Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

24440 Maringo Rd, Abingdon
(276) 525-1955

Recent Reviews

Kyle Wilson

OPEN FOR BUSINESS!Both the lobby and the drive-through are OPEN! Whereas the local Bojangles and McDonald's were not on the se day as my visit.Also the wonderful employee (Rachel T.) informed me that the amazing pumpkin pie blizzard is back and was able to quickly change my order to this amazing flavored blizzard. Rachel is great!

Forrest Boston

Order was prepared quickly and correct. Staff were very courteous.

April Reed

Ordered the chicken strip meal with extra gravy and when I opened up the gravy it was so runny almost like water. Took it back inside to get replaced and the cashier had an attitude and came to find out that the warming pot had been unplugged thats why it had turned watery

Clay Eller

Great place for ice cream. My favorite is the Oreo Blizzard. Yummy

Bonnie Guy

We used to love to come here... what happened??! Fries were grease saturated as if deep fryer was not hot enough, water was standing in the floor , no employees attempted to clean it up. A customer slid a little.. big fall hazard. This is a shame, it was once always so well kept.

Carolina Frog

Fast and friendly, clean and juuuuuusssssstttttt right!(And it looks like maybe theres enough room at the Lowe's home improvement store behind them for parking a few seni trucks... For lunch??)And stop in! They are hiring!

Jeff Bowman

This is the better Dairy Queen in town. The other one is slow, doesn't show you that the ice cream isn't melted (because it probably is), and may not even give you a spoon. This location, however, is very good. I've never had a problem, and the employees always seem friendly.

Anna Grace

The ice cream is okay, but that’s beside the point. The SPRITE. The sprite is amazing, delectable in fact, the BEST sprite I have ever tried in my life (and I’ve drank a lot of sprite). But this sprite… something about it makes it scrumptious… The lemon and lime flavor is so potent, it tastes as if this is how all sprite is meant to taste. Absolutely amazing, have came back for nothing more than sprite a few times now and will continue to do so. Try the sprite, trust me.

Van Kiser

Loved their 2 for $4. The cheeseburger and fries good.

Jim Moxley

Very good meal and the drive thru guy was amazing and went beyond helpful.

Scott Robinson

Fast and friendly.. great place for ice cream

Juanita Winchester

Blizzard was delicious, the service was great even though the customers were wrapped around the building. The staff were very kind laughing as if they enjoyed their jobs which is good to see when most people don't want to work of late due to the hand out from the government.

James Marshall

Fries was very good but the cheeseburger was cold. Service was good.

Bobby Grant

May 15, 2021 Good experience with drive through, would come back again

Joyce Sluder

This is the worse place to 10 min to take order then for wrong waited for 20 mins then wanted to park for another 20 mins.

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