Restaurants near Tornillo

Mi Cabañita Mi Cabañita, Tornillo Mexican • $
Mi Cabañita, Tornillo

“An amazing place to go. If you are in the area or just driving by I would recommend you stop on in. All the staff is friendly and courteous and the food fantastic!”

5 Superb4 Reviews
Happy Hour Depot Pizza & Wings 210 Oil Mill Dr, Tornillo Pizza • $
210 Oil Mill Dr, Tornillo

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Breakfast Burritos
Burger Combo
Meat Lover

“Mr. of the red Durango serves you the best in the drive tru that's why I'm coming back I don't have the pleasure of knowing his name but God bless him and his entire ”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews
Tequilas Ballroom 137 Indian Head Rd, Tornillo Chicken Wings • $$
137 Indian Head Rd, Tornillo

“Its a great place to have a party its big and spacious, the food is super delicious , that wedding cake was the bomb. The owner is a sweet lady that is willing to help, the only bad thing is the staff they are super rude, they answer you in a bad ways never been to place where staff was soo rude and mean, it got to the point where we left the party because it was a constant arguing with them. We went to the bar for beer since the host got a couple of kegs and they said there wasnt any so we could buy from them,, we told the groom and he had to get into a fight with them, at the end he paid for the kegs and they kept them, if you host a party here you need to keep and eye on those horrible rude ladies.”

4.2 Good4 Reviews
Franky's 19156 Alameda Ave, Tornillo Food Stands • $
19156 Alameda Ave, Tornillo

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4.1 Good7 Reviews
Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch 3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd, Fabens Steak House • $$
3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd, Fabens - 8.14 miles

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Pineapple Coleslaw
The Cowboy
Cowboy Steak
Beef Ribs
Baked Beans
Beans and Coleslaw
Shrimp and Steak

“Great Ranch style atmosphere and delicious food! Beautiful place!!!”

4.4 Superb253 Reviews
Banderas Restaurante 13201 Alameda Ave, Clint Mexican • $
13201 Alameda Ave, Clint - 12.9 miles

“acabo de ir y Pedi comida corrida... El caldo ESTA super Rico y El guisado rojo❤️❤️ wow! Bien Picoso como me gusta. SE llena El restaurant rapido pero El servicio es super bueno”

4.5 Superb43 Reviews
Rodarte Bar & Grill 1537 N, 1537 Fabens Rd, Fabens Bar & Grill • $
1537 N, 1537 Fabens Rd, Fabens - 5.73 miles

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Tacos De Pollo Chicken Tacos
Shrimp Cocktail

“For a small, old place the food was extremely good. Homemade. HOMEMADE CHIPS AND SALSA. meals were not greasy. Big portions for moderate prices. I had a the huge chicken flauta, plate. My husband had the hamburger with fries. It resemed a Lotaburger but with better cooked meat.We found this place on Google maps. Just passing through. Didn't want to stop in all the traffic of El Paso.Don't let the word Bar or outside view dissuade you from eating here.”

4.8 Superb19 Reviews
El Sazon de Mr. Poncho 611 W Main St, Fabens Mexican • $
611 W Main St, Fabens - 6.2 miles

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“Some of the best and authentic Mexican food I've had. The owner pays attention to detail. The savory chile Colorado is robust with flavors. Dont miss the chile relleno, this battered deliciousness is unlike most other. The homemade tortillas are soft and buttery. This is a TRUE hole in the wall place. The atmosphere is less than impressive however the energy of the owners and the patrons make for a home like experience. This quality of food is not easy to find. Check it out...”

4.8 Superb15 Reviews
Pop's Better Burger 619 Fabens Rd, Fabens Hamburger • $
619 Fabens Rd, Fabens - 5.72 miles

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Double Meat Bacon Cheeseburger Combo w lg Drink
Chili Cheese Fries
Pop's Burger Combo
Onion Rings

“love the cheese burger combos with tater tots.....the grilled chicken sandwich is delicious. the menu is great....check it out”

4.4 Superb32 Reviews
Lety's Mexican Restaurant 222 Main St, Fabens Mexican • $
222 Main St, Fabens - 5.59 miles

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Carne Asada Tacos

“Food was good :) I only ordered a side of hash brown but i liked it better than many other restaurants’. The server was helpful and amicable. I felt like i was at a family member’s house :). They were also giving away cake because of a party their family had recently. It was soooooo good. Some of the best cake I’ve had :)”

4.7 Superb7 Reviews
MYNAS Snacks 403 E Main St, Fabens Family • $
403 E Main St, Fabens - 5.46 miles

“We drove by to purchase some honey at Ceballos Honey Farm and stopped by our favorite spot in Fabens, Texas, for their delicious Mexican-corn cups, the best in the region! We have been coming for the past year, and the food is delicious and authentic to our culture! The Customer service is excellent, and their kitchen looks clean. It is a quaint little place and makes for a beautiful drive to the South-East part of our borderland. We highly recommend visiting this hidden jewel called Myna’s Snacks in Fabens, Texas.”

4.4 Superb7 Reviews
Rojero's Snacks 602 4th St NE, Fabens Fast Food • $$$
602 4th St NE, Fabens - 5.42 miles

“So Good No One Can Replace Rojeros Snacks”

4.3 Superb3 Reviews
Beans & Burritos 919 Fabens Rd Suite F, Fabens Coffee Shops • $
919 Fabens Rd Suite F, Fabens - 5.73 miles

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Tortilla Chips and Chile Con Queso
Coconut Talin

“First off, love the name. Stop here if you want freshly-made AND tasty burritos. I ordered the potato, cheese and green chili burrito and it was so good and filling. The cashier was friendly and quickly sent our order to be prepared. If you're in a hurry you can call in your order ahead of time. They have coffee and various flavors for it. Price is good and I'd definitely recommend this place if you're driving in from through the Tornillo port of entry. Also, it is a quick 1.5 miles from I-10 East/West and Fabens Rd.”

4 Good14 Reviews


FREDOZ 302 E Main St, Fabens Pizza • $
302 E Main St, Fabens - 5.56 miles

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Fredoz Pizza
Bone-In Wingz
Buffalo Wing
Combo Pizza

“Pizza and wings were awesome! We had a large pizza, with hot wings and sweet red chili wings. The wings were perfectly cooked and sauced to perfection. The pizza was thin and crispy.”

3.9 Good23 Reviews
Slap Burger 1885 Fabens Rd, Fabens Burgers • $
1885 Fabens Rd, Fabens - 5.71 miles

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Onion Rings
Jalapeno Poppers
The Single Cheeseburger w Waffle Fries
Single w Cheese Combo Waffle Fries
Slap Burger with Fries
Cucumber Lemonade
Shoestring Fries

“Love this place so much its a nice spot to go out to eat a little small and alittle mom and pop issh but its good and the food is great expect it to be a little slow considering its all oretty fresh. Cant wait for them to open fabens up again.”

3.9 Good38 Reviews


Subway 1420 Fabens Rd, Fabens Sandwich Shop • $
1420 Fabens Rd, Fabens - 5.68 miles

“The Boss sandwhich was good, but service was slow despite the place being empty. When we walked in the 2 employees were working on some orders, but I left and a drive thru order left before the curbside pick up was completed even when that was placed before both of us. They only had wheat bread available. This was a Thursday afternoon around 6:30pm.”

2.6 Average13 Reviews
Little Caesars Pizza 1480 Fabens Rd, Fabens Pizza • $
1480 Fabens Rd, Fabens - 5.68 miles

“They don't have ready to go ones at this location but theyer ready to make one for you in a speedy manner, we got the stuffed crust♡”

2.7 Average17 Reviews
Church's Texas Chicken 102 C C Camp Rd, Fabens Chicken • $
102 C C Camp Rd, Fabens - 5.72 miles

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Mashed Potatoes

“I love it here food is always fresh and right on time never have to wait long at all. Everything is clean with no flies buzzing my meal that's awesome team work makes the dream work thanks y'all keep up the great work. Ooooh and border patrol back too them saddles ????”

2.6 Average16 Reviews
McDonald's 1251 N Fabens, Fabens Fast Food • $
1251 N Fabens, Fabens - 5.72 miles

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Happy Meal
Mccafé French Vanilla Iced Coffee
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Mcflurry with Oreo Cookies
Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit
World Famous Fries
Breakfast Deluxe
Hot Fudge Sundae
French Fries

“Now they are putting napkins ank catsup without even asking. About time. Before was a begging thing. You still get 3 napkins and 3 catsup packets. If you order nuggets, say 20 pieces you get only 3 packets of sause...”

2.7 Average57 Reviews