Carl's Frozen Custard

2200 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg

Recent Reviews

Joyce Schmidt

The best ice cream ever., yum

Dan Marcinkevicius

Great custard. This was the second time coming here the week. Much better than any other ice cream shop around. Wife got the slushy float this time and loved it. We will be returning here more often now. They only take cash.

Christine Ramirez

There is no other place in the World I could get the best frozen custard from than Carl's I have meet many different people from different states that said the same thing as me. I have seen lines form around the building twice and down the sidewalks its amazing, I love it and I tell all my friends and they go as well, my children have been going there since they were born and now my grandchildren too, we always take pictures of our special moments there. I would give you more Stars if I could but 5 is all I see.

Richard Specht

If you are headed down (or up) I-95 it's totally worth the minor detour. Nothing like it... It's a trip back to simpler times that is absolutely delicious. Do yourself a favor and get the Hot Fudge Sundae.

Jessica C.

Carl's ice cream is a definite need to go if you have never been before. It is probably one of the most well know eating establishments in Fredericksburg, VA. It has a fairly simple menu with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple ice cream flavors. You can make them into Sundaes, Milk shakes, and they have floats. The prices here are very reasonable also considering how busy they are! My go to is a strawberry cone. In my opinion it is the best flavor. Wish they were open all year long!

Henry T.

So let's get the obvious out of the way: this place is still standing for a reason; because they sell good custard. I like the simplicity of the menu, the staff was friendly and the vibe was very retro. It is a fantastic place to go in the evening on summer days like today as a nice little hangout spot. My only real gripes from this one experience was the fact that it's cash only but they seem to do so much business (perhaps because they want to keep up the old-time feel) and the pineapple shake was slightly frost bitten. I have no idea why that was because i got the vanilla shake and the strawberry custard, both of which were phenomenally smooth. My sister and I think the reason the pineapple shake came out the way it did was because they use whole pineapple chunks in what i believe is just a standard vanilla shake and that might have caused some sort of reaction. But the bottom line is: great place to stop by, especially during the summer time to enjoy some frozen custard and history!


Stopped for cones on a 100+ temperature day. CASH ONLY, had to go locate an ATM. Prices not bad, service awesome. Good choices.

Lizi A.

Always a great trip down memory lane! My parents both attended Mary Washington and went to Carl's when they were in high school, and they used to take me and my brother there when we were kids. I decided to give it a try again today, and I was not disappointed! The milkshakes are rich and delicious. Although the prices have gone up a bit since I was going as a kid, $5 for a good sized milkshake in this day and age is still good! Definitely recommend.

Rachel M.

Stinks that it's cash only and the nearest ATM is two blocks away (driving). We stopped in and had a wonderful meal at the Mason Dixon Cafe on our drive home from the OBX. Weand wanted to treat our kids to ice cream before hitting the road to head home, but didn't have enough cash.

Valerie Barlow Gordon

Best frozen custard ever - love it

Zach W.

Big disappointment. The milkshake tasted bad and she couldn't eat it. We walked a mile for it and it was definitely not worth it.

Jennifer N.

We got a pineapple sundae and it was delicious. Custard is definitely creamy. The person helping us was a little indifferent. Aside from that we enjoyed our stop and would probably come again.

Matty Tobin

If you have never been you need to gather up everyone you love and bring them here. Do not delay. This is one of those iconic American establishments. It is great. The line moves fast too. Get there soon.

Kathy Izzo

All time favorite. Soft serve vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Best root beer floats south of the Mason Dixon line!! If you like sundaes, try the wet walnut!! Absolutely the best!!

Nick Notgrass

Carl's has been one of my favorite ice cream places in the U.S. ever since I was a kid and I have nothing but great remarks for them. Staff is always super friendly and helpful but not to the point where its annoying and of course the ice cream tastes great. If I were to change anything it would probably be to lower prices some and possibly open a second window due to the high influx of customers throughout the entire day.


Great Ice Cream, the service could be better. They have a great selection but it is a little pricey.

Brandy W.

Very good. Fast and friendly service. Ice cream was delicious. Line was long, but extremely quick. Prices were very reasonable.

Deborah Bush

The best I e. Team in the world. Long lines but moves fast. Worth the wait. Bring cash. They don't take plastic.

Connie A.

Grew up on my Dad's frozen custard... this is the ONLY comparable vanilla frozen custard!!! Terrific!!!


Wonderful ice cream, wonderful service wonderful place would recommend. The ice cream is much better than we have in the UK

Katherine A.

People swear by Carl's. It's ok. It's great for the nostalgia and community feel. I love supporting small businesses and going to Carl's is a neighborhood experience more than for flavorful ice cream. Not frozen custard. I don't care what the sign says. I'm probably going to get punched for that last statement but I'm a loyal patron so whatever.

Teresa Jenkins

I got a vanilla ice cream cone and the ice cream was yellow and did not have a good taste at all . I used to love the ice cream . I was very disappointed. $ 4.95 wasted. The cashier was very nice tho.


Took family to Carl's It was fun eating ice cream Outside with friends. They have a good selection of soft ice cream and fast friendly service.

Dan Kleintop

Carl's is a must stop for us whenever we travel up Rt 17 or I-95. The servers and cashiers are always pleasant and knowledgeable. I love the culture the management creates. The young people working there are learning fantastic skills that will serve them for a lifetime. If you have never been to Carl's your life just isn't complete. And be sure to bring some of that green stuff. Yes, cash.

Arnissa Burnett

Best place for ice cream. I loved this place growing up. They do I've cream the old fashion way by slow churning it. There is always a line but it moves fast. It's worth the wait.

Maria Goncharenko

Even though at night when we went the place was super busy and the lines were crazy, it didn't take too much time for us to get our ice cream! Really fast service, CASH ONLY.

Tilly Lo

I was visiting a friend and before I head home, she wanted to take me here to get some ice cream. I'm so glad that she did. The ice cream is so creamy!! It is a very simple old fashion ice cream place offering only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavor with option to add pineapple topping. You can choose a cup or from a variety of ice cream cones. They also have same selection of flavors as shakes, and malt. This place is cash only, and please pay with $1 or $5 bills because sometimes they run low on small bills. The line can get real long -- 20+ people, and has a few parking spaces. You can park along the street.


Perfect- every time! I had a strawberry cone and my dad had a chocolate malt...creamy and delicious. Carl’s is a favorite for our family and is an excellent treat when we have company visiting.

Kaitlyn C.

Now I see what all the hype is about...the strawberry custard is very rich, creamy and melts very fast, so eat it quick! They only take cash and has a few picnic tables outside. They have super-fast service and are very friendly. The prices are very cheap with the amount they give and seems like they have a decent amount of variety with the types of desserts they make. Would definitely try a milkshake next time we're in the area!

J E.

Having grown up in the area, I've heard so much about Carl's and how popular it is, but each time we drive by, there's always a huge line and we didn't feel like dealing with it. But on a hot Saturday, in the middle of the way, when we drove by and noticed no line at all, we decided to stop and give it a try.... The place is clean and the service was friendly and with a smile. Prices are a little high for what you get (nearly $4 for a basic sundae which amounted to one scoop and only hot fudge on top, no nuts, whipped cream, nor cherry). Flavor of their vanilla custard is just OK too. I've had much better from other places. In fact, many fast food softserve cones are much cheaper and better. My wife's swirl cone had no flavor difference between the chocolate and vanilla sides. Can't say I was impressed.... Don't understand what the draw is to this place.

Basil M

The frozen custard and simple menu here are so perfect that other ice cream places are kind of grotesque by comparison. I had the cherry freeze float with creamy and delicious. My wife had the hit fudge sundae which she devoured. Most highly recommended.

M M.

This is a place with super fast service. The building is considered a historical landmark and only deal with three flavors of frozen custard... vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. There are are no other items sold here. There's no shade from the sun in the seating area. PROS: Quick Tasty CONS: Limited selection No shade to escape the sun

Kelly T.

I don't understand the obsession. Disgusting and expensive. Custard should be creamy and delicious. Not taste like artificial vanilla iced milk. McDonald's has better ice cream.

Cheryl Bacigalupi

Great place for frozen custard and shakes. The root beer slush is good too. The flavors are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and the menu is always the same. I’ll say it wasn’t the best tasting vanilla custard I’ve ever had but I’m from The Jersey Shore so I’m biased ;-). I love the retro feel and vintage ice cream/custard machines that still work. This is definitely worth a wait in line if you’re in the area.

Mary S.

Favorite place to get ice cream for dessert, reasonable prices, great hours, different flavors to choose from floats to milkshakes and soft serve Always busy in the summer but pretty quick getting through the lines

Laura P.

Some fun facts! Carl's Ice Cream stand opened in 1947. Since then, the 1940s era Electro Freeze machines have produced the frozen custard daily. Custard is different from ice cream because it contains eggs, and no air. Carl's sells only three flavors of frozen custard: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. In addition to cones, Carl's offers shakes and sundaes. Carl's accepts only cash and there is no inside seating. We went with chocolate and vanilla cones. The chocolate is very good, but the vanilla is exceptional. On past visits we had the pineapple shake--absolutely fantastic!

Justin Smith

Carl's is OG as it gets. This place rocks and rolls almost all year around and only closes for a couple months out of a year! They keep it simple with your 3 basic flavors and a few topping options, and cash only! I love it! It screams old school Americana and there is often a line down the street to get some of their famous custard! Keep on pumping it, Carl!!

Michael Snow

Best frozen custard I have ever had. My is the vanilla. My always gets the chocolate. Don't be scared by the line the staff is very efficient. It is worth the trip.

Alexa S.

Carl's was amazing! Every time we pass by there is a long line, so we had to stop to see what the hype was about. The strawberry frozen custard was delicious! There weren't that many flavor or topping options, but it was kind of nice not having so much to choose from. Simple. Already looking forward to our next visit!

Timothy Caish

Awesome ice cream and the like. Staff is helpful and friendly. Would like to use my credit card when I don't have cash, but they're trying to keep the old school way of life, and I respect that 👍