Domino's Pizza

990 E Main St, Abingdon
(276) 628-7191

Recent Reviews

Dylan Warren

The quality has continually gone downhill since moving to the new location. The staff today called my mother a scammer when she called saying our pizza shouldn't have been sent to us with how it looked. 2, hardly 3 slices were covered in cheese as you can see, the rest is a pool of alfredo sauce. I won't be ordering anymore after how the staff has treated my family over the stores mistakes. I'd recommend trying the other pizza places in town, there's about 7 of them.

Kevin Smith

It was hot and fresh and after 9 hrs of ridding a motorcycle full size Ultra Lemited , man this was A Welcome treat !!!!!!

Jonathon Vince

Amazing. Quick and very good. Make sure to check their specials.


You guys rock. My favorite pizza place ordered from you guys for years. Y'all are great. Thank you for all you do. Rock on!


First order from this location. The pizza was absolutely terrible. Couldn't even pick a slice up, it fell apart. Did not taste good. Children wouldn't even eat the cheese bread. This will be my last visit.

Aaron Jenkins

First time ordering from Domino's. The area in which I currently live does not offer any nearby locations. Yeah, it was good! I ordered using curbside delivery. Food was fresh. The employee was friendly and everyone I ordered for was very pleased with the taste of each meal item.

Rusty Hyde

Well I can't say much. Couldn't get a delivery to exit 24. It's Domino's for god sakes.

Christine Long

Always best pizza at this Domino's and I go to Domino's every where cause I travel. Always give extra cheese when order it some places don't.

Tonya Sykes

The lady that waited on me thru drive thru was awesome

Randy Hyde

Great place long-term employees makes the difference!

Moto Moto

It was some of the best pizza I ever had great price to .close to interstate 81 .Abingdon virginia.

Honest Guy

The staff was nice and courteous...everyone was wearing masks..but the pizza I received was not cooked completely. The crust was soggy and various pieces of shredded cheese were not cooked completely. I was in the area on business (staying in a hotel) I have no way to completely cook the pizza other than using a microwave (no thanks). 9$ in the trash can.

Romeo Mora

It was some of the best pizza I ever had great price to .close to interstate 81 .Abingdon virginia.

Lacy Blevins

Good pizza w/3 toppings for 9$

Tracy Tucker

This is the second time they have not gotten our call in order wrong. The kids that answer the phone act like you call is an inconvenience. In fact they hung up the first time we called. We will not be getting pizza here again.

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