Carl's Frozen Custard

2200 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg

Recent Reviews

Caitlin Thagholm

I have been coming here since I was a young girl with my family. Today I came for the first time in a few years and the man who made my milkshake or gave it to me was sooooo rude! My milkshake was terrible! Nothing like I remember. He told me not to leave because they make the order quickly and was like it’s been done. I had walked away after I payed for 2 seconds to put my wallet up and he was so rude when I got back.

J H.

So, I wanted to find out what all the hubbub was about this place. So, stopped in on the way home. Granted, glad they were open in the mist of all the Covid-19. Staff didn't seem happy to be there but I also finally came when there wasn't a line down the block. Bring cash as the they don't accept cards. I ordered a dish of chocolate custard. Does anybody smile in this place?? Teens and maybe young adults but dang.... the custard was tasty, tossed out the window by some either shave or, no wait, just shave kid. Back to the custard, it was good, reminiscent of when I was a kid, some years ago. The serving didn't fill the cup but it was $2.50 for a scoop, pour, whatever. As I continue to eat as I type, it does have good flavor. Not gonna stand in line down the block though. Might want to come back, if I felt like they wanted me too. Guess they got made me moody, not the feel you want when eating ice cream on a nice spring eve. Man, wish they had a Bruster's around here!!!

Sara J.

Do you see Social distancing!! See photo taken March 29. Disgusting and selfish people.

Waimz S.

I came here for dessert after dinner on a Saturday night. Don't be intimidated by the line. Service is fast and friendly. Creamiest ice cream ever!!! Definitely coming back!!!

Diana Garnett

Been coming here as long as I can remember. If you like soft serve ice cream, this is your joint. Simplicity as its best ?

Britt R.

Carl's Ice cream is the best around! Been going here for 18+ years! Great service and there vanilla shake is amazing and I've recently had there pineapple vanilla shake & another great shake!


Always a tasty treat. Just bring cash. Love the malts! All the ice cream is good, lines get long on weekends at night but it goes fast.

Chrisman McSpadden

I have lived in this area for about a year now, and just found this gem. I was informed about this place tonight after having a conversation about soft serve. I was skeptical at first, and I am so glad that I went this evening!! Super fast, and it is a local business. The "frozen custard" was way beyond my expectations in my cone. I will definitely be returning to enjoy more of this frozen treat throughout the summer. I am rather picky about soft serve to the point that "the soft serve, red two letter place" doesnt really do it for me. Super excited to return!!

Lisa Henderson Payne

the BEST ice cream ever!!


I know this place is always crowd, but for the life of me I don't know why. There's no place to sit, the only serve custard ( which frankly not impressed with) not many choices. But there's always a long line.

Free Fred

youre paying for a name, not quality. its not bad but prices are too high for what it is. better off with the ben and jerrys from sheetz


Holy cow.... this is a terrific place. The first time here I had a hot fudge Sunday. I finished it less than 2 min and wanted another one. I just had the pineapple shake, and I lived it!!

maria torres

tried something local today, near downtown fredericksburg and it did not disappoint. this mom and pop shop, makes their own custards, which is something hard to find these days. i ordered two of their flavors, which are the pineapple custard and the chocolate. both was very good, the pineapple was really infused in the custard and also have the chunks which really gave it that feel of pineapple. the chocolate it looks like we’re powdered and then folded in the custard. it tasted very raw, which made it feel so authentic and addicting. i would highly highly recommend this place, if you are coming from another city . they only accept cash and they are close during winter season.

Stephanie Andersen

The best ice cream ever!

Caitlin Pessolano

Carl’s is a staple of FXB. No one does classic style of ice cream (frozen custard) like they do. Simple menu, but delicious

Scott T

We often detour off of I-95 to stop at Carl's. We stopped here after seeing a show on TV about great ice cream shops. They didn't disappoints so now we try to stop here on our trips. Everything is great here and the place is just so 1950s. Really cool place.

Jordan H.

Folks, this review comes about 5 months late. We're talking Carl's; the Fredericksburg staple. The community's pinnacle of ice cream or soft serve or whatever it is. The dessert is good. Is it the best I've ever had? No. Was the money I paid worth waiting 20 minutes in line? Probably not... the jury is still out. It's pretty mediocre ice cream. So - as you're wondering - why one star? Otto. Our golden retriever with the party. Thirsty pup. It's a hot July night. Carl's isn't going to give you water. They're going to tell you to visit the water fountain on the side of the establishment. That's cool, but you know what doggo's can't do? Press a button and drink from a water fountain. Most of your downtown, local, people-and-pet friendly spots around FXBG have those handy water bowls for the four-legged furry friends in this summer heat... but listen to this. Not Carl's. This one-star review is brought to you by the fact that Carl's charged $0.15 for a 4 ounce paper cup for Otto, a dog, to drink from. C'mon team. You can do better. Next season, get a bowl for the four legged friends. You don't have inside seating, so that's not a worry. If you don't want animals like sweet boy Otto, put up a sign. I believe in you, and I look forward to re-reviewing after a visit with Otto next season.

Ann C.

I don't know why the locals go so Gaga over this place. There's too much air in the ice cream, and it's a pain to pay cash. It's on a busy street and there's limited parking. I wish there were a custard place in Fburg

LeAn H.

Officially closed for the season! My friend and I had an adventure to Fredericksburg this past weekend and I was told to check out this spot for their soft serves and shakes. We had actually parked and put down our name for the restaurant across the street (Mason-Dixie Cafe) before we decided to have dessert before brunch. It was the last weekend that they were going to have open until closing for the cold season. I asked the cashier what his favorite was and ended up getting a mix of the strawberry and pineapple shake. It was pretty good and I enjoyed it during the cold walk that my friend and I did up and down the street. My friend was smart and got their hot fudge sundae which was the perfect portion for the dessert. I would recommend this for those who love soft serves and taking a day trip one weekend in Fredericksburg. Def try their strawberry and pineapple mix shake if you get the chance!

Tammy Porter

It is the best. Nothing compares. Simple, no bells, and whistles. three flavors. I prefer the chocolate.

Daniel Gladwell

Awesome place. Kids working the counter are very kind and fun to watch how fast they sling product. My kids love this place - we go often.

Rachel H.

We stopped here on a whim two days before they shut down for the season (closing on 11/24). This is a pretty basic small town custard shop. Cones, cups, shakes and malts are about the only things on the menu. I saw only a couple of flavors: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. I personally loved the simplicity of the menu and appreciate when a place perfects something.... and perfection is what they have obtained. We stopped in on a Saturday afternoon around 4:30 and ordered two small malts. Unfortunately this shop is cash only and there isn't an ATM on site so grab cash ahead of time. Our total was less than $8 and the order was ready within minutes. I have to say the serving was pretty small. More child size to be honest. Luckily we were going to dinner so it wasn't a big deal. The malts were super good and we were glad we stopped by unexpectedly. I highly recommend stopping if they are open.

Deb S.

Was surprisingly disappointed! After all of the hype, living in Stafford for 6+ years, my daughter and I were right near there and decided to try it. No greeting, fine, was told, FYI "we are cash only" , ok, then we ordered. I was shocked at the size of the single cone, suuuupppppper small. Dtr got the double and it was more appropriately sized, esp for the price. Was lukewarm, meh, and super sweet for my taste. Had to wolf it down so it wouldn't melt all over the car. Guy running the machine was not to friendly, but whatever. Maybe the employees are over it for the season. May try another item like a sundae in the future but wont make a special trip.

Isaac Young

A picturesque little Ice Cream stand that seems too old school to be real. It's like someone took a food stand out of a theme park and put it into downtown Fredericksburg. And it is truly old school, they don't even accept credit cards. This place is perfect for dates and family nights, and their select ice cream choices always hit the spot. The service is good and fast, and the neon lights create a nice atmosphere, perfect for photos, and talking with loved ones.


Been in the area for 20 years and I must say the product seems to have gone down hill while prices have increased dramatically. It still has a good vibe to experience but we'll go somewhere else for tasty custard.


When my family is in town we always visit Carl's. It's a tradition to stop there now. The ice cream is that good.

Jacob H

Great soft serve but if you don't have cash you can't buy anything. If they started taking credit and debit then I'd give them full 5 stars.

Justin s

Amazing I've been going hear since I was a child and the experience only gets better with time. If you are in the area this place is legendary and in the gunisse book of world records. A must if you get the opportunity!!


Took our daughter for ice cream parents’s weekend. Always great and friendly service. I had the maple nut Sunday (I alternate between this and a large cone of strawberry). Chocolate cones for everyone else. Bring cash they don’t take cards or checks.

Ryan McElhinney

Classic little ice cream shop. Notba very large variety of ice cream choices. However the ones they have are amazing. I definitely recommend the strawberry. Just an FYI I believe this place is cash only. Definitely recommend! Would give 5 stars if they had more options. Otherwise excellent!

Vanessa Metzler

* CASH ONLY! * Delicious!! Not too many parking spaces, most customers walked over from across the street. Employee at the window was friendly and we got our order quickly. The guys in the back were hard at work. Will definitely be back with family and friends when they come to visit us in Fredericksburg.


I don't understand the hype behind this place. Parking is a little tough. Can be a long wait pending how busy they are. Cash only. Menu has never changed, not a ton of options. The flavors they do have (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry custard) are good, but not overly impressive. Fun if you like the retro feel, staff still wears the paper hats.

Mel Z

This place is great. I have not had custard before, but this was a great introduction. The staff took the time to explain and even shared some off the menu items.


The menu isn’t large, but it doesn’t need to be when the ice cream (uh, custard) is that fabulous. The chocolate was so creamy and the cherry slushy float divine! No wonder it’s highly ranked!


A Fredericksburg institution. The long lines move quick, and are a testament to the product. Worth a stop.

Joyce Schmidt

The best ice cream ever., yum

Vanessa M

* CASH ONLY! * Delicious!! Not too many parking spaces, most customers walked over from across the street. Employee at the window was friendly and we got our order quickly. The guys in the back were hard at work. Will definitely be back with family and friends when they come to visit us in Fredericksburg.

Eugene Kim

They've raised the prices every time I go back (childhood home) :(

Sharon S

This iconic soft serve ice cream place is a local favorite. However we were disappointed. Ice cream was nothing special and the prices were too high.

Vania C.

Carl's is a Fredericksburg institution, a historical landmark, opened since 1947. Wait in line for a few minutes or sometimes much longer depending on how far down the block it goes. Walk up. Order. Yes, nostalgia for sure, for locals and college students alike. Not to mention thick delicious super creamy, amazing mouthfeel, frozen custard in just 3 flavors. Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. They have toppings and other options but, seriously, the custard itself is simple, homemade quality. There's nothing gourmet or fancy here. Think Hersey's chocolate. It is what it is and it's worth a stop...or 20000.