Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

5502 W, High Market Dr, West Valley City
(801) 968-1308

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Paige Smith

This location overcharged me by about $10 and didn’t give me the correct order. I called to see if there’s anything they can do and received poor customer service at best. They refused to provide any sort of refund even after acknowledging the mistake. I spoke with a gentleman who went by the name of “Jason” and stated that I’m “SOL” and there aren’t any other managers that can help me even after providing a receipt. He refused to give any other names or phone numbers to his manager or corporate. I understand that employees make mistakes, and I understand that some companies have specific policies. However, I’m absolutely certain that there is something they could have done but chose not to. It is evident upon reading other reviews that this location has an issue with customer service. Customer service is about taking care of customers, and even turning them into repeat customers if possible. This individual displayed behavior that is not only bad for business, it shows that he shouldn’t be in any sort of managerial position until he’s received proper training

Sundown Rangel

It was a hot day so the custard was refreshing. Next time I will try the burgers. I heard they were delicious

Cindy Barker

Friendly employees and clean safe environment. The key lime frozen concrete is delicious!

Siandra Martinez

Food is always good! But this location in particular does not have the best of service. I dont think there has been one time my order was given to me right. They either put stuff that I didn't want on, forget fries, and in more recent times forgot my daughters fries and my order of cheese curds. They made it seem like such an inconvenience to fix this. As well they NEVER give receipts to me when I come and asked if I had one and when I said I was not given one and one was not in the bag where I still had my food. Staff need better training and orders should be getting doubled checked.

Louie Perez

Tried Freddy's for the first time a few days ago and dang... how did I not know about this place? I'm a huge burger and fries kinda guy and this was by far one of the best I've had. Ill be back!!

Tami Fisher

Only the drive-thru was open. We ordered a wonderful meal and an amazing shake ( we shared it). I felt bad for the workers. They were hurrying but it's fresh made to order. Some people drove away because the line was to long. I told the workers how much I appreciated them.

Bruce Ewald

I love the burgers here. The food is always fresh. I prefer thicker french fries but the ones they have are good.

Tara Sue

They normally get one thing wrong with my order. I check before I go.. they are mostly very nice about fixing the error. Last time it was a mid-on shake flavor so didn't notice until home :(

Amanda Edwards Ricks

Freddy's was a favorite in my family. We tried to be understanding recently after waiting in the drive-through for almost 45 minutes and another wait time of 30 minutes. Things lately for every business had been difficult.

amber tueller

I must admit, most of the food tasted pretty great. French fries are so-so. There were problems though, they sent us on our merry way without our fish sandwiches and our fish and chips. We had to go back and tell them, and then wait 25 minutes for it. Also, the patty melt is supposed to be a double patty. They had a small piece of patty sticking out on the edge to make it appear as though it was a double patty. Is this the industry standard for Freddy’s, or is it this location only that does that?

Greg Colston

Good food and good service, and clean.

Duncan Searcy

Best chocolate custard I have had to date. The food was fantastic as well. The steak burger was amazing and I love their thin fries. Definitely making this one of my regular spots! Sorry Culver’s and Nelson’s!

Lauren Brewer

The food here is delicious. However, every single time I have gone through the drive through, the staff looks unenthusiastic and miserable. Most of them seem young, so I would hope the managers can do what they can to spark the sense of fun in their job. Fastfood was one of my first jobs as a kid, and an upbeat positive leader made all the difference during those 3yrs. The burgers are very rich! And as a result it can be a heavy meal. The fries are almost shoestring! Which is neat.

Sean Loring

If you've never tried frozen custard, Freddy's is a great place to get that first, creamy, zen-like bite. It glides in the mouth with stealthy silkiness, sweetness creeping in with the fat in waves over the taste buds. Get mix ins if you like, but just don't miss out! Burgers and onion rings are tasty too, and truly shoestring fries for a unique crunch not found in other fast-food joints.

Lewis Bartlett

Great service, delicious burgers, onion rings on point and love that jalapeno fry sauce. Great menu and very clean and comfortable. Good job Freddy's!

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