219 W Main St, Luray
(540) 669-5981

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Amaliia Bledsoe

Absolutely horrible place. Inside it looks like cheap nuckle-head’s bar. Everything was dirty and smelled weird. Food was just junk. I ordered shrimp pasta and what I got was cold macaroni(not even property drained) with freeze burned shrimp without any sauce just few pinches or parmesan. And paid for that tragedy $18. My husband had some sort of cheesesteak but he couldn’t finish half of it. Water had odd taste to it. My daughter had hot dog and fries (only meal that was decent) and a salad looked like it was 3 days old.Good waste of $60 in total. We were in town for the weekend and it was a gamble walking in. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody unless you want to be disappointed in your dining experience.

Jennifer Green

We came on vacation, and stumbled across this gem! The food was delicious, and the staff were fantastic! We absolutely loved the atmosphere, it is so cute and welcoming! I wish we had one in our area! We will be back whenever we are in town!

Car Guy

Well, I was not going to post anything until I actually reviewed my receipt when I returned home. Suggested tips were 20%, 25%, & 30%. Now remember, this is a small cafe in a small town. The service wasn't all that. Fruit flies were all around our table. No ambiance at all inside. The creamy Cajun chicken pasta was not spicey or Cajun at all, it was basic rigatoni with Ragu jar sauce and 2 to 3 oz of plain chicken. May be better places in town to eat, maybe not. Sorry to say all of this, just pushed into it due to the "tip" requests.

Neal Bussone

Great place,good food an the daily soup black bean n ham was amazing!!

Diane Griffith

Great food for a reasonable price. I have ate there several times and never been let down. Country Fried Steak is my favorite and love when they have the mash potatoes as the side!

Sabrina Temple

The service was fantastic. We got our food quickly and it was delicious. The portions and price were perfect. The place was clean and the atmosphere was great. If we lived in town, we would definitely be back!


My wife really wanted to see this place she was not disappointed great place and people here a must see. Fun drink menu great prices. Faith was a great bartender and she definitely did not give us any stickers. The owner was wonderful had great stories and love for animals that is great to see.


Great experience. Food and food are good. Tuna dinner is great. Pasta hardly had any chicken ? bummer, but the flavor was great. Too many noodles. The atmosphere is cute, and Johnathan was amazing. There were 4 of us.

Wes Steinacker

Seated quickly and the staff was short handed but manged well. The food is processed and mostly deep fried, even the hot dogs that looked like prunes and tasted bad. Got maybe a handful of fries, the rest of our table left half their food. Don't recommend.

Ryan David

Took a couple of minutes for my SO and me to be seated in a half full restaurant, they seemed understaffed on the Monday we visited. I ordered the Philly with fries, my SO the regular burger well done with veggie medley (green beans and squash). The Philly tasted like Steak-umms my mom used to make (if you're familar ?) and the fries like frozen ones heated in the toaster oven I'd make when I was in middle school on my own for dinner. My SO thought the burger was quite dry and bland (it was well done, but didn't seem to be seasoned/rubbed) and the veggies similarly not well seasoned (squash super salty, green beans not enough). For the $32 before tip spent (we drank water) we were overall pretty unsatisfied as it was a meal we could have beaten at home with simple ingredients and 30 minutes. On the road though we don't have that option available, though.

Paul Funk

My quarter pounder was cooked just the way I liked it. It tastes amazing. Well seasoned the people was excellent. Great asmosphere and the service was just more amazing

James Whiteside

Ollie Cat Cafe is a hidden gem that you need to visit. The food is amazing and they offer a lot of unique dishes and sides that are hand made and offer a local vibe.The burgers are large and amazing. The burgers are craft level and truly are one of the biggest and best burgers in the valley. The pasta's are picture perfect and uniquely flavored. The salad dressings & bbq sauce is hand made is well worth sampling.The owners are usually on site working and will help ensure you get some of the BEST food found within the Shenandoah Valley.Dont forget to leave room for dessert, they have some tasty options!

Christopher Shinn

I called to see if i could place a to go order and was told "Absolutely", i told them id call back shortly and hung up20 minutes later once my family had their order ready i called and was told that they cant take a to go order when i inquired why when i just called and was told it was fine they responded that they only have 2 servers and are no longer accepting to go orders. I again politely inquired as why i was told otherwise and the girl responded that they could earlier but not any longer.

Dennis M

Warm welcome. Wonderful hamburger and mahi burger. Terrific service by Faith, easily the best server we have had at any restaurant In the USA. Great music. Lively, upbeat setting. We thoroughly enjoyed this place.

Jeff Wineholt

Definitely recommend.. Waitress was very friendly, helpful, and attentive.. She suggested the Cajun Pasta to me personally and it was outstanding my family of 4 loved it as did they enjoy everything they ordered.. My only wish is there was a similar place in our home town!

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