Don Juan

113 E Erwin St, Tyler
(903) 526-0702

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Tex Lapam

There is a lot of tough competition in Texas for a Mexican restaurant as you can imagine. Don Juan holds his own no matter which of the restaurants you visit. always a good meal. always great service. never a disappointment!Food: 4/5

James Powell

Just here visiting my brother and his wife. I usually have Mexican food on Friday night back home. This place was just as good if not better then my usual place. The decor was great, the staff were fantastic and the food was unbelievablely great. I will be back next year for sure.

Kevin C

This is genuine. If you want to enjoy a Mexican meal, go to Don Juan's. I also love the decor. The food, service and vibe are all good. The location is also very convenient.

Makayla L

Im only giving two starts because the man an woman that took my order were very nice. But the food was horrible today! I drove all the way from Whitehouse to Tyler & The barbacoa an steak tacos were so dry. My sopes were very hard on the bottom and so bland the Chorizo queso was so chewy and super greasy on top. I use to love coming to don juans but today it wasn’t to the standard it used to be years ago.

Elise Mahoney-Smith

Family owned business with excellent quality food & service! This picture shows one of my best friends enjoying her lunch. It's so great that she walked in they brought her her drink that she always has and she said I'll have the usual and soon after she had her order! I've never not enjoyed anything I ordered. I love ❤️ this place!

DG Montalvo

?? Guisado, Mole, & Sopa de Mariscos are just a few of the old world Mexican dishes offering the best of Guanajuato. Always consistent & truly authentic.

Kassondra Nash

The place was fairly crowded, but not too much. The waitress and other staff were very friendly and stayed on top of our orders and our needs. The food was real good, although to me the salsa was a little on the hot side.. (the red salsa more than the green one)but the over all experience there was a family friendly atmosphere with very good food and service.

Deja Johnson

Came in just to get drinks, we had already ate and just wanted to take my aunt that was in from out of town to get a Big Steve. So we sat down at the bar and told the bartender twice that we where only getting drinks so we didn’t need a menu. After that they brought chips that I did not ask for ! After we finished our drinks we asked for another Big Steve, mind you we just ate and was not even tipsy or anything. She told us that we had to buy food. I was like really you can only have ONE drink and then after you have to buy food. It was ridiculous she also said we couldn’t have lemon in our water because it was only for other drinks… made no sense. When we got the bill she had charged us for chips that we didn’t even ask for!!!! I will only be back for LUIS! He is the one that had us try the Big Steve and is so friendly. Do not eat with the lady bartender with the long braid.

Laura O.

I love all the dishes here, and cool old building in the heart of downtown Tyler. You can't go wrong! If you're in Tyler, come check this place out!

Tyler W.

Not many options for lunch downtown on a Saturday, so we decided to try Don Juan's - established in 1997, so we figured it must be good. Decor is lovely and adds a lot of character. They were quite busy during the lunch hour, but we didn't have to wait for a table or have a delay on food. Our waitress did a great job. Two salsas: red and green, both extra spicy, so we ended up ordering queso for me. Queso came with bread!? Wondered if we had somehow wandered into an Italian place by mistake. Queso was yellow and a touch spicy but had a good flavor. Chips looked like they actually made them in-house. I ordered burrito with fajita chicken, she ordered cheese enchiladas (which ended up having queso on top of the burrito as well - cheese overload). The kid got cheese quesadilla (beans and rice only option for sides); doesn't come with a drink. She wasn't a fan of hers, mine was tasty though expensive for what I got; chicken was a bit dry. Kid ate the cheese quesadilla without issue. Beans and rice on all the plates were reasonably flavored.

Kim Schuler

The Big Steve is a great margarita. Dinner was wonderful.

Adam Blaine

Fries were soggy as hell. The fish and shrimp had no taste at all.

Itzel R.

Walking in you'd think you're about to receive some really good Mexican food but be prepared to be disappointed. I got a smothered burrito and it was smothered in nacho cheese and chili. I got an horchata and I could automatically tell it was made from the powder flavoring you mix with water. We also got a quesadilla but it had mayo inside. If I could give this place no stars I would. Never going back and definitely don't recommend.

Ethan Taylor

The place was very atmospheric. I came during an event downtown and it was very crowded so I won't complain about the below average waiter experience. The food was okay for the most part except for my brother who had spoiled fish in his soup. We may have just come in on a bad day and I will give this place another shot.

nilsa c diaz

Love the service...servers and hostess very nice and polite. Willing to please!Would recommend it any time of day.Food delicious!Also really clean.

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