Potros Mexican Restaurant

9074 Staples Mill Rd, Henrico
(804) 562-1479

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Mandy Kaplan

BEST MEXICAN FOOD I’VE EVER HAD!When you walk in, they have such a nice atmosphere, cool bar display, great service, and even better food. Our server accommodated a special request (my dad has super shaky hands so we needed a big spoon) and was extremely attentive! I got the passion fruit margarita and it was delicious! Carnitas are incredible, shrimp taco salad is amazing, and their salsa is fresh and house made. Truly a gem! I can’t wait to visit again

Mike T.

In a strip mall near Kroger, how good could it be? Good enough that I ate here twice in a 2 day period. The staff is fairly friendly (some more than others) but all gave good service. Quick to give me the wifi password and stayed until it worked for me. Staff was good at giving me good recommendations and the Lunch Special #1 was pretty special. I don't think I've seen it at other Mexican restaurants and I've been to a lot. Staff was nice and patient when I brought in my luggage and took up big tables, when I needed water and tea refills, and overall worthy of big tips. The free chips and salsa were delicious also!

Brenda Jenkins

1st time, no complaints at all. Great service and food. I had the shrimp bourbon (excellent), my husband had the burrito texano(said best he has ever had). We will be back.

Cassandra B.

This place is amazing. Tried for the first time tonight a to-go order. Two beef chimichangas, rice and tableside guacamole. I'm fairly close and when I got home, realized I had two chicken chimichangas instead of beef. The guacamole was also ridiculously salty I couldn't even eat it (and I like salt! )They made basically the entire order over, it was ready in 10 minutes and EVERYONE was so nice about it. I will definitely be back!!! Oh and once the food was corrected, it tasted so good and well seasoned !!! Seriously 10/10. I would come back just based on the service.

Rich G.

Tried it tonight with a family of four including one person who is a vegetarian. Lots of vegetarian options. Great margaritas. Love the complementary chips and salsa. The ranch dressing on the side was a little too sweet for us but we appreciated the effort. Both the kids and my wife were very pleased with their entrées. I had the chicken burrito supreme and would give that three stars but everyone else had a four star experience. We'll be back.


I don’t know who I thought I was thinking I could finish a burrito, but I ate a third of it and got full. I definitely got my money’s worth with this one (the chipotle burrito) I wasn’t a fan of the salsa (cilantro taste like soap lol not their fault). But everything came out fast and was nice and hot. Maybe I’ll get a drink next time

Niya D.

This was my first time ordering from here and I loved what I got. I order the Burrito Texano which was very filling and tasteful. By the time I came to pick up my food it was still hot and ready to go! The other plus is that its just down the street from where I stay so very convenient all around. I'll definitely order from here again!

Elizabeth E.

Overall food was good, not great. I'd probably keep exploring other options when back in Richmond. The chips come with two dips: a traditional salsa and an inexplicable dip. It was almost like a mayo based aioli or something. Honestly would probably pair really well with a fried chicken sandwich. It was different but good. Give it a try when you go. Salsa was pretty typical. My fajita salad was good! Just a *little* too much queso and it ended up being a little soupy. I dumped the insides out onto my plate. Flavors themselves however were really really good! Portion was big and I could not finish. My fiancé had the burrito. Best I could say is "meh." Wasn't bad but wasn't good. It fed him. Presentation obviously adorable however. Service was wonderful and ambience was fun. In the end, like I said: good, not great.

Deneen S.

Tuesday July 19,2022 5:50pm My first visit here. The last minute I remembered it was taco Tuesday so I decided to go to this restaurant because it was the nearest to me in my search and I had four stars. When I first arrived I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was clean except the changing table for infants. The sheet on that table was gross. I wouldn't even lay my purse on it much less a baby. I don't know if you can tell by my photos but trust me. I really like the decor. I like the decor of most Mexican restaurants anyway. This one did seem a bit crowded as far as furniture. See picture. I ordered a passion fruit daiquiri with vodka instead of rum. I didn't taste any liquor, at all, however, the Daiquiri was good anyway. For dinner I ordered Fajitas tropical. This came with pineapple which was the main reason I ordered it because it sounded like it taste really good. Well, when it came I didn't see any pineapple. I brought this to the attention of the waitress and even took a fork and went through it and saw no pineapple. She said it was cut up really small. Not acceptable. If you got pineapple in the title of the meal I'm gonna need to at least see the pineapple. Anyway she brought me out some pineapple in a bowl. Once I had my fajitas tropical I must say it was really good. I did not care for the beans or the rice. Usually salsa is too spicy for me at Mexican restaurants but there's was really good. Unfortunately I had to ask for more three different times before I got it. But yeah, overall I gave it three stars mostly for the inconsistency of service and food. I'm undecided on if I will go back or not.

Da K.

Obsessed with this place. When I came in for dinner, it was absolutely packed and now I'm not surprised why. We got complimentary chips and salsa, and then I ordered some tacos that came with rice and beans on the side. They were some of the best tacos I've ever had and I've never felt more full. The meat was so tender and the tacos were well seasoned. We ordered dessert afterwards; I tried the tres leches and tiramisu which both melted in my mouth. I also tried a bit of the fried ice cream and it was amazing. One thing I will say is that it took quite a bit of time for us to receive the check after we requested it several times, but it was extremely busy that night so I completely understand the delays. Regardless, this is such authentic Mexican food that everyone needs to try!

Amanda P.

It has been a WHILE since the three of eating here have all enjoyed our meal. We are Picky! But we all thought this was delicious. Yay!! Arroyo con Polo -- yessss. Get it. Steak Fajitas -- very yummy, would definitely get again Jalisco Burrito -- delicious Carne Asada -- good but I would rather everything else we got Fried ice cream -- only thing we didn't like. It was a fried bottom with ice cream scooped on it and syrup on top We all loved the rice (so much flavor) and the dips they give in the beginning. My father could not stop eating the salsa. The portions were big. Everyone had something to take home, so we will be enjoying this tomorrow! Service was great and there was an outside area. We will definitely be back.

nathalia linares

the service is great, they are always paying attention that we’re okay on refills or if we need anything else. They have many options on the menu and they have many drinks, including non-alcoholic. My brother enjoyed the horchata a lot. The food is seasoned well and everything was delicious overall. I was recommended this place and I would recommend it as well. If you are looking for authentic and good Mexican restaurant, this is the place.

russ gathright

I've had nothing but fantastic service and food the many times I've been here. The manager, Juan, even made my favorite dish when I asked if it could be added to the menu and it was fantastic! Highly reccomend. Customer service and food quality are top notch!

icutrauma1 RS6

Extremely generous in portions that are tasty tasty tasty. The flan was rich and creamy deep just like Cuban flan.Coming back. The guacamole, mmm, so good to add to my fajitas and the Potros tacos, retreat next time also.

Jason J.

Great service, fantastic food, lots of options. I'll be regular here for a long time.

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