The Catch

3312 N Fourth St, Longview
(903) 600-3115

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Vickie Patton

Excellent food. First time there, will definitely be back when I'm in town again.

Future Lilly

The food was absolutely delicious!!! The service was a little slow but only because it was in high demand to eat there at the time but it was well worth the wait. The service was great and all the people working there seemed to be passionate about feeding and serving there customers. I can't wait to come back and enjoy the food once again.

L Jordan

The folks charged me $26.00 for crab legs and the posted charge was $19. They corrected it. I ordered water and went outside for order. Waitress brought me order with nothing to crack crabs. Said they didn’t have the cracker for them. She said they had scissors.Brought me a dirty pair of cooking scissors. I tried to clean them but too much stuck dirt on them. I took them back and he said he would bring another pair. Took long time. Then I tried to eat corn and potatoes. Corn too old and potatoes dry and didn’t come to set up my table with condiments nor my water. Then he comes with same scissors where he had washed. At that point food was cold, not seasoned and smelled. I took food back to him and so humiliated that I said I don’t want it. Worst experience I have ever had. I didn’t ask for refund and man didn’t even try to assist me. Never will I go back and I noticed that place behind counter and in kitchen was dirty.

Victoria Warner

First I should say we eat here a lot and love this place. And we love it! The service is always great.But today, the manager who is always so nice and fun was not there.We walked in and the girl working the drive through was on her phone, I literally stood in front of her just on the other side of the counter and she did not look up, ever, for about a good minute maybe more. Then another person finally came from the dining area and took our order.The hush puppies were cold, the fries were not well done as requested, and we ordered 5 catfish and the fifth one was about a quarter the size of the other 4. We will be back, but if there is no manager we won't stay.And they were out of queso.

captin murica

It waz what I waz craving, everything waz very fresh, service waz outstanding, very clean,


My family and I tried this place due to some of our regular spots being closed. The corn was freezer burnt and everything else was subpar.

Regina Moreno

Great customer service and great improvement on the food. I had a better experience than a year ago. Every time I would order my food they would mess up and very rude. It's why I stopped going though now I tried it this time and it was very delightful and thank you!!?

Kinsley S.

My little family & I were really impressed by The Catch today. I've always loved their grilled shrimp tacos (the BEST) but today they were beyond. We got the last of the crawfish.. sorry everybody.. but it was great. Well seasoned, all huge, best we've had in awhile. Fresh fried okra impressed me too but what really made me want to leave a review was the outstanding service we received. All of the crew was extremely attentive and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great meal. We will definitely be coming to eat here more often!

Steve Stout

The staff here is recycling food that is left on the table from other customers. Me and my brother both ordered a fried combo platter that came on a bed of very cold soggy French fries. (Like they just came out of the refrigerator cold).. I had a bad vibe from the moment I saw that the cashier was ghetto and rude..When we were finished we put the rest in a Togo box and my brother decided to dig down into the cold French fries and discovered a layer of half eaten fries smothered in catchup. He never used catchup for his meal or even tried the fries.The fries had clearly came from another customers plate of leftover food.. It looked like they just dumped cold fries on a dirty plate and put fried fish on top of that… This is very disgusting. We are appalled will be reporting this to the The Texas Department of State Health Services and the better business bureau.. Check your food if you eat here.

Randy Trigg

Excellent foodBUT...I bought my ump-teenth serving of Key Lime pie yesterday at 800PM.The good taste was not missing, however the serving size was cut by half but the price remained the same....Was this shortcut an employee mistake?Go back to your original serving size and I'll continue to buy your Key Lime pie.

Jon Richard

The catch serves well seasoned, perfectly cooked fish, gulf shtimp, and other delicious offerings. I had the grilled shrimp tacos, and will definitely order them again!


Payed $14 for shrimp and grits just to get rice instead one spoon of rice to be exact horrible never going back

Tisa L.

The workers here are always so friendly and helpful. The food is really good and portions are large. We will visit again!

j a

Very delicious seafood. I had the grilled shrimp with coleslaw and the shrimp was very well flavored and the coleslaw, fresh. We also had the fried green tomatoes with ranch and that was equally delicious! Different breading than I have ever had, but it added a good flavor and crunch. Our table also had the boiled shrimp with mushrooms, potatoes, sausage and corn. All very flavorful and delicious! They offer different levels of heat for the seasoning. The portions are plenty, the restaurant was clean and the staff is very friendly. We sat outside and it was nice. They had some of the best music playing too! Journey, REO Speedwagon, Boston, freakin Elton John! It took me back to my childhood when my mom would blast these bands on our way to the beach! Awesome vibe, looking forward to coming back.

Paulette G.

Even before COVID this place was bad, COVID only made it worse. Food was bland, sides were soggy, and customer service a joke.

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