Chipotle Mexican Grill

1735 N Lynn St Lbby 15, Rosslyn
(703) 294-6669

Recent Reviews

David Manvell

Always great!

Florence N.

Ordered via GrubHub a burrito bowl and chose chicken as the meat but when the order came there is not a single piece of chicken meat in it. You can't call or return food since delivery person is long gone; taking advantage of customers using delivery app.

Angelica Martir

The food is very well cook and tasty . Second day in a road I'm having it they new queso dip is delicious.

Jerome Moten

I was so happy to be able to eat in side finally.And the food and service was great.

Kevin Bunn

This was a bad experience. I PRE-ORDERED via the app, walked over to pick up and ended up waiting more than 10 minutes while the main line was empty. I would have waited more had I not insisted that I just get my order made in the main line where they had 3 workers doing zero work. BAD management of employees time and resources. Further, the food prep wasn't done for the lunch rush. If they didn't have sides of guac, I would have waited on that to be made. I'm fairly patient, but I preordered because I needed to get my food and get out quickly because of work. Seeing 3 employees do zero work and 2 employees trying to fill out a dozen plus orders is garbage management of employee resources

L L.

I placed a take out order and waited 10 minutes in line while the employees working the other line stood there and watched. What's the point of takeout or ordering ahead if I have to wait in a line and they won't use the shelf system?? Not coming here again

Frank C.

Great Chipotle, even if you come in during the lunch rush they are on the ball and keep the line moving. One of the best fast casual mangers in Roslyn must run this place because even when it gets crazy the staff is calm and always nice to the clientele.

Corina Varzari

Agree will all the reviews below about the bad service

Inga S.

I ordered food through this location many times and the last 3 times they messed my order up by either withholding an item or not giving me the correct number of tacos. I've received two tacos instead of three multiple times....this place is a shit show

Cody Henson

Thanks for giving me diarrhea and vomiting, just what i needed

dick butts

Thanks for giving me diarrhea and vomiting, just what i needed

Zane M

Great and flavorful food, I love the vibes the spot has, and the employees were kind. I will definitely come back again.

Robert Palmer

This place is my preferred one. I eat in plenty of restaurants but to this restaurant I constantly return again and again. The team is very professional and the cooking they serve is so yummy. I never decline to have a nice meal in this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Morgan B.

Easily one of the most effiencent Chipotle's I've ever visited. Don't be intimidated by the long line that snakes through the restaurant during lunch, as the employees have an unparalleled production line. If you need to get something that is quick and fresh, I'd recommend stopping by this location. Last week, I was in a 30+ person line to order, when I noticed there was a line 1/3 as long waiting for online orders (must have been a bunch of first-timers..). By the time I ordered, paid, and was walking out the building, the third person in line was just stepping up to the online pickup window. TLDR: don't order online / looks can be deceiving...wait in normal line / Staff is always happy and helpful.

Amanda Reiser

Classic Chiptole with build your own burritos and bowls

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