5965 Kingstowne Towne Center, Suite 100, Alexandria
(703) 972-6191

Recent Reviews

Brad A.

CAVA's food has always tasted fresh and delicious. I started visiting this chain when it was still only in DC and loved when they started expanding. Unfortunately as they have expanded prices have gone up and quality, quantity has gone down. Don't get me wrong, the food is a still tasty. However I expect more than and handful of spinach and half a spoon of rice for a $14 salad. I hope they find the balance between value and profits at some point.

Jason Low

Good food. Very very busy at lunch time, but the line moves pretty fast. If you're patient it'll be good.

Yury Herrera

I love all the yummy, fresh options! Spicy lamb meatballs are so good as well as the chicken which is not spicy at all. I only wish you could add all the hummus, like at mezzah, but you can only add 3.

Maryann B.

Fantastic food! A little pricey but it was so delicious! You pick your base, your protein and toppings along with sauces and dressings. I will do be coming back here often!! The drinks are unusual and yummy choices. I simply had the black tea. The were very accommodating for gluten free and there were only a few choices that were not gluten free like the meatballs and the falafel.

Anna O.

Ok, so we all know the food speaks for itself. This review is for the amazing service I recieved from Gerardo. I came in right when they opened and the staff was great. I love the pitas chips and they weren't ready. I admit I was a little annoyed but I brushed it off. I decided to wait anyway because Gerardo was so welcoming. I was so in a rush to get back to work that I forgot the hummus dip. He ran it out to me. Gerardo literally went above and beyond in regards to customer service.

Vicky AC

Always order through the app and receive quick service. Thank you all! Love this spot.

Hilda Kroll

A good place for a quick, inexpensive meal. Everything was fresh and I got to pick exactly what I wanted. Interesting dips and unlimited toppings. Only $15 for a Grain Bowl with braised lamb and a blueberry lavender juice drink.


Fresh and many ingredients. Spicy chicken was great. Great concept.

Nina Greene

I love the food at CAVA. Always fresh and fast. This location gave me salty falafel one time and sometimes the workers look sad but overall a solid place for good food. I patronize the Potomac Yards location frequently and the staff is always pleasant and engaging

Natalie Lightstone

Great food, kinda like Chipotle but with Mediterranean flavors. Will definitely return!

Rimbert Rivera

SuperGreens, rice, and protein (I change it up). Plus the dips and fixings. Pretty filling and feels like it should be healthy.

Gene Bondoc

I ordered a half super greens/half lentil meal online. When I got to the eatery, I noticed there was no pita in the bag even though I requested a pita online. One of the staff apologized that there were no more pitas left; I was disappointed but I understand sometimes ingredients run out. As I started eating my order at home, I noticed the bowl was not as full as it usually was in past orders, so I started digging for the greens. Lo and behold...there were NO SUPER GREENS! I became irate and called Cava at Kingstowne; I spoke to the manager and demanded my money back...cause noone told me at the store that they didn't have any Super Greens. I would have requested a substitute for these greens but instead they kept quiet. I got the standard "I'm sorry..." from the manager who asked me for my card number over the phone. I went back to the store, returned their merchandise, and gave them my card number. I've ordered from this store about a dozen times in the past and have enjoyed their food. them not informing me of what my order was lacking, is a breach of trust. I don't patronize stores that I don't trust.

ryan roe

Convenient and delicious. Multiple seating arrangements for an inside-the-mall restaurant. Fast and friendly service. Cava has always been impressive whether it's a stand alone shop or located inside a mall.

Meagan N.

First timer and I think I'm in love. The portions are extremely generous and every bite is a flavor explosion in my mouth! Wish I could go here every day.

Jasmine Scott

My second visit after a long time and I was very pleased. I looked up the sauces I wanted and it wasn't busy like my first visit so I had no pressure in a busy line. Lol. Love the fresh toppings and the employee suggestions. I'll be back

Andrew Cerean

Food was fresh, had some good flavors and good variety. Don't over-do it on the sauces, it's too easy to mess up. Not a bad place to eat fresh from time to time.

Jen T

Great food, the staff is always friendly to me! Perfect healthy choice options. Best chicken in town.

Megan Kvandal

Cava never disappoints! The food is always so fresh and flavorful. A go-to when I’m craving Mediterranean and it’s healthier!

Sean Walters

Ordered a bowl to go. When I got home I found several long hairs in my food, and more disturbing is they looked like they were all from different people. Threw out the whole bowl and most likely will not be back. Tried to call to talk to a manager and no one answered the phone. It's a shame because I've always had good experiences with Cava.

S I.

Poor listening skills. Staff not well trained. They rush you. Asked for half and half meat but got full scoop of both meat. When pointed out, staff showed attitude. Also they canceled braised beef. Disappointed with the quality of meat


I was very impressed with the choices available for salads or bowls. Everything was fresh, dressings are great. Clean , friendly place that has affordable prices

M.E. Lambert

Great place for salad. Get it fixed any way you want with lots of choices. Good amount of seating and fountain drinks.

Christine L.

Mariana (sorry if I spelled your name wrong!) was super wonderful and personable when we came an hour before closing. She went above and beyond with customer service and made our dining experience even better. We need more people like her! Oh and the food was good as always. Will definitely be back :)

Amy Garten

Great food and wonderful employees.... We have always enjoyed Cava, since it offers a healthy alternative to fast food, but Cava recently exceeded our expectations. We were in line ordering our food when my 5 year old son said he wasn't feeling well and started vomiting all over himself, me and the floor all the way to the restroom. The staff quickly responded and mopped the floor within seconds. When we came out of the restroom they were so kind to my son and were sincerely concerned about his wellness. They not only covered our meals, but even gave my son a special treat to take home for when he feels better. They really showed us great customer experience. Cava, we will be back soon!! Thank you again.

Wilfred Noel

This place is always awesome. It's in a great location and the line always moves swiftly. I LOVE the crazy feta and the braised lamb. That combo with any of their veggies (seasonal rotation!) Is awesome. The juices/teas are also awesome. I think I heard they make them daily and they seem to also rotate with the seasons. My only complaint is probably that I always want more feta on my bowl. Maybe it's just me, but I wish their scoops we're bigger. Don't forget the mini pita on the side!

Courtenaye Anderson

Very friendly people & very good food!

Mauricio Calcaño

Ok, let's be clear, i get it this is really trendy at the moment everyone is crazy about this place because it's "famous" but if you want to be objective here and set that aside, the food is not good at all. Don't get me wrong, everything was fresh and well prepared but i tried 2 different things and i couldn't find any character in any of the 2 dishes. They both felt like any regular food with nothing special and i honestly left kind of disappointed. I doubt I'll ever eat cava again even when I'm sure it'll keep growing because of the fame they already got.

Ryan C

Tried this place in the past with my friend and I am hooked ever since. I love the great character and delightful food and drinks. Kudos.

Ryan Johnson

If you have never been think of a Chipotle style meal selection with Mediterranean style food. I had their spicy lamb last time I was in and loved it. A quick and easy way to grab a bite to eat, you can also order online which I like because it gives me the ability to choose all the toppings I want without the pressure of moving through the line.

Regina C.

I love Cava. The ingredients have always been fresh and flavorful. The customer service is always welcoming and kind. I'm mostly a plant based eater so this is one of my go to places. I also had a cookie from here (forgot the name and had three different main ingredients) and it was delicious! I also enjoy the watermelon mint drink, very refreshing and sweet.

David Brinkmann

Place was fantastic! The servers were helpful and courteous, the wrap was excellent, and the pita chips were crispy and fresh. Leaving this positive review in the hopes that more people come, they get more revenue, and decide to build another location closer to my house.

Jaime V.

First Time in this location !!! Food was great and the customer service excellent!!! They were all friendly and the supervisor amazing Thank you !!!

Tammy Long

WOW! OMG so love the food. Fresh not over seasoned. You will love this place if you are heath conscious. Customer service was great. Very good experience. Pls try-Kingstowne.

Abdul Mohamed

HOLLY & DANITA were amazing !!! They made me feel like family !!! The whole staff was awesome and I appreciate it. I will DEFINITELY be back thanks to HOLLY & DANITA !!! Thank you

Mara Davis

I love CAVA!! Supergreen bowl with lentils and falafel. Just moved to area discovered this place. I love it. Healthy options. Fresh food.

Aislinn G.

Great food, friendly staff, lots of options for food. Always our go to restaurant for a quick meal when we don't feel like cooking or need something fast. The braised lamb is the tastiest!

Lilia Aquino Unalivia

they have more add ons. great strawberry citrus.

Eliana Torres

Amazing service. To the kid who helped us today with the right tattoo on the arm. I hope your manager rewards you for being so attentive and efficient.

Eric Larson

I go to this place aaaaall the time... It's filling, healthy, and quick. I love their app, the service, and of course the food!

Wenona Barlow

Fast and friendly service!