Burger King

915 E Main St, Abingdon
(276) 628-8770

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Roark

These place has bad all around bad drive thru bad hamburger it was cold what happened ? Drive thru people was not happy seems like she was taking a nap. No more Burger from them

Amber Wood

Was great to eat out with kids for lunch

Teresa S

There for breakfast. They were not busy yet all of our food wasn't much warmer than room temperature. It was not good!!!


After driving for 6 and half hours stopped in here to grab a whopper and head on home. After waiting 10 minutes....My meal was cold! Meat was pink. I went back thru the drive thru and asked for a refund. I was not about to wait again.

Valorie Adams

Kathleen Davis is a rude smart elec woman who thinks she's better than everyone else. This manager talks down to the people who address her for help w their concerns. I can't believe this woman gets away w being dismissive and rude to customers.I will not be returning to this locationHow is her behavior acceptable?

Jerry L.

Restaurant is always dirty. Right now the table I set down at is sticky. Half of the soda machine don't work and it's clear by the labels they they haven't been maintain. Burger King should cancel their franchise.

Olivia Trivette

This particular Burger King I will give 4 stars. Very clean and nice staff. Even though my order was incorrect they were very nice and made it right immeaditly. Made for a much better day because the day I was having was horrible. Was glad to cool off in the dining room and the bathroom was very clean as well

Bobbie Williams

They were super busy yet had my order done in a fast pace it was amazing. The food was good too.

Geoffrey Greene

Stopped for b-fast. Had 2x BEC croisandwich...tasty.

David Meyer

Really good Burger King. Staff was friendly and food.was hot, fresh and accurate.

Robert G

The king has drown. The first shift manager is very rude. The man on second ma ager is polite

Johnny Farmer

Have good food. The milk shakes suck.

Zack M.

This place gives me the creeps. I went outside to pee on the food and a stupid little kid and his grandma dad watched me. in other wirds it sucks.

Kevin Sutherland

Friendly staff l, fast and accurate

Jessica Sheets

I made a post but wanted to paste it here as well tonight in my bag I found the sweetiest note How sweet is this my son had to go to the Er for poison oak breakout(no worries he is fine)but after words he stopped by the burger king in abingdon exit 19 one ordered got our food pulled off and found this cute note in the bag said( hope you get better ,saw your wrist band,bk)I don't who wrote it but if they happen to see this,Thank you that was very sweet and made him smile

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