Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

5502 High Market Dr, West Valley City
(801) 968-1308

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Scott Campbell

Had a team lunch, and we all loved it. Burgers were awesome. Staff polite and efficient. onion rings were AWESOME! and the ice cream desserts were really, really good! The area is well kept and clean so don't let the west valley location scare you.

Ricardo Tamayo

I love Freddy's but I had to give a review after they offered me a free treat for my dogs, they loved it! Thank you so much!

Timothy Ivory

DRIVE THRU: First time going through and the individual was friendly but direct. She made sure I had my order correct and repeated everything word-for-word, correctly.FOOD: The DIRT-N-WORMS and CHOCOLATE BROWNIE concrete treats were amazing! I also ordered chili cheese ? and I’ll be back for sure ?%.Very good food, customer service, and quick service!

Tasha Conley

Just got my order through doordash. I ordered my burger with extra tomato, lettuce, pickle, and cheese. I asked for extra brownie in my shake. My order had no cheese, lettuce, tomato, or pickle. The shake had no brownie in it. When I called to tell them. Ibwas told that is how the order came in and that they made no mistake. I am really disappointed.

Carrie18 F

I love this place, great food & service. I will be bringing family next time. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Mahanalei Bradley

Service was amazing and people were great! But....salt shaker must have been broken today because my patty melt had a ridiculous amount of salt on it. I could only eat half. My husbands sandwich was the same, but he covered his in fry sauce. That helped him finish both our sandwiches. My kids hotdogs were fabulous...they ate everything up.

Jaylynn Dale

Love Freddys! Great customer service! :) it’s vegetarian friendly (which is rare) and they gave my dog a cute little peanut butter sundae! Thanks guys! My family and my dog love your food!

John Fig

This place has done an EXCELLENT job of taking a steamrolled cow and cutting out rough circles, cooking them, and placing them on rejected sara-lee discount bin buns.Their fries have been cut with the smallest shower drain cover they could find. Seriously, their fries should be referred to an anorexia treatment center.Overall, the worst part was spending 25 bucks on dinner here for 3 people. If you want to spend that much and be much more satisfied, go to In-N-Out or literally ANY OTHER burger joint.Bottom line, dont waste your time here.

Damian L

burgers and the setting here is better than most. Service is always excellent even when they have a full house. Definitely worth going back to. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Maria V.

Decided to stop by and try this spot since everything else was super packed. The food is great! Chili cheese fries are so delicious the only down fall is there are a lot of flies. Maybe it was just that day, but still as a business maybe they should be considerate of their customers trying to eat in peace without flies flying around and standing on your food. Other than that I would probably do drive through or maybe go back when they fix their fly issue.

Ricardo Torres

Awesome and delicious! Food was fresh and was served fast. Less than 5 minutes and it was ready.

Amanda Jean

One of my favorite places! Excellent flavor and decent prices! So impressed!

Kassie R.

First time here - visiting from CA - and this place definitely blew away my low expectations. It looks like a seedy spot from the outside, but the food made up for it by 1000%. I ordered the patty melt with cheese curds, and my husband ordered the steakburger with fries. I started my meal by dipping into my husband's fries on the way to the hotel...and they were BOMB. The best way to describe them is like this: McDonald's size fry with Jack in the Box seasoning. The fry sauce (a ketchup and mayo mix) took the fries to the next level. Next I started on my cheese curds and they were deep fried goodness salted to perfection. Each little nugget made my belly happy :) Last but not least, the patty melt was ooey gooey goodness!

Kylene Jefferies

Seriously my favorite fries of all time. Genuine shoestring fries, seasoned really well. Their burgers are also really good, and I love their Dirt and Worm option for ice cream. But if I go here I'm usually just getting a ton of fries.

Paige Smith

This location overcharged me by about $10 and didn’t give me the correct order. I called to see if there’s anything they can do and received poor customer service at best. They refused to provide any sort of refund even after acknowledging the mistake. I spoke with a gentleman who went by the name of “Jason” and stated that I’m “SOL” and there aren’t any other managers that can help me even after providing a receipt. He refused to give any other names or phone numbers to his manager or corporate. I understand that employees make mistakes, and I understand that some companies have specific policies. However, I’m absolutely certain that there is something they could have done but chose not to. It is evident upon reading other reviews that this location has an issue with customer service. Customer service is about taking care of customers, and even turning them into repeat customers if possible. This individual displayed behavior that is not only bad for business, it shows that he shouldn’t be in any sort of managerial position until he’s received proper training

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

5502 High Market Dr, West Valley City, UT 84120
(801) 968-1308