Firehouse Subs South Point

5426 Jefferson Davis Hwy #108, Fredericksburg
(540) 710-7827

Recent Reviews

Raphael C

Food was very good, service was good as well; we stopped for dinner, They follow COVID-19 health guidelines.

J Butler

Had a great turkey sub, but counter staff mixed up the order and gave the original one to another customer. Staff tried to get me to accept original sub, but other customer had unwrapped it and I insisted on getting a new sub. Simple common sense, especially during these pandemic times.

Joshua Snyder

Warning the Firehouse Pairs at this location is charging for the side instead of including it. When my wife asked why I was charged this way the manager told her the owner has it set up this way and he just works there. We ended up paying $7.89 for the small sub and 3.99 for the side while a small sub is $4.00. You have been warned of the rip-off. PS we did get our $4.00 back but they kept the receipt that was our evidence of this transaction.

James B.

Took 20 minutes for them to make me and my wife's sub. Really no sense of urgency from the staff. When I received my sub they gave me an 8 inch instead of a 12 inch like I ordered. No apology just an "Oh, we'll remake it". I been to quite a few Firehouse Sub locations throughout the U.S. and for some reason this location's customer service is lacking every time I go. Subs were good though.

The W.

The young lady on duty was extremely rude. She constantly snapped at us while we ordered even though we were very nice to her, realizing she may have had a hard day. She also kept glaring at the customers, and overcharged us. At one point she walked through the restaurant, sighed loudly, and hurled a piece of litter to the floor in the middle of the restaurant. The whole thing was quite a spectacle--I've never seen anyone portray such convincing frustration with customers and work in general. Unfortunately, the establishment is supposed to be a restaurant, not a theatre.


If you’re closed turn the open sign off. I don’t understand why you guys are closing at 7:45

Terence L.

No employees wearing masks. No customers wearing masks. No social distancing. A Covid-19 hotspot waiting to happen!

Carla Adair

Delicious. They do a good job of blending and balancing flavors for tasty subs

Ouida Nickens

My favorite sub shop the next best thing to new York subs...


Good subs. Friendly service. A little pricey.


Subs are made and taste wonderful. The restaurant is very clean and has a nice staff. The menu has alot of delicious subs plus other menu items. I love the sweet tea too!

MaryMagAndLean 4d

They charged me a higher amount and were rude when I asked for my money back. On my receipt there was a .74 cent donation added that he stated was automatic. I requested that it be returned and the change was practically thrown at me. No courtesy whatsoever.

D McKenrick

On this night I was disappointed by the quality of the subs. Have been here before and was very pleased. For the franchise owner I hope it was just an off night.

Michael Lackland

Free sandwich for different names. My day was Michael, Michelle, and Markita. Buy a drink or chips or cookie and get a free medium Sub on that day

Becky Maiatico

Nobody said "Welcome to Firehouse!" on this visit or on our last visit.

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