged nicely and was hot, fresh and tasty.

Cullen The Irishman

Used this location to order pizza to feed the people that were helping to set up my sisters wedding. Ordered 2 days ahead and asked for the delivery to be at 6pm. After I placed the order online, I called the restaurant to confirm they had the order and reiterated that the delivery was to be a 6pm, no earlier or later. Day of the order, of course they show up at 5pm and I called the restaurant back and told them to take it back and be back with fresh pizza at the agreed time. They show back up at 6 with the same pizza, luke warm at best and at that point I had no choice but to take it. I had 30 plus people waiting to eat. Their customer service has not handled the situation, as I requested my money back. You expect better when you spend almost $200 on pizza. I am now going through my credit card company to try and get something done. I spend probably close to $800 a year at pizza hut. Not anymore, ill drive to brothers on hwy 6 and i10 where the pizza is good and they treat you like a customer and not a number. You would think with inflation being what it is, the would be a bit more aggressive to keep your business, but they couldn't care less.

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