Villa Italian Kitchen

Spotsylvania Towne Center, 8010 Towne Centre Blvd, Fredericksburg
(540) 548-9021

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hunter johnson

Absolutely terrible for a first impression. I ordered from door dash the "spaghetti dinner +3 garlic bread" since there is no written description of the meal on doordash. I assumed what I was ordering was; the spaghetti (with the meatballs as shown in the picture) and 3 garlic breads. This was not the case. I received the garlic bread and the spaghetti but with no meatballs (mind you the title plus the picture indicated that there would have been both). At first I thought I ordered wrong but going back to the app there was no choice to remove anything from the dinner. At that time I called Villa Pizza. The guy who answered the phone I have to say was less than enthused to take the call. I asked for a manager and he said that he was not there so I asked for the supervisor. When the supervisor picked up the phone all that was said was "hello?" There was no introduction, no "hello this is xxx, how can I help you". A complete lack of customer service. I tried to explain the issue but was continually met with her telling me I was wrong. The lack of customer service in this place seems to be rampant. The food was ok but not something I would write home about. the biggest issue I had with the food was the Garlick Bread, It was clearly not cooked all the way through. I can say without a doubt that I will NEVE eat from this establishment again.

Alana Natasia

Overpriced and owners take everything personally? Weird vibes all around

Flora-Belle Smith

My God. Cheese pizza nirvana.

lexi Rohde

I paid $11.80 for some spaghetti that was absolutely terrible , the sauce was extremely flavorless and had the consistency of water , the noddles weren’t cooked all the way , and the meat balls tasted like they weren’t real. I 100 % do NOT recommend


Perfect amount of cheese and dough, tastes just like a slice from NY. Also great customer service, the owner will satisfy all your needs!

robert lanham

A little pricy but if you like Sabarro pizza, stop reading and go buy a slice

Bonnie Johnson

Ate a veggie slice yesterday...dough wasn’t thoroughly cooked...threw up all night. Don’t go here.

Vincent Caron

A little pricey but the food is delicious and the owner is very kind. Definitely worth the price.

Matthew B.

This place is insane. $4.90 for a slice of pepperoni pizza. I dont know if i am the moron for buying it or if they are the morons for charging it.

Vickie Taylor

Customer service was good

Corey King

Pizza was awesome

Matthew Carter

The two sisters that work there do phenomenal together will eat there again if I could give 10 out of 10 Stars I would

Christal Gibson

A little pricey but love the food

Kevin Pulliam

Great pizza.

Tom Rainey

Basic Italian. Nothing special.

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