Station Cafe

108 King William St, San Antonio
(210) 444-2200

Recent Reviews

John C

This place serves fresh and fantastic sandwiches. To die for including the one I had - roast beef with the ghost pepper aioli.

Tyler Lutz

Incredible homemade sandwiches and pretty decent pizza. The muffaletta with jalapeños is my favorite.

Leah M.

The garlic roast beef sandwich is phenomenal! The bread is so fresh, roast beef is super tender, and the garlic sauce is so creamy and indulgent!

Cristina Garcia

Hadn't been here in about 4 years but it tasted just as great as I remember it. Pizza was hot and fresh!!! Crust was crisp just the way I like it. Staff was nice. It was pretty busy at lunchtime but the line went fast and very minimal wait for food. You can order and pay from your table or call ahead. I won't wait 4 years before coming again.

MeSha McClanahan

Excuse me, who told ya'll to close at 4 pm and leave me without dinner tonight. This is hands down THE BEST sandwich I have ever had in my life and the best thing I have eaten in San Antonio so far. The bread is amazing. I got the Turkey Pastrami, thinking the horseradish sauce would not be to my liking and got it on the side, with a side of mayo but I swear by this sauce. I even needed extra. The soft drink selection was small and the pasta salad was forgetful but the sandwiches are to die for. I hope I have time to get one before I leave, or just move to Dallas and I'll be a faithful regular for life. The pizza is good too but trust me get two different sandwiches and experience heaven. Bought one sandwich with pasta salad and a drink ($2.25) (sold separately I am afraid) and two slices of pizza and spent $20.

Annette Ferguson

As a hardcore carnivore, I thought that I would live life on the edge and try their tofu burger with an Asian twist...AMAZING! It is sweet, savory, and just enough spicy kick to make it oh so delicious. The homemade bun is soft but chewy, the cilantro fresh, and the sauce is golden sunshine in my mouth. Since I was a vegan virgin, what a memorable first.


The Filling Station is a local/neighborhood staple.Their sandwiches are SO flavorful and delicious. And there is something for everyone. The variety is great. Prices are also very affordable.

Rebekah Evans

Went with a large group and service was still excellent. Everyone was happy with sandwiches and dessert. (Chocolate eclair cake is amazing). Accepts Apple Pay.


And underrated and lesser known cheap and quick sandwich shop near downtown San Antonio. Highly recommended.

deniss m

Was better than I expected. Food was so good! Price was good! Area was beautiful! Even went for a walk down King Williams Street! (Worth it!)

Bob Clutter

The freaking Habanero Turkey sandwich is, in my opinion, the best sandwich in SA. Yeah, it's got a kick and you might sweat a bit, but it is unforgettable and you'll want another. The pizza is good as well. All the food at this Southside gem is great.

Liliana Contreras

Love thier food! Delicious no matter what you order.

Kaytlyn K.

We love this lunch spot. It's right outside of downtown, so it gets packed around lunchtime. Be prepared to stand in line. But it's worth it. My husband usually gets the Station Muffaletta and I get the Chicken Cheddar Chipotle. Five stars for both of them. Their bread is incredibly pillowy and fresh. The sauces have great heat without being ridiculous. Today I tried to shake it up a bit. I got the Turkey Chupacabra sandwich and was pretty disappointed. The sauce is reminiscent of duck sauce that you get from Asian takeout combined with some back of throat heat. Not at all what I expected, and I much prefer the aioli-based sauces such as chipotle. But I certainly won't let that stop me from coming back. You have to try this place. Hot tip: they have Pepsi and not Coke products.

Janis S.

Five stars all the way my favorite is their chupacabra sandwich, it's tasty. There cookies are good and the service is always hospitable.

Jacqueline Klein

This is the best sandwich you can find in South Town! Support local - plus it’s SO delicious!!

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