Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

10382 Willard Way, Fairfax
(571) 989-1082

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Dan Carey

I have never yet had a bad beer brewed by Chubby Squirrel. And the food is quite good, as well.

Jessica Johnston

Neat place, good beer and good food.

Josh Coon

Chubby Squirrel has the best wings. On Wednesday they offer 6 wings for $5 and i'm not kidding, they're the best wings i've ever had. Better than Buffalo Wild Wings, Bonchon, WingStop, or anywhere else.


I have never been here, but I absolutely LOVE the name and have heard NOTHING but GREAT reviews about their establishment!I hope to make it to this FABULOUSLY named brewery soon! ??️?️

Kirby Sanford

One of the best burgers you can get get at a bar. Homemade, from scratch with a special sauce. The beer ain't bad either, get the IPA.

Sallie Gibbs

Chubby Squirrel is a fantastic establishment! Nini and her staff are all very friendly, and the beer is very tasty. It is one of those places where you feel like family whenever you are there.

Matthew Constantine

A great local place. Good food & beer and a fun environment.

Christen Reddig

Good food, good drinks, fun staff.

Royal Carroll

Great beer and friendly staff. A nice place to hang out and chill.

Susan Presley

Sure, the selection and quality of both beverages and food is great. But the people... This staff is everything. Thank you!

Emilia Wilburn

Holy squirrel where has this been my entire life? Give me a peanut and call me a rodent because I will be nesting in the walls here so I can be here as much as humanly possible to the end of my days.

Dan N

Really chill atmosphere that was great for kids. Lot's of coloring books, crayons, and even chalk for the chalkboard wall in the back area. Weeknight specials are really a good deal considering how expensive everything is these days. We went on a Thursday and got the smashburgers which were surprisingly juicy and hotdogs are only $1 if you want something simple for kids. Will definitely make that part of the dinner rotation.

G Hanley

An absolute gem in Fairfax! Everytime I come here the beer is great and my friends and I have a wonderful time! If you’re visiting the area make a trip here you won’t regret it! ?️

Brandon Kobel

The good: super friendly bartenders who are passionate about making their customers feel welcome.The bad: the two beers I had weren’t that good. It’s not bad beer, just not good beer.

Derek Smith

Great neighborhood pub

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Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

10382 Willard Way, Fairfax, VA 22030
(571) 989-1082