Fontaine’s Southern Diner & Bar

906 E Elmira St, San Antonio
(210) 236-9013

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Koyán Patt

Good food. I think my only gripe is that the food is especially pricey for the portions that they give you. It depends on what you order as well. But the flavors and service is out of this world. Servers are attentive and the owner or managerial staff constantly checks on you to make you feel even more welcomed. Will definitely be back.

Smoke Staxx

I had the pleasure of dining at Fontaines on a Sunday and ordered from the Brunch Menu. The food was great and the outside dining was a perfect setting. Service was attentive. I especially enjoyed the boozy milkshake I had and highly recommend it as a drink of choice.

Christopher Longoria

Had a wonderful experience this evening. Patio was gorgeous for a cool night out. The ENTIRE staff was delightful, very helpful and just genuinely wonderful. We had a large party and was easily taken care of. Everyone of the 11 people who went spoke highly of every thing we ordered. We all plan on going back very soon.

Logan Mathew Jung

From the crew that brought you The Granary, Fontaine's take a casual approach to southern dining. I can't say I've had a full taste of the menu but what I had was delicious. The southern style sweet tea collard greens with the chicken fried steak was excellent. The craft cocktail offerings and beer selection pair well with just about everything on the menu and the vibe of the restaurant is relaxing and comforting. I'd strongly recommend checking out this place.

Jennifer Bone

Love this place! We’re from out of town and have been here twice—excellent service from our waitress (Mariam) and the whole team, great atmosphere and music, wonderful food—the cheeseburger is a classic! Thanks, Fontaine’s! We’ll be back again!

Vonia P.

Loved the vibe! Food is a little overpriced, but might be worth it for the experience. Great bar. Outside patio is gorgeous. Chicken Fried Steak is tasty, as are the adult milkshakes.

Scott A.

OMG what great food, service and drinks! If you haven't been, you are so missing out! Happy hour and late night happy hour too! Miriam and Libby waited on us and couldn't have had better service! Thanks Fontaine's!

Tiana Guzman

Excellent service and delicious food. I had the chicken fried steak this time but I've also had the fried bologna sandwich and loved both. They have a full bar and very cute outdoor area with corn hole.

Marquis B.

Recommended by a fellow Yelper and did not disappoint. Amazing food. Amazing drinks. Really chill Frank Sinatra vibes. The Chicken Skin sounds like a interesting mess of sweet and fried but was legitimately one of the best things I've ever had. Crazy Good! The bacon as well was extra thick cut and smoked by The Granary restaurant. The restaurant has only been open for a few months, but will easily have zero problems with getting folks in. The food and just overall vibe is really that good Enjoy

Jonny C.

Milk punch, fried balogne sandwich and v.a ham. You're welcome. Pudding is delicious but very rich.

Tara R.

Great food, lovely restaurant feel and gorgeous bar. The pimento, french toast, and eggs benedict were all well done. Next time we'll be sure to try the deviled eggs. The morning we went, they were very understaffed for brunch. It looked like only one server and one bartender were on for the shift--service could have been a little better. Management made up for it though with complimentary desserts. My advice is to visit before they get busy.

Judy B.

Tried this new place behind the Pearl and it went beyond our expectations. This is the same owner as the Granary with a southern take. Our waitress was MIA in the beginning, but the front manager made up for it 100%. His name was Wayne and he gave us VIP treatment. He took our order and also served our food taking the time to explain what some of his favorites were. One of the things I loved about Fontaine's was the wallpaper. It was made of the owner's aunt Fontaine's hand written recipe cards, literally hundreds of them. (See photo) All of the food was hot and delicious. I recommend the tomato pie, except its seasonal and won't be on their fall menu. The fried green tomatoes were made favorite. Looking forward to coming back for MORE yummy food with a southern flair.

Matthew Flath


Nolbert Roldan

There is very little that is needed to be said when eating at this charming hidden gem. Being a sister restaurant to the granary has its perks. Wonderful down home south style foods with a twist. And of course there sweet tea. There chicken fried steak was so tender and tasty that I wanted to try everything on there menu. Next time I will be coming back for their bologna sandwich. Thank you for having us.

Maxwell Tracy

Excellent southern food and drink. The staff is always very very nice and the orders come out cooked perfectly every time. Portions are a bit small but if you're looking for a light lunch with big flavor, this is the place to go!

Anita Y.

I met a girlfriend here to catch up. It's in the same center as Black Swan. There's tons of parking under the highway. The restaurant is very cute, I felt like I was in Georgia or Mississippi. There's outdoor seating as well. We came for drinks and snacks and we were not disappointed. Our waitress was great with recommendations. Everything we ordered was delicious. Next time I go, I'll definitely be ordering the chicken fried steak.

Valerie H.

I was left wanting more.. the dinner menu is very limited unless you opt for ordering a bunch of sides which they have plenty of. Service was good, the place itself is like a modern farm house. The fried green tomatoes are good not too heavy on the batter but lacked a little flavor. The burger was good, very flavorful and the fries are seasoned perfectly. My husband said the bologna sandwich was delicious, they definitely aren't shy with the servings.

Speed Racer

Update: Food is amazing, but the patio needs fans... Good fans.

Felix P.

I can attest that yes, the chicken fried steak was fantastic! I tried a sample of the bologna sandwich and it was better than I expected. We also had the deviled eggs and found them to be perfect. Service was good and the ambience is good, kind of modern and a little out of sync with the menu...but good all the same. I found it off that you can't get regular iced tea at a southern fare restaurant though!!! Maybe rethink that for the future.

Sumopower55 .

The drinks were excellently made and tasted great. The food was exactly what high end dinner food should taste like.

Susan C.

We had a very nice experience. We arrived about 6:15pm and it wasn't yet crowded. We were seated at a table near the bar. The server Miriam came over pretty quick and asked if we'd ever been there. We had not. She described several of the popular items: chicken fried steak, omelet, pimento cheese appetizer, deviled eggs, etc. We opted for the deviled eggs. Pretty good eggs. Great balance of the Mayo and mustard. But why are appetizers served in odd numbers? Five are served topped with chili powder. Different. Entrees: chicken fried steak and the 4-egg omelet. The omelet comes with a spinach salad on the same plate. Both very good, but I question if it's really four eggs. Just didn't seem that large. Don't get wrong, it was large enough. Still bueno. The husband got the collard greens. Delicious. The husband ordered dessert, the banana pudding jar. Very good. He actually let me have a couple of bites. I had the frozen margarita and one of their signature drinks, the Mexican Blowfish: tequila (some good stuff), passion fruit liqueur and cream; it's all muddled with strawberries. Just simply yum. No taste of tequila which Makes it quite dangerous. From my vantage point, they are a free-pour bar. Yes! There are also beers on tap and they offer Shiner and Lone Star cans. Service was pretty good, although I did hear the table next to us complain that no server had not come by yet. When the manager stopped by to help them, then they get all 'no problem, we know you're busy'. You know what, shut up. We had a great time. I asked the bartenders questions and they cheerfully answered them. I would ask about what everyone around us was drinking. Parking is pretty easy, under the bridge at N. St. Mary's and Elmira. One warning - if you have a low tolerance to sodium (salt), you might have a problem. The food is salty. But really delicious. And just a nice overall vibe. Go there.

Irma I.

Wow. What an exceptional expensive disappointment. We had been planning a return visit after a pleasant experience at the bar. Talked my brother and sister in law into a very pricey brunch. Sure we started with the $30 / 6 piece caviar deviled eggs. We each had coffee & our own plate & tried biscuits (make that 1 biscuit) and gravy, and it totaled $140+. Coffee was a little heavy handed, on the bitter side. The meals. Oh the meals. Ordered the southern Benedict's, chicken fried steak, tomato pie, & hash Ordered eggs on hash and a side of eggs- medium. What we got for both were straight up well done, over cooked eggs. My poached eggs for my bennys were undercooked and the whole dish was cold. How can it be cold if we are the 2nd table in the restaurant? Why would southern Benedict be served with fries (guess I didn't read the menu but that was the one thing that I would not have given out French fries). The chicken fried steak that was so highly recommended in reviews was cooked and over cooked so well that it had a burnt shadowing on the beef/patty- like they double fried It. The gravy did not have the rue developed well enough so you tasted the raw flour. The extra star is for our past experience at the bar and the overall aesthetics of the place including some great music (Sinatra, Tony Bennett, etc). I hope others try it - I would love other feedback so that I could possibly return. Totally disappointing experience.

Brandy G.

As a transplant to SA from rural South Carolina as soon as I heard there was a new spot in town offering southern fare I was here for it. I brought in a visiting friend from Georgia to try it out with me and I wish I could say it went better. I loved the aesthetic and what they did to renovate the old space. On a trip to the restroom Be sure to check out the wall of old family photos featuring the fabled grandmother who's recipes inspired the menu items at Fontaine. The cocktails were solid and their old fashioned with a caramel syrup surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. From there, however, I'm afraid that's where my positive notes about Fontaine began to diminish. Pimento cheese is my weakness so I of course ordered it as soon as I saw it on menu. However, Ive never had pimento served to me in my life that was full of onions. It completely ruined the dish for me. And I don't mean a sprinkling of scallions on top- I mean long shreds of onion mixed into the cheese mixture. It overwhelmed all the other flavors in the dish and after a few bites I couldn't tolerate it anymore. We also ordered the deviled eggs which were fine. They were very basic but They were preferable to the onion overloaded pimento. Next, based on my waitresses recommendation, I went with the fried bologna sandwich as my entree with fried okra as a side. Growing up with memories of my dad eating fried bologna sandwiches for lunch I was excited to try a contemporary take on the nostalgic item. When I came it out the presentation was definitely not what I was expecting so I eagerly dug in for a bite. However, after two bites I had to push it away. The flavor was just not at all what I was expecting and to be frank it tasted like someone had thinly sliced Spam and put it on the sandwich. Growing up I had my fair share of bologna from good ol' Oscar Mayer to what my mom would bring home from a local hole in the wall butcher and whatever was on this sandwich was neither. Ive read other great reviews about it so maybe it was just an off day? To top it off the fried okra came out with the whole pod whole and fried so hard that when I took a bit I had to chomp down so hard and ended up with a long bit of stalk hanging awkwardly out of my mouth. I didn't want to be the person who sends something back because they didn't like it but when our waitress asked if something was wrong because we weren't eating I had to be honest. The manager came over and was nice enough to offer both my friend and I (who also ordered the bologna sandwich and didnt like it) replacements. We both opted to keep it simple and go with the cheeseburger and fries. Both of which were incredibly tasty but not what you expect the most impressive part of a southern meal to be. Finally, our waitress offered us complimentary dessert so I opted for the yellow caramel icebox cake because it sounded awesome on the menu. Unfortunately, as soon as the waitress brought it to me it took one look to tell the cake was dry beyond belief. The caramel frosting was tasty but literally the cake was so dry it was impossible to enjoy. Crumbs fell off of it like cornbread when I poked it with my finger. Overall, the service and cocktails and environment were spot on for me. I would definitely be back to enjoy happy hour, however, the food will be a hard pass for me.

Christopher M.

This is true #FoodPorn the best southern food I've eaten in a long time. 1) Biscuits and gravy 2) Chicken Fried Steak with a mess of mash with Georgia Grits in the traditional fashion 3) Coconut meringue pie, traditional Georgian. Washed down with water served in a mason jar! Georgian Hospitality! #GetInMyBelly #SouthernLove #southernhospitality #mcquade

Fernanda E.

Fontaine's serves the best chicken fried steak in San Antonio! This place was highly recommended to me by another Yelp Elite, so I had to go and check it out for myself. My dad and I visited during lunch, and we were the only ones at the restaurant which was kind of nice. Their menu is "small" compared to other restaurants, but definitely with a lot of good options. I had heard about their chicken fried steak before, so it was a no brainer at the time to put our orders in. The food came out quickly and the presentation was on point. The chicken fried steak was amazing (and huge!). I was never a fan of this particular dish, but Fontaine's now has me craving it all the time. I do wish the dish came out with a little more gravy because between the mashed potatoes and the chicken fried steak, the gravy finishes out pretty quickly. I'll definitely be coming back soon, and can't wait to have nicer weather so we can enjoy their outdoor area.

Tomas Moreno

Good service, super good food and good drinks. I think it's best to go with multiple people because I think most of the menu items are highly shareable. Desserts are amazing too. I'm excited to go back.

James S.

I've driven by this building for years and always thought it had great potential for a business. I'm glad to see it's been restored and put to good use but I'm not impressed with the restaurant. The price for what you get is way too high. The place is small, 10-15 tables, and it's very loud due to concrete floors and high ceilings. Before tip, a little over $80 got us: - bologna sandwich - ham (a few very salty thinly shredded ounces) - fried green tomatoes (1 breaded and fried tomato) - small portion of French fries - slice of tomato pie (sliced tomatoes and onions in a pie crust) - slice of cake - 1 soft drink, 1 beer, 1 bourbon julep (a few sips and too much ice) Also, there's little parking immediately next to the building. There's plenty of parking under I-35 but it puts your car out of sight and near a seedy motel with homeless wandering nearby. After this first experience I'm in no rush to return any time soon.

Jason J.

It's probably been 35 years since I had my last bologna sandwich, but this place made it worth the wait. When I saw the words "FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICH" on the menu I began salivating (seriously, I'm salivating again now just thinking about it). I would write more but I'll just sum it by saying "FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICH)! I'm sure there's other stuff on the menu too . . . I couldn't say as I didn't need to read the whole thing. I understand their bacon is pretty god too. After all there is a pig painted on the side of the building.

Sandra M.

Heard a lot of good things about this place, perhaps I came in with too many expectations. I find that it's usually better to be pleasantly surprised by not expecting much than to go in with high expectations. Fontaine's is located next to the hwy off of N St Mary's Street. You can park under the bridge where the columns are beautifully decorated in various famous paintings (with a twist) - look for the mona lisa and a take on Michelangelo''s work. There's ample space and seating outdoors but since the sun was out in full force we opted to be seated inside in the AC. If available, request to sit in the booth it's much more comfortable and better for people watching. The menu includes 4-5 main dishes, no sides included you have to order them separately. It's a southern style restaurant so keep that in mind. They have a handful of appetizers and sides. I'd recommend just ordering a bunch of apps and sides..... The service was great, our waiter was attentive and our food/drinks came out quickly. The overall experience was ok but I wasn't wowed. I was "meh-ed". Milk Punch Cocktail: Highlight of the whole experience. Delicious, boozy yet oddly refreshing. Loved it. Old Fashioned: Ok. I liked that it had a nutty flavor. Mexican Blow Fizz: Sounded amazing in the description but fell flat for me. Wasn't balanced at all. You get the option of selecting mezcal or tequila and I went with mezcal (I love the stuff). I should've picked the tequila because the mezcal overpowered the whole drink you couldn't taste the strawberries or passionfruit. Deviled eggs: Good. No complaints here. Solid deviled egg dish with celery salt. I think bacon, prosciutto, or serrano ham would've elevated the dish but it was fine as an appetizer Fried Green Tomatoes: Pretty Good but with a caveat! One of the better ones I've had. They were super salty which I was ok with but one person in our group found it too salty. I did appreciate that the tomatoes were firm and not mushy. The remoulade that accompanied the tomatoes was terrible - way too sweet - tasted like thousand island dressing. Fried Bologna: Disappointing. It's thinly sliced pieces of bologna that have been lightly crisped up (I was happy to see that) but that's where the positive feedback ends. The mustard was bland they should've used a dijon mustard or something with a kick. The pickles did not go with the sandwich at all. Not sure why they would put sugary sweet pickles on an already sweet-ish dish (the bologna tasted sweet). Vinegary or bitter pickles would've been better. The slice of good ol' American cheese was a miss it didn't taste good they should've had a "bitier" cheese. Some contrast in flavor world have been nice. They need to redo this dish the balance is all off. Most of this isn't a big deal but considering the prices I was expecting more. I would come back to have a drink or two and eat an appetizer but would probably pass on the main dishes.

Elda M.

What a great time at Fontaine's! I highly recommend! I had a nice cocktail to start, and then the pimiento cheese as an appetizer, followed by the amazing chicken fried steak to finish off a great evening of eating and drinking. Oh, I had a beer for dessert, while my friends had the banana pudding dessert which I did taste. Great atmosphere, amazing food and really great service, too! Good job, Fontaine's! Can't wait to go back! XO

Erica V.

Four stars for the genuinely nice staff, genuine effort can make up for so much and it made for the 4 stars! The food was not awful but sadly not great either. It lacked that pizzazz in presentation and flavor upon serving. Much as I'd love to give stars for the food as well, it just wasn't anything to tack on a five star rating, maybe it's because they're new? Maybe they had an off day.....maybe it was the boring burger or bland salad? Guess I'll just have to give another try or not? To be continued...

lemelle taylor

My husband and I went here for the first time based on seeing Tim, the cook and owner on the news. We weren't disappointed. Since our first time, we have been back with family and for business meetings. The customer service, the ambiance and the food is amazing. Do not sleep on this one. Get there!

Nathan Gonzales

My expectations were blown away! Great food, EXCELLENT drinks, and a nice atmosphere to back it all up. Staff and management were also very welcoming, will definitely be coming back for more!

john serda

Great food and atmosphere! Awesome cocktails!!!!

sandra stewart

We went there for Sunday brunch even though the reviews we had read were for lunch/dinner. Love all the outdoor pet friendly patio and inside the diner it's easy to appreciate the effort that went into converting it. Love the cocktail menu - I had the Bees Knees and it was true to its name! Absolutely delicious!! We tried the Southern Benedict and my fiancé had the Omelette. The Southern Benedict said it came with ham so when I inquired about the bacon that was served with it, I was taught that they shave the aged ham into thin slices and it does resemble bacon - so, I'm sharing that with you. It is very salty and when teamed with the Red Eye gravy, which was also a little heavy on the salt, it was way too much in our opinion. Of course it didn't stop us from ordering dessert!! Banana Pudding is good, not memorable but still good. Honestly I was a bit disappointed overall with brunch, but we are still going to give this another shot for what the reviews are raving about - lunch/dinner.

mary johnson

Somewhat pretentious. $4.00 iced tea no refills. Food is adequate.

Wendy Ramirez

Everything was so good!! Plan on going back for brunch to try more menu items.

Niko Narshe

Very lovely establishment. The host and waitress were very friendly and were regularly coming to our table to ask if everything was well. I enjoyed the cocktail menu and the burger with fries is a classic combination you won't regret.

Kate Aranda

OMG, I feel like I just stepped into my Mom’s kitchen. So freaking good. Great food, drinks, with a laid back atmosphere. Clearly the place to be.

Daytona Bradley

Ok. This review is based on a few things so hear me out.

Fontaine’s Southern Diner & Bar

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