Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

358 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 709-1146

Recent Reviews

Paula Mitchell

The pizza there is delicious. The crust is so good, you won't want to leave it.

Priva Desi

By far the best in town. The staff and cook are always professional. Food is great and friendly people.

Tim Rooney

I love the new sandwich it's great I've tried the hot and spicy and regular they're both very good I would recommend them!

Allinton Alexander

Weeks after the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich crave, it's still delicious.

Stephanie Frye

We got 2 three piece tender combos. We paid. Order is at the counter and I ask for 3 BBQ sauce, a sweet heat sauce, and some kind of new sauce I want to try. The kid comes back with a BBQ sauce missing. I ask for it. He says, "I can't give out more than 5." I'm like, "This is only 4." We go back and forth like this for a minute and finally he says 4 instead of 5. The sauce I was trying for the first time was gross and I was stuck with it. Poor customer service from that kid. Either give us the additional sauce because you're educating us and in the future we'll know there is a limit. Or offer the additional sauce for a cost. Manager maybe re-train your staff on how to provide a better experience at the counter. We'll try the other local Popeyes next time.

mell rosandich

I really do enjoy Popeyes chicken and their spicy chicken sandwich is pretty solid. They definitely have the best chicken sandwich out if all the fast food places. Service was quick and friendly. Place was clean.

Tom Snow

Just tried the spicy chicken sandwich. Wow, now I see what all the hype is about. A mighty tasty sandwich! This popeyes was clean, friendly staff. The cajun rice was delicious.

Tom S.

Just tried the spicy chicken sandwich. Wow, now I see what all the hype is about. A mighty tasty sandwich! This popeyes was clean, friendly staff. The cajun rice was delicious.

Chris St. John

This Popeyes restaurant is presentable. It's not dirty but not super clean. The food is good but if you order anything other than the regular chicken pieces you'll have to wait for them to cook it. I think that may be the standard across all popeyes though. I haven't had any problems with the employees or the food. I gave it 4 stars because I haven't had any bad experience other than waiting for shrimp or chicken tenders.

Krzysztof Goldy

Very good service and fresh chicken. Staff here is very accommodating and always happy to help. My usual order is a box with a mix of 10 chicken pieces.

Christine T.

My dad prefers this location even though there is a Popeyes closer to his house and my hubby was craving a chicken sandwich since it seemed to be headline news. I went mid-afternoon there were still quite a few people in there on the Sunday afternoon I had gone. The staff kept the line moving and overall I was impressed with the service I received. This location is in the big Elden Street shopping center where Sprouts market is now located or if you're old school like me where K-mart was. Its on the side that faces Elden street so if you come at peak times parking in the parking pad in front of Popeyes might be a challenge. Overall I was happy. As far as the chicken sandwich, it was very good, different from the other chicken sandwich place but I'd enjoyed it.

Derek Clarke

This location is one of my favorite ones. Employee's are always friendly and quick to take and full your order...

Trinh P.

The best popeyes Ive been to in terms of efficiency and chicken quality. Came here at around 8pm and it was super busy but they are very well organized and the line moved fast. I was impressed considering I went here during the time of the chicken sandwich craze - the line was to the door but we were in and out within minutes. The chicken did not taste like it had been neglected and left outside for hours like some of the previous popeyes I've been to. The chicken I got was fresh, crispy and hot - just the way it should be!

Tracey D.

Tried that fried chicken sandwich and it was very good! I won't go and compare it with its chicken sandwich competitor. I really enjoyed how crispy the sandwich was. Very quick service as well.

Jim Liu

The spicy chicken sandwich lived up to it's hype. Soft chicken breast with the same breading style as the tenders. The spicy sauce was actually a decent level compared to other chain restaurants that tone it down.

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