22 Broadstreet Rd, Manakin-Sabot
(804) 784-2935

Recent Reviews

Steven Marteny

Five star service but the food gets 3 stars

Donny K.

If you want consistently cold food, this is your McDonalds.Consistently horrible. Like an idiot, I return with hope I get a fresh warm meal. Not anymore.

Brenda Meade

The fry's had been sitting to long and burger dry. It was at 2:30 to 3 .Big MacWas okay but the quarter pounder lacked taste..

EJW Studios

It’s about closer to Food Lion for when I need groceries beforehand, and once I go inside, I get to do a self-service order, just in case I want to switch my meals up.

Mike McNeil

On 8-04-2020 we got a nasty uncooked burger. Yep I’m done with them. Calling my lawyer on this one!

Crystal East

If I wasn't so hungry I wouldn't have ate. The burgers were very greasy and the fries were still frozen!!

Charlie H.

Been going there quite a bit since the virus, my wife is vegan but can get the French fries and they alwaysTaste great. The people that work are friendly and helpful with hands off Approach for service. The problem is the serving size at the best is half full. Did contact the corporate office they said that they are privately owned and then I contacted the owner and he Was not very help full. It has happened three times ,lost a goog customer

Diane Martin

Good. Hungry. Didnt get minion b home x with my happy meal, but got my toy!

Betty Sedia

Stopped by to get my granddaughter a hot fudge sundae. They have jacked the price up to $1.99 and it had a little dab of hot fudge on one side. No nuts. Awful, wait until you get to yhe next McDonalds.

Gloria Chodkiewicz

Cant get a simple tea order correct. Slightly sweet 1/4 sweet 3/4 unsweetened. It always tastes like syrup. Even when I ask if that was correct still wrong. I don't think it's worth going inside.

Katie L.

The kindest McDonald's I've ever been to. Very clean, staff was quick, kind and efficient. Food is hot and fresh.

Megan Morris

The fries and the nuggets r really good and tasty the hamburgers r good as well

Sarah Rana

Very low quality service. I have had multiple orders where they didn't give me all the food I paid for. It is impossible to talk to them after you receive your food because they close their windows and dont respond to knocks.

Scott Wesely

No attention to detail, people wearing their emotions on their sleeves in stead of be being professional, that's right this is a McDonald's I'm not supposed to expect that. Same people that want $15 an hour, right?

Karen C.

When McDonald's first came to Manakin-they were great! Food was hot and fresh-the people were nice and friendly! I usually will give a place three chances. This was my third bad order. I ordered the quarter pounder-it was burnt and cold -as were the fries-service window was very slow- it was still early evening so it's not like I came at closing. The owners need to focus on their business and keep their customers happy. Doubt I'll be coming back for burgers. Next time I will drive a couple more miles to Five Guys. Very disappointed

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