Liberty Park

600 East 900 South, Salt Lake City
(801) 521-0962

Recent Reviews

Patricia LaCoy

I really loved being by this park. I did my studying there and Sundays they have a market in the park. They have farmer’s market and you can try prepared food. Really good.

Matthew Marwedel

Huge park with lots of space and things to do. You could easily spend 2 hours here exploring the whole park. I do 2 laps along the outside of the park regularly for a 3 miles jog.

David Drotar

Great place to ride your bike or jog around the park. Lots of people walking dogs and if you are into birds the Aviary is pretty cool. Sundays during the Summer this place is packed. Cool old cars on display. Hint: don’t try to find parking inside the park - park just East of the park ( no parking meters; it’s free)

Michaela Brown

Well shaded with all the trees. Beautiful park. Tons of space. There's a couple different play structures for children. There's an area where they put colored play balls in water in a creek like area for kids. There is a pond with little boats to ride in the water and ducks in the water. On Saturdays I believe is drum circle. On weekends there's a couple stands that sell different things like dream catchers and bracelets, art etc. And there's a trail for runners surrounding the park. Can't forget about the Tracy aviary where they have some birds and whatnot. Pretty awesome park all around.

Flor Martinez

Very pretty park!! It was an enjoyable evening to walk around and see nice mountain views. We saw many kids and their parents at the playground, walking their dogs, playing games, riding bikes, and reading books. We felt safe.

Thunders Friends

It was so much fun, to s of different parks for big and little kids, musical instruments put out to play with, kid proof, and tons of dogs. There is also lots of space for the dogs to roam around, the grass is perfect for picnic part. It also has tables, if u prefer not to eat of the floor. There is a ton of cool stuff to educate your kids with too. You can teach them how people found N, S, E, and W on one of the first ever compass, or tell time on the first clock ever made! You can fun around and play tag for age's, it's the perfect park for many occasions. I highly recommend it!

James Perry

It was a pretty cold, wintery day when we went to Liberty park but we still had a lot of fun. There is a nice mix of play equipment, paths, green spaces, and plenty of shade. The equipment was well maintained and there was ample parking while we were there, although I can imagine it gets busy in the summer. There is a slightly unusual one-way system as you enter the park so you might want to plan accordingly where you will want to be and where you will need to park.

Travis Flitton

Great local park for Salt Lake City. There are many events that are often his at this park. Bark at the park is one of my favorites. This is where you get to bring your dog to a big event and play with, literally, hundreds of did and dog living humans with vendors and live music.

miki m

This park is the biggest park in salt lake city. The bird aviary is one of the main attraction here.

Sariah Porter

Love Liberty Park in the spring, summer, and fall! Such a relaxing place to run or have a picnic! We got some beautiful family pictures taken here as well.

Cheri Gibson Trujillo

Along with a friend I attended the Breast Cancer Walk here for our very first year and had a memorable time. In some small way I was able to help in the fight against research in finding a cure. We were so happy to be able to attend and walk along with the others. It would be an honor to do this again next year. #BreastCancerAwarenessWalk #Pink

Paul Inkenbrandt

This is my favorite park in Salt Lake City. It is always thriving with people engaged in all types of activities. It has a three playgrounds, one with musical instruments, horseshoe pits, a splash pad, basketball courts, volleyball area, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a small lake, and an aviary. The park is always clean and we'll kept. It has a lot of history with the city, and beautiful old trees. It is a true asset to the city.

Kate W

Liberty Park is to Salt Lake City what Central Park is to New York City. The area offers a variety of park experiences, including play fields, a pond with paddle boats, sidewalks and mulched trails for walking/running, playground equipment, carnival rides, a performance place, tennis courts, pool, picnic tables, and the Tracy Aviary. There is something for everyone here. Just be aware of your surroundings and don't stay after dark. There are quite a few homeless people that sleep in the park and they typically arrive after sunset. Lock your car! I feel safe and enjoy the park during the day, just be cognizant of where you are. Tons of people walking dogs and toddlers playing here. Great urban park.

Zachary Wright

Beautiful park, lots of geese and ducks. It's also connected to the Tracy Aviary, which is really cool hearing all the birds in the summer. The water makes for some really beautiful photos!

Kat RK

I love Mondays at the Park during summer. They have free shows and performances from different cultures/countries which are really entertaining & informative. Even on other seasons, it's a great place for biking, walking & running. There is a designated place for running whuch is the saw dust lane.

Jason Meinhart

Liberty Park has a little something for everyone, especially during warmer months. There are amusement park rides, a water pond with water vessels you can rent to take on the pond. There is playground equipment, an aviary, and a swimming pool, not to mention plenty of outdoor open space with strategic placed pavilions that have barbeque pits and picnic tables.


I grew up near Liberty Park. Visited last Friday to take some photos. There was a large homeless camp on the Northeast side. You need to give these people some shelter and have more police presence. This year my mom told me there were more shootings around the park.


This is the best park in Salt Lake City not because of private bathrooms that lock, not because of the aviary, not just the public pool or the kids playground, the museum or the giant pond with geese.

John Roman

One of the most beautiful parks in Salt Lake City. Great for any outdoor activity, anytime of the year. Close to downtown, coffee shops and restaurants. Parking it's free, but limited. Get here early, specially over the weekends. Barbequing, family gathering and dog walking are allowed here. Lots of birds to watch and mountain view.

T Dardon

Great local place to go for a walk or run. I have been coming here for years to go for a walk or run. I enjoy walking/running on the trail path. Each lap is 1.5 miles. In the summer and on the weekends, parking is a premium, so it is good to come early.

Chirelle Pearson

Cute park to walk around. Currently under construction & there isn't a complete walking path right now. But it was nice to walk around. The trees are pretty, changing colors. The birds are a little out of control though. So many geese! Watch where you step!

Roland Vlaicu

Beautiful park with great facilities in a nice part of town. So far, we’ve only experienced Liberty Park in the winter but our walks through the snow were very enjoyable. Must be spectacular in the summer!

Marissa Johnson

This is a lovely park. It has the Aviary, which is fun if you like birds. The park itself has some nice walking trails throughout. I came here with a friend and we walked around the park and then went to the Farmer's market that is here on Friday afternoon/evenings. It was just a really lovely day.

Jack Porter

Liberty Park is Salt Lake's second best park (Sugar House Park being number 1). This park is great for running with it's dirt path around the perimeter. The man made lake side of the park is nice and the aviary located on the grounds is worth going to at least once.

Kam Pawlowski

I loved coming here for years!!!! Great rides for the kids, beautiful large trees and it even has an aviary on the park grounds.... but lately it has become ghetto... people sleeping on the kids play ground.. seriously? Nobody goes and checks that kind of stuff in the mornings?

Jacob Bearnson

I liked it in one of the busiest days off the week! Everyone shared the space beautifully which made enjoying the huge green spaces all the easier. It seemed the only downside was restroom location but there was no wait and they were clean! Parking was easy and convenient and there was no charge to enter or park. It was a good family

Bruce Spring

This is a beautiful park. Greatly improved, if not a completely new park from my youth. There are plenty of public restroom, clear paths that are wheelchair accessable, and plenty of parking except on the busiest if holidays. This is a great place to bring the family and even considering that the hippie elements still resides here nearly year round, they have toned down public use.

Steven Thulin

It was too hot to play much today, but our kids enjoyed the time we did spend here. The chess/checkers boards built into some of the cement picnic tables were neat. They also liked playing the giant chimes with the mallet. The water wasn't on (which would have helped with the heat), but I guess it was too late in the season. Still, it was enjoyable.

Mylan D.

This was my first time at the Liberty parks farmers market and what great way to do it with the yelp team and the elite squad!! Using a scavenger sheet, we got to see more and talk to the farmers about their products and the fruits and vegetables that they grow. Peaches, squash and cucumbers seem to be the seasonal item this time of year. There's a lot of food trucks and food booths to sample a variety of food! I'm so glad I finally got to check out the raclette machine. If you haven't seen it yet, it's melted cheese over your protein, but I ordered it over potatoes! Yum! Another great yelp event and such a great experience to share with my friends!


I lived in SLC 30 years ago and Liberty Park was a big deal! The park has been kept up. Tracy Avery has grown from one building to a large bird park with shows, food and playgrounds. The pool was closed and the amusement rides where not running so check the hours on those. Running path, picnic tables. Splash pads and nice playground.

Wade and jess Johnson

Love being able to take my kid to a park that I and most of my family grew up at! Love the features being able to feed the ducks, or take the paddle boats out. I personally love the little carnival! I love all the different events that they have there. Great play hounds and one of the first ever splash pads, being that it was around when I was little! Such a fun place to spend the day with the family!

Shirley H.

Thanks to Jeffrey and Stephanie for putting together yet another fun event for us! I had never been to the Liberty Park Farmer's Market before, so this was the perfect opportunity to check it out. The photo scavenger hunt was a fun way to socialize, be creative, and be competitive. I thought I would only walk away with one dessert, but I ended up leaving with food from FOUR stalls! It's perfect that all the stalls are set up next to one another. There's so much good food (baked goods, desserts, fruits, veggies, food trucks) that'll definitely have me stopping by again on a Friday evening walk in the park!


I really enjoyed my 12 mile run at Liberty Park. The paved trail is just under 1.5 miles. Water fountains and bathrooms available. Lots of shade. Plenty of other healthy people out getting exercise.

Nycole R.

Leave it to Jeffery and Stephanie to arrange another killer activity! This one took us on a photo scavenger hunt at the Liberty Park Farmer's Market-an event that before today I didn't know existed. That's why I love Yelp events-I'm always learning about cool things, even if they are only new to me. We started out by checking in to receive our instructions: take photos of common farmers-market items and earn bonus points for more creative shots ("Corn Dog" was my favorite)! This encouraged us to wander the market and pay particular attention to each vendor, rather than hunt down just the item(s) we may usually look for at these types of markets. After we took ample pictures of fruits, veggies and random dogs by corn, we returned to home base to redeem our dessert voucher. We were excited to try out new things, and enjoyed some lovely cookies to top off our night. As always, these events are terrific. Thanks for including us!

Letisia M.

This was fun. It was a bit difficult because I have anxiety talking to strangers, but I made my husband do most of the talking. There was a lot of great stuff that I wanted to buy. I'll have to check it out again. Esto fue divertido. Fue un poco difícil porque tengo ansiedad hablando con extraños, pero hice que mi esposo hablara la mayor parte del tiempo. Había muchas cosas geniales que quería comprar. Tendré que regresar de nuevo.

Le Sirena Rudolph

The park is big and beautiful. They have kid rides near the center of it and when we went there were different performances going on. There is also a concession stand in the park near the rides which was good. They had this really nice walk way that's nice for taking pictures as well. It looks like it is well taken care of. Would love to bring my family back here again.

Kim A.

Such a fun event! Had a great time getting to fellow YES members and make some new friends. Enjoyed checking out what this market has to offer as I had never been to it before. Definitely some good options and would hit it up in the future. The scavenger hunt was really creative and fun too. We set to it quick and then enjoyed a great dessert from local vendors. Hats off to Jeffrey and Stephanie for putting on another fun event.

Megan C.

We had a great time and bought lots of treats. I have wanted to try this farmers market and I'm so happy for the push. The scavenger hunt was a great date and we saw so many people enjoying the hunt.

JameZ Bee

I absolutely love this park. The mature shade trees cover most of the park, its a perfect place to spend a hot day outdoors. The park has something for everyone to enjoy. They have a jogging trail, an aviary, some really cool playgrounds, barbeques, plenty of soft green grass, beautifully designed flower beds, and a staff that does an outstanding job at keeping the park clean. People from all races and walks of life come to enjoy liberty park! The people watching is outstanding! 5 stars


Maybe it is because Salt Lake City doesnt have a lot of municipal parks, but it amazes me that this is one of the top things to do in SLC. Maybe it's because I didnt see all of it, but we traveled from across the city to get there. Meh, it's a nice park. Lots of other things I would rather do.