Stangel Hall

Pizza, Mexican

3211 Main St, Lubbock
(806) 742-2661



Reviews for Stangel Hall

I once failed my calculus test and I made myself eat the grilled chicken sandwich 5 days in a row as a punishment. To this day I can't eat a grilled chicken sandwich. As a senior I sometimes walk through the market for nostalgia purposes but quickly get a bad feeling in my tummy. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the market and Stangel Murdough complex. 2 stars.

It is pretty average overall, though the quality of the food is pretty hit or miss unless you eat at Fuzzolis's or the carvery. If you are getting breakfast pretty much the only good thing is the omelettes since those are hard to mess up, the pancakes are crap though, plus they try and skimp pit on how many pancakes they are supposed to give you. Actually they do that a lot, so check your food before you sit down to eat because there have been a lot of times where they full review

Within the past 4 years this place has gone to the ruins. The former interactions with cashiers have been replaces by computer ordering systems. Food portions have halved in size, proportional to their seasoning dose. Food was as cold as the hospitality, room temperature at best. The only constant factor was the prices. 2 stars were given because the food was edible and delivered rather quickly.

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