Liberty Park

600 East 900 South, Salt Lake City
(801) 521-0962

Recent Reviews

Jacob Bearnson

I liked it in one of the busiest days off the week! Everyone shared the space beautifully which made enjoying the huge green spaces all the easier. It seemed the only downside was restroom location but there was no wait and they were clean! Parking was easy and convenient and there was no charge to enter or park. It was a good family

Bruce Spring

This is a beautiful park. Greatly improved, if not a completely new park from my youth. There are plenty of public restroom, clear paths that are wheelchair accessable, and plenty of parking except on the busiest if holidays. This is a great place to bring the family and even considering that the hippie elements still resides here nearly year round, they have toned down public use.

Steven Thulin

It was too hot to play much today, but our kids enjoyed the time we did spend here. The chess/checkers boards built into some of the cement picnic tables were neat. They also liked playing the giant chimes with the mallet. The water wasn't on (which would have helped with the heat), but I guess it was too late in the season. Still, it was enjoyable.


I lived in SLC 30 years ago and Liberty Park was a big deal! The park has been kept up. Tracy Avery has grown from one building to a large bird park with shows, food and playgrounds. The pool was closed and the amusement rides where not running so check the hours on those. Running path, picnic tables. Splash pads and nice playground.

Wade and jess Johnson

Love being able to take my kid to a park that I and most of my family grew up at! Love the features being able to feed the ducks, or take the paddle boats out. I personally love the little carnival! I love all the different events that they have there. Great play hounds and one of the first ever splash pads, being that it was around when I was little! Such a fun place to spend the day with the family!


I really enjoyed my 12 mile run at Liberty Park. The paved trail is just under 1.5 miles. Water fountains and bathrooms available. Lots of shade. Plenty of other healthy people out getting exercise.

Le Sirena Rudolph

The park is big and beautiful. They have kid rides near the center of it and when we went there were different performances going on. There is also a concession stand in the park near the rides which was good. They had this really nice walk way that's nice for taking pictures as well. It looks like it is well taken care of. Would love to bring my family back here again.

JameZ Bee

I absolutely love this park. The mature shade trees cover most of the park, its a perfect place to spend a hot day outdoors. The park has something for everyone to enjoy. They have a jogging trail, an aviary, some really cool playgrounds, barbeques, plenty of soft green grass, beautifully designed flower beds, and a staff that does an outstanding job at keeping the park clean. People from all races and walks of life come to enjoy liberty park! The people watching is outstanding! 5 stars


Maybe it is because Salt Lake City doesnt have a lot of municipal parks, but it amazes me that this is one of the top things to do in SLC. Maybe it's because I didnt see all of it, but we traveled from across the city to get there. Meh, it's a nice park. Lots of other things I would rather do.

Howard Davis

Liberty Park is a great central city park.,Plenty of space for a casual stroll, picnic or play. You'll find plenty of runners & bladders getting in their miles. If you like tennis, they have plenty of courts and a great set up. Sand volleyball,as well.

Ryan Mullen

It was our first time going to this park over Pioneer Day. Was very unique. We loved all the things there are for the kids. The little I

Jared Cornett

This is probably my favorite park to visit in the Salt Lake area. It has accommodations for all kinds of different park activities, from standard things like a pretty expansive playground area, basketball, volleyball, and picnic areas, but it also has many extras, like a few carnival styled rides (tickets available at the food Shack), and even Paddle Boats that you can take out on their pond. The Tracy Aviary is also located in the Park, and is yet another really cool reason to visit Liberty Park, plus, the Aviary is also open year round, so you can check out the cool variety of birds who live there all the time, not just during the warmer months. The Pioneer Day Celebration held in the park each year is just one of the many scheduled events throughout the Summer, typically it also has one of my favorite fireworks displays also, but this year it was sadly disappointing... hopefully next year it will be back to it's normal splendor?

Randolyn Banks

I LOVE this Farmers Market. Everything is so fresh and delicious. When hot summer days arrive I always get a Z NECTAR to cool down! All flavors are delicious, cool, and refreshing My favorite flavor is the ginger lime hibiscus. Try all of them. You won't be dissapointed.

Dallin Cazier

One of the best parks I've ever been to! Possibly the best. I only took a star away because of the closed water feature. They have a bunch of concrete canyons with little rivers running through them that model the actual canyons around Salt Lake, but they had to close this due to health and safety concerns. That was a big disappointment because it was probably the coolest feature there


I come here often to enjoy weekly events as mentioned on the park’s website. Yesterday’s Indian Food Festival and Dancing was WONDERFUL. There’s also a swimming pool!


This is one of the best city parks I've been to. There is a wonderful aviary (paid admission), a playground for kids, an old-style carousel, snack shack, pool, tennis courts, picnic grounds, paddle boats, and more. If you can't find something to do here, it's your own fault. Enjoy a Friday evening farmers' market in the summer.

Peter Anumu

It really amazing, everything is just in place, is just that some of the restrooms are broken and needs to be fixed. Other than that, it's really clean and nice looking. Am looking to see if I can organize some musical concert but also i need to get in touch with Authorities and know is required. Thanks.

amber stengel

The first time I came to this park was to play pokemon go & it was awesome! This park is huge, so even with a bunch of people there on community day it wasn't too crowded. I certainly recommend taking some time to walk through this park if you're around, or if you're looking for a new place to spin some poke-stops!

Karen Castillo

Came across this historical park when looking for a good place to go for a walk. The park offers several attractions such as a Aviary, play land for children, bike, walking and running paths, pond with ducks and geese, picnic areas and tennis courts and swimming pool. The park is many years old and the trees are mature, offering a lot of shaded areas. Whether you are looking for a place to walk, have a family reunion or just spend a lazy day at the park, this is the place. It is well maintained.

Bryan Rasmussen

Super great place for the whole family... Weekends are great! Good for events... Very well policed and is a 100% free speech zone! Bring the kids to splash in the splash spot in the middle of the park... No skating sorry! And don't feed the animals.


One of my favorite parks in Salt Lake City. Awesome splash pad and playground for kids. Tons of shade and grass. Tracy Aviary is at one end of the park near the big lake. Great place for barbeques, picnics, walks around the Olympic sized track that circles around the park. Just love it here, my go to when I want a place to relax and walk around with my dog.

Mike Vogel

Liberty Park is really nice! The city and the parks department have made a lot of improvements. It's great to take walk, hangout, or walk your pooches. I can't wait to go back and spend some time at the Tracy Aviary.

Rakesh Kumar Vodayana

One the Biggest & Best park I've visited so far, I loved the old and huge tree's across the park, they have swimming pool with daily fee of $2 bit crowded but well maintained. Children play area collection is bit different from other parks and interesting stuff for kids to play. I would say this is one of the Most happening place during the weekends in Summer, Tennis courts are awesome, It has BIRD electric scooter rental may be it's good to rent as it is very big park and location of the park close to eateries and everything

Drew M

An absolutely fantastic park right in the thick of things. From slides & swings to water and tracks (with even a aviary enclosed within it's borders) this park offers something for everyone. That said... The bathrooms are filthy and I wouldn't wish for my worst enemies to have to sit upon them. There is also plenty of things that could use some elbow grease and TLC to bring up to former glory but still this park shines like few others these days unfortunately.

Brenna VanCampen

Always a wonderful place to go for a stroll! Between the Aviary, tennis courts, and playgrounds, there is something here for every member of the family to enjoy! Not to mention the Liberty Park farmers market held here during the summer. The park is very well kept as is the playground equipment and other public amenities. My husband and I always enjoy our visits to this park!

Kristopher Lyman

Wonderful place. Drum circle during the warm months on Sundays brings alot of diversity to the park. One of the great legacies of early Utah. 2×4 blocks of mature trees and water features. A historic building (Chase memorial) tennis and basketball courts, and an AVIARY! Great place to bring the family, best before dark, the dynamic changes when the sun goes down. (True of any city park)


We enjoy this park when we are in salt lake. There is plenty of space so you do not feel crowded. There is a playground for the kids, a running path, pond, plenty of grass for picnic or games. I highly recommend.


As part of my annual pilgrimage to Salt Lake City, this is one of my short list must-dos. Whether you're there to run, walk, swim, play tennis, or just relax in a tranquil environment, this is a very special place in the heart of Salt Lake City.I recommend the pond area, great vistas of the local mountains. If you're in the area, then definitely check this special place out!


Clean, quiet atmosphere with towering trees, naturally landscaped lagoon, tennis court, bicycle trail and the Tracy Aviary. Great place to be alone to read a book or to treat the kids to an afternoon vacation.


Easy to reach and very convenient for a weekend with kids or even couples. You can also bring your dog there. It has a nice lake with many ducks and seagulls where kids can run around and have some fun with these birds

Kaye N

This is a lovely park located bordered by 900 South and 1300 South and 500 East and 700 East. (The address listed in the info above is incorrect.) Lots of events take place at this park including music events, marathons and other athletic things, drum circles, kite flying and more. Joggers, walkers and dog owners walk the outside pedestrian trail. Cars can only enter at two places and go counter clockwise around the park. Tracy Aviary is the best feature of the park - we go there often. There's a large pond with paddle boats, lots of space to fly kites, a kid's amusement park area, picnic tables and pavilions, a swimming pool and other amenities. Salt Lake does a good job keeping this park nice.


Lots of fun activities happen here at Liberty Park: kick ball league, rollerblading, zen meetings, drum circle, hippy venues, family BBQ, valley ball leagues and tournaments, and a whole lot of walking..

Jade Sandy Sancho

Such an amazing park have spring water around the edges interesting history nice walkway and pond is cool also you can take a little boat out on it have rides for kids a bird refugee and every Sunday in the summer there's a drum circle with amazing vibes allways and different vendors who sell different types of products such as stones/gems and hand made misc. And painting etc. Amazing place to take the family for a stroll in the park ❤️🙏🙌


Such an amazing park. I hadn't been here in almost 40 years. So very well kept and maintained. A must for Pokemon hunting. Definitely a must to go to the aviary.

Tammy Seegmiller

Beautiful family park. Great for people who like to run, walk, ride bikes or skate. It has playgrounds for kids. A swimming pool, tennis courts and Tracy Aviary. It's the perfect place for picnics and family gatherings.

Cleova W

This is a wonderful park, with fascinating options. The bird aviary is a great day's outing. There are water ways which add interest. Playgrounds, open areas, picnic tables, duck ponds and a huge array of Pokemon stops add to the fun. There are five Pokemon gyms and many players.

Shae Johnson

Always something to do in a relaxed atmosphere. Relax, exercise, meditate, get goofy with friends, let the kids run wild at the handicapped accessible playground. For the perfect day, add a stroll thru the Tracy Aviary. Summer brings paddle-boating on the pond, drum circles every Sunday afternoon, and an excellent Farmer's Market Friday evenings. Concerts, family events, and to top it off, Pokemon stops and critters are plentiful!

Kathy O

I walk here with my 82 year old friend and have for 30+ years. I love the central side walk with it's arch of old trees. There are several benches for my friend to rest on. We enjoy visiting with the variety of dogs taking their people for a walk and the families with children zipping down the sidewalk on their bikes.

Robert Gray

This is a decent sized park that has picnic tables throughout and nice paths to jog or cycle around. Some days it would be fairly empty when I went, but most weekends it would be very crowded. If you're planning on setting up an area to picnic and party with a larger group, I would make sure to claim it early if on the weekend.

Mary Tyler

Beautiful location. My fiancee and I took our engagement photos here and loved them! There's a cool greenhouse building that is a perfect photo spot. The lake and trees and paths are well kept, and it always looks gorgeous.