Jersey Mike's Subs

7732 D Richmond Hwy, Alexandria
(571) 481-4445

Recent Reviews

Karla M

Was great but then I had a few bad experiences. The subs are always super super messy, which is to be expected I thought until trying another location where the grease wasn't actually coming through the bag. But, the worst part was getting the wrong sub .. getting all the way home, sat down ready to eat .. called them and instead of apologizing at ALL, they asked if I could bring it all the way back in the cold .. and I knew this meant our other sub would be a complete soggy moosh by time I got back home to eat it. So I asked for a replacement of both of them for the trouble, and was told..(I'm sorry but I didn't want a soggy sub specially after spending over $20), "no but we can give you a new bread roll.." .. Meaning, for their mistake I had to not only go back out in the freezing cold, but also scoop my subs contents into a new bread roll .... And, then fine I get there and they hand it to me without saying anything. Not a single apology, as if it were my fault that we got someone else's sub. Not going here anymore.

Mike Lesesne

Rude. Geddo. Unprofessional.


Left without ordering after seeing the menu and realizing no matterwhat you order for a cheesesteak, everything comes with "white American cheese" with no option for other cheeses : cheeze whiz, provolone, cheddar, anything? American cheese...on a cheesesteak? YUCK! Who does that? That doesn't even sound right. That's like using orange cheddar to make a lasagne or making macaroni using Blue cheese : It's just incorrect. American cheese is just disgusting - machine made, low quality garbage loaded with chemicals, and to have that be "required" on all sandwiches was enough to lose my business. People want to be able to CUSTOMIZE their sandwiches. Not enough choices and options to customize what I order so declined to order.

Daniel Mack

Subs made your way! Very impressive!

Karl Thomas

The store was clean and the staff was courteous and patient. Like the name say, they make sandwiches, cold and a few hot. The sandwiches are really good, but they are expensive! If they were priced a little better, I would have given them 5 stars. Also, get the app so you can earn points towards rewards.


**Big Kahuna Chicken is my go-to, SO GOOD!! SPICY AND SAVORY** The brownies are also surprisingly good. They're better than a lot of other places.


I'm never disappointed when I come here for a well made delicious sandwich.

Charlie Corry

Fast service pleasant people.

jeff clayborn

The guy taking the order need to pay attention and quit acting like he at a nightclub wrong bread wrong toppings. Will not be going back.

Dameer Maalik

It’s Jersey mike’s lol best chain sub place on the east coast!

Zack M.

I just had the best steak and cheese sandwich ever. It was tasty, juicy, and cheesy. The staff were friendly. I will definitely be back for more. I loved every bite of my sandwich.

DeeJae Aim High

It’s Jersey mike’s lol best chain sub place on the east coast!

Aya T.

This was my first visit to Jersey Mike's (JM) ever. I am a regular at Subway and I was expecting something similar to it. JM has less topping options than Subway. They cut the meat as order comes in. I like their mini size option. It was before my sport event and mini was the perfect size for the occasion. Even though the bread was not toasted as ordered, it still had the toasted crust texture outside and soft inside. This restaurant was very clean. I will definitely return to JM!

Patrick Iverson

Jersey Mike's was high quality as usual! This is the first time I've been in this store but I've used Uber Eats from here a good amount! Great service and good recommendation on the Chipotle Cheese steak!

Mark Peters

The closest thing to a legitimate New Jersey sub that you can get in Northern Virginia. Most other fast food sandwich places pale in comparison.

Mike from Queens

Hands down best sandwich place! Love how they slice the meat in front of you and everything is always really fresh! The people in this place are always awesome as well!

michael lebreton

Hands down best sandwich place! Love how they slice the meat in front of you and everything is always really fresh! The people in this place are always awesome as well!

Julian Davis

Awesome sandwich place, and this location does not disappoint..friendly and fast service.

matthew manship

Fast and efficient in getting your food, good tasting, perfect for lunch

Juan Misla

I go here at least once a week for an Italian. They're so good, and their cream soda is bomb.

Dennis Orcutt

My favourite sub shop! Only way they'd be better IMO is if fresh spinach was N option or something better than iceberg lettuce.

Dennis Orcutt

My favourite sub shop! Only way they'd be better IMO is if fresh spinach was N option or something better than iceberg lettuce.

Mary N.

This is honestly the best sub sandwich chain. Their bread is really good, they offer three different sizes, they slice the meat and cheese to order, and "Mike's Way" is a must. I've had their Club and Club Supreme and both are AWESOME. I always order my subs Mike's Way plus mayo and jalapeí±os. Their pricing is reasonable, the staff is attentive, fast, efficient, and friendly.

Jonathan Milam

Always a delight to go to this Jersey Mike's. The staff is friendly and the sandwiches are fantastic. I highly recommend the #2 fully loaded as it is my favorite sub in Northern Virginia. The quality of this shop has made me a frequent customer.

Shante Freeman

Subs are great but the prices are kinda crazy. 2 giant subs, 2 sodas and 1 bag of chips was $34. That's crazy for subs. They were good but, I'm not rushing back at those prices.

Ashley Marie

Service here is declining so fast. The young lady who prepared my sandwich didn't smile or say a word to us other than "What do you want" while interacting with my husband or myself. I then overheard her speaking poorly about another customer in front of me in line because of the way he requested his sandwich be made. She had no problem interacting and being friendly to the other patrons that were of her ethnicity though. Totally unprofessional. If I could give no stars, I would. I come here often, but as of now because of this I will take my money elsewhere. As a GM of a food establishment myself I am APPALED by this & Minh if you see this, just know that what goes on when you're not there is beyond unacceptable. I'm very disappointed. Sad.

Peter James

Food was great. Try the Root Beer or Cream Soda! Mike was super nice and helped us know what to eat!

Franklin Milton

The food is amazing..

Franklin Milton

The food is amazing..

Romualdo D.

Great sandwich, good hospitality! Thank you very much The sandwich's are amazing good !!

James H.

Excellent subs, you'll never be hungry after you leave this place. The staff is always friendly and efficient.

Volodymyr Yaskulka

I experienced good customer service, sandwich was made fresh and to order.

Jonathan Greenstein

Love Jersey Mikes.

Harry López

Best subs ever!

Harry López

Best subs ever!


Never disappoints. The same great quality and quantity every time. No reason to go to any other sub shop.

Eddie R.

This was my first visit to: Jersey Mike's, and I was throughly impressed. I tried the Big Kahuna (#56), and it delicious. The customer service here great. Wonderful first impression.

Wag9 W.

As stated by others, nothing special on the average level, sandwich was ok, Prices a bit high . Overall still think subway is a better score and since they're average you do the math.

Kay La T.

This is a "okay" sub shop. Nothing special about it. It's great if you just want a typical sandwich a step above subway. I had the cheesesteak sub. It was good, nothing to rave about. The service was good and it was an enjoyable meal.


Choose JM for Mothers day lunch with my daughter. When presented with a coupon Jersey Mikes Corporate had emailed me, from their legal email, the cashier insisted it was not a JM coupon. Allegedly, they were unable to scan the BOGO offer BUT they were able to scan the other coupon offer, in the same email(Not a BOGO)! Corporate was contacted 3X and 3X reassured me, 'franchise owner will contact you'. As a franchiser I'd think JM cared about customer satisfaction and franchisee actions. After 2 months of NO response, I have switched my business to Firehouse Subs and Which wich