Pizza Hut

2001 Katy Mills Blvd, Katy
(281) 392-3240

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Kayla White

Terrible service and we will never order from this location again. Twice I’ve placed an order over 65 bucks and it was never delivered. They don’t answer the phone and you have to jump through hoops to try and get money back for something that was never even received. When I did get someone on the phone they just gave us the run around. Glad they got their tip out of the deal. So sad that this company has just gone down hill. Order from God fathers! Pizza is same price, better quality, arrives hot and on time.

Clarissa Maldonado

I’ve had the worst experience with Pizza Hut at Katy Mills. I placed an online order at 10:32pm. I received a “your order is out for delivery” text at 10:39pm. I called customer service at 11:37pm & was told my order was out for delivery, for me to wait another 15-20 minutes but I’m guaranteed my order as it was placed within their required time frame. It is now 12:25am and I have yet to receive my already paid for order.

Cyleshia Stone

I ordered food from there last night. The delivery driver never showed up with my food so I called the store to ask for a refund he said he couldn’t give me one. So I drove to the store to ask why not he said he could issue a refund until the end of his shift I said ok and he said he would text to confirm the refund never received it. So I called this morning to ask what was going on and the assistant manager said that only the store manager could issue refunds and she wouldn’t be in until Friday morning. I was lied to by the employee wasted my time, money, and gas and still have not received my refund. The employees are unprofessional cursing in the store and yelling I will never order from here again

Grace Bush

We ordered 8 large pizza without advance notice. Every single pizza was so perfect. We wanted a crew of our rebuild to know how great full we were. They were so thankful that someone recognized their work. I can't thank Pizza Hut for helping us extend our gratitude! EVERY SINGLE PIZZA PERFECT!

Marquita Barrance

I ordered online my Oder was wrong I normally don’t work in Katy I called the store spoke to Aaron to advised my order was wrong. He was very condescending , poor customer service just kept saying I can credit your account $15. I advised I don’t have an account I checked out as a guest he said yes you do it’s under your number. I said you said account like I have an online account. Nevertheless the credit was an only good at that location and you have to use it in 30days I do not live near the area I was just working out there for day. I don’t recommend this location at all no compassion, very poor service. I even suggested that they resend the order and they can have the wrong pizza back. I work in the ER if I could’ve left I would’ve. Thanks for the poor customer service my order was $50

Marquita Barrance

Poor customer service Aaron was very Condescending. Not listening just throwing $15 store credit at me but my Oder was wrong I spent 50. Order elsewhere


The big lady in the front is so unfriendly and has a horrible customer service. I asked her a question and she gave me a rude answer. I asked her for some red pepper and she responded... Three words in a rude loud tone... "pay for it, not free!". OK lady if you could give a smile and say in a friendly nice way. I ordered 6 pizzas and was the only one in there so not she is busy! She needs to go learn customer service. Manager needs to retrain her bc she will bring business down miserably.

Kristyn M.

If 0 stars was possible they'd get it. Terrible customer service, terrible delivery drivers that claim they delivered food (they didn't and I have security cameras to prove it). They offer no solution to their mess. If you do receive your order it's most likely going to be something you didn't order. Worst location I've ever dealt with.

Matthew Delore

Incase anyone was wondering the curbside does not work but the horrible store manager or any of the lazy workers won’t call you when they see your curbside order come through and especially not after you’ve checked “I’m here” and have to wait over 10 minutes and they can see your make and model in the parking lot before calling so see what’s going on and the rude store manager having the nastiest attitude. I called back to complain and she woman over spoke me on the phone and I got mad and yes cussed because she cut me off. But what right does that give her to cuss back at me. Such professional store manager etiquette. I think she was expecting for me to cry when she said I was no longer welcomed there. It’s okay I wouldn’t return anyways, no one likes cold food and horrible Service. Y’all need to work on your customer service. I promise it makes your day 10 times better to get through

Jenny Wright

Never ever will i come to this pizza hut!! I decided to give them a second chance after the last fiasco i had with them and here i am waiting in the parking lot for them to remake my pizza they made wrong. Hey pizza hut thanks now im gonna be late to work because i have to sit here for 10 mins waiting for new pizza to be made. DO NOT COME TO THIS PIZZA HUT!! there's a reason they only have 2.5 stars and all the other ones have more. If i could give zero stars i would. They didn't even apologize on top of it all.

Erin Hodge

This location is HORRIBLE for starters!I placed this order for a relative, as soon as I hung up i called the store to tell the manager to make sure security stickers are on the box and Aaron the manager was working this night. He answered put me on hold for 10 mins. then hung up. I called back but He refused to get on the phone and the other associate she was rude and refused to give her name. I called 5 times Aaron still refused to get on the phone to address me the customer. As I was still on the phone with the rude associate I head Aaron answere another call but didn't get on my call but was never able to tell him to put the stickers on the box. Because he didn't surface, and the last time i order from this location the box was open. Utimently I called back after 50mins. later to say the pizza will be cold and still hasn't arrived its after the stated time online, the same associate girl answered she refused to get the manager on the line, then she said he was not available. I told her I would call Alex the district manager if he wouldn't get on the line. After waiting another 10mins. Aaron the manager finally got on the phone. After telling him the above message. Aaron said there is nothing he could do it was handed off to a door dash driver, I said I didn't know pizza hut used door dash drivers if i had I wouldn't have order this might explains why the pizza is always opened when delivered. The Aaron said he can't do anything about the pizza being cold. I told him the pizza shouldn't be cold because the delivery address is less than 6mins away. Aaron started getting loud and belligerent saying the delivery address is 25mins. away. I told him it is not its 5mins away and that him as a manager of course he could make things right he's the manager, he could offer to remake the pizza for the customer. Aaron said it's not his fault if the pizza is cold and arrive late and nothing he could do. I told him he needs coaching and development training and customer retention traing and to have the manager to call me. My sister also called the westheimer pkwy store to complain and ask Allison to call her regarding the katy mills store and the pizza i ordered for her and the unprofessionalism she and i received.

Buffy Baxter

Im done spending my money at pizza hut ..everytime I order im disappointed! My pizza looks so light like its not fully cooked!! When your pizza is out for delivery 10-15min after placing the order i should've known something wouldn't be right! & after calling the store im even more disgusted, the manager is so rude! She Needs to learn what customer service is.

James Hare

Rude staff. She attempted to Close the restaurant down 40 minutes before it was supposed to be and then made me feel rushed to come and pick my food up, when there weren't even any customers there nor other orders to be made but mine. To top it off, I had to settle for pan, when I actually ordered thin because she said they were "out of thin". Perhaps she just didn't want to make the thin because it was an extra step involved. I worked at pizza hut for years As a kid. I know exactly what she was doing.

jeffrey pernia

This location makes the most disgusting pizza I have ever eaten. There’s absolutely no sauce, and the sauce that’s on on there is gross.I called for a refund and the manager was RUDE.She said I could get store credit OR bring the pizza back to get another in exchange.DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ordering from this particular location.

Tori Clark

If I was able to give this location a -10 star review I would. When my pizza was delivered it was nothing close to what I ordered. The pizza wasn’t even a whole pizza and it tasted like something you would find in a dumpster. I tried to call the store and get a refund and whoever I talked too was extremely rude and refused to give me a refund and then hung up on me. I DO NOT recommend this location what’s so ever. An absolute waste of money and time.

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