Ginger Juice

7021 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond
(804) 282-3002

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Gracie D.

For anyone who is looking for a quick and healthy option, Ginger Juice is the place! There are tons of spots for parking to make it easier for you to run in and grab your meal! They have outdoor seating or room to wait inside and when the food is ready, they bring it out to you. They also have an app that allows you to order and pick up your food inside a refrigerator without having to wait. I used to work for them so I can attest to the fact that their ingredients are natural and organic. My favorite bowls on their menu are the Gleaming and Peanut Butter Punch (which are also their most popular). I always recommend the Peanut Butter Punch because it has protein and healthy ingredients that bring together a very delicious bowl. I got the Rainbow Mango bowl because I wanted to try something different, but the base was not my favorite. I think the turmeric caused it to have a weird taste that I was not expecting. Though there are no modifications able to be made for the base of the bowls, you can add or take away toppings that you do or don't want. I also highly recommend their avocado toast. They changed up the recipe by adding chickpeas in the avocado mash, which I was a little nervous about, but absolutely love. It is super filling and so good! If you're in a rush and don't think you have time to wait for a smoothie or bowl, grab a juice or one of their energy bites/bars. The Glee is my favorite juice - if you have a sweet tooth but looking for a healthier option, this is it! They have lots of new options on the menu so I look forward to going back and trying new things!

Owen J.

The staff is very friendly here and they are taking proper precautions in terms of the virus. There is outdoor seating and they bring your food to you. I enjoyed my peanut butter punch bowl but was not a fan of the rainbow mango bowl. It had the weirdest flavor. Generally, I love anything fruit related but I couldn't stomach this bowl. The peanut butter punch bowl is the most "normal" fruit bowl Ginger Juice has. It is similar to the average açaí bowl. I would like to see more bowls similar to this on the menu.

Amelia V.

Fantastic smoothie options and fresh juices! Excellent location and fills the void of quick, fresh, and healthy foods & drinks to go.

Ray Nyamete

Decided to do a 2-Day juice cleanse and saw great reviews for this place. I placed my order over the phone and they were very helpful answering any questions I had. The pick up was quick and easy and the customer service in-store was fantastic. And most importantly, the juices taste absolutely fresh and amazing!

Melanie Latina

I decided to try the 2-day (intermediate) juice cleanse and reached out to Ginger Juice on Instagram to ask a few questions. MK was super helpful and responsive! When I picked up my curbside order the next day, the bottles were labeled by number for day 1 + day 2. The juices were so fresh and satisfying! The first day was the hardest, but by day 2 my body was adjusting and I had less sugar cravings. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in a quick and easy cleanse! Make sure to also try the Rainbow Mango Bowl!

Jen S.

I just experienced the saltiest avocado toast ever. All I tasted was salt. I shook some of the salt off and it was still just super salty. I'm really disappointed every time I go to ginger juice it's always something different. They should really invest in some recipe cards or something more consistent.

Lisa L.

I googled acai bowls and ginger juice was the first to pop up. I get there and because of the pandemic, you need to call in your order. I didn't know that, but i certainly understand why. I called from out front of the store. They dont have acai bowls but the young lady said she could add acai to any bowl i wanted. I picked a mango bowl and she told me it would change the color from yellow to purple. No big deal. She told me 10 or 15 minutes. I waited outside with my mask on enjoying the nice weather. I waited, and waited. This store is run by inept teenagers. One kept coming out with orders, not mine. She asked what my name was i told her, she comes back saying we don't have a ticket for u. Its been 35 minutes. I tell her i want a refund. Another worker comes out with what is clearly a mango bowl, no acai. Again, i say i want a refund. Go to Roxbury Juice on Forest near Wal mart. They know how to make a true acai bowl and it was waiting for me after calling it in. Will never go back to Ginger crap again and am monitoring my bank acct to make sure i get my refund.

Sdc G.

Have been here 3-4 times. I always get the chocolate protein shake. It's delicious, however my last visit was not so good. The smoothie needed more ice. It was room temperature which kinda ruined it for me. I had to stop at a sonic a grab some ice and add to it. Their website could use improvement. The menu is a bit confusing and they have no nutritional facts listed on their site. If you are tracking you food this makes it impossible to track your macros accurately. I called the store to ask about the amount of protein in the smoothies, as I have a daily goal I have to hit and they didn't know how many grams of protein goes into their protein shakes... weird. I'll continue to make mine at home. Disappointed because it was nice to to treat myself after a good workout.

Michael M.

I am writing this just based on the smoothies; I have not tried their juice or food options. I make my own using a Vitamix, which does excellent work in making the smoothie smooth. The smoothies from Ginger Juice are gritty, poorly blended, and clumpy. Some additional ice, just a few more cubes, would improve this, and allow for a longer blend in their machines. This is the second time I have tried their smoothies, and I've decided just to continue to blend my own.

Janell Dutchess

I have been to the Village Shopping Center location a few times in the last month! It is so clean, and everyone has been so friendly. I've tried the ultimate protein smoothie so far and wow so good! I have tried a few of the juices and they are so fresh as well as refreshing! Definitely recommend checking out Ginger Juice!

Colleen Poindexter

Had questions regarding types of proteins used in smoothies. Front cashier was new, very polite and extremely helpful. She asked the backbar smoothies employee questions, who then came to the front counter with attitude and arrogance. She didn’t listen to understand what we wanted to know what the source of protein in each type(whey, hemp etc). She was not polite or courteous. The customer service was appalling, it is an extremely poor representation of your company. Will never step foot in this establishment again. I cannot believe how I was treated.


Beware if you are trying to get a job, in my experience I interviewed with the owner, who then set up an interview with the area manager. I was 20 minutes early for the interview, and the area manager was not even there. I recieved no I'm sorry we can reschedule, nothing. So I then contacted the owner. She also neglected to respond. After I drove 20 minutes out of my way for this interview. Wasnt even the location I was to be hired at. I did everything I was supposed to do. So I contacted the owner again, and after a week with no response, she then tells me she chose another candidate. That is fine. But the lack of communication, was enough for me to turn down the job even if the offer still stood. Thanks so much for wasting my time. When you could have just told me you weren't interested.

Lauren C.

When Ginger Juice first opened, I LOVED it. Sunday I placed an online order and headed in for pick up. It wasn't ready so I waited and waited and waited. From the time I placed the order it over an hour to get 2 smoothies! I reminded the staff multiple times of my order and got excuses back. As is that's not bad enough, the order was wrong when we did get it and the smoothies were lukewarm. It was such a disaster- I'll never go back! So sad this place went down hill- fast!

Kim Isaacs

I did a google search of places that serves smoothie bowls and this place came up. I decided to stop by and give it a try. I spoke with one of the girls at the counter and asked for recommendations on a smoothie bowl because I haven't had one before. She recommended the dragon fruit bowl. I placed my order. I sat down on a little chair with a small short round table big enough to hold a laptop. As I sat there I noticed all the tables with filled with college students doing homework, no one was buying anything or eating..but all the tables were occupied with people doing homework. I politely went to the server and asked did they have extra table where I could sit and eat my food. She pointed to the little chair I was sitting on earlier. I then asked to speak to the manager Cayanne who was EXTREMELY rude to me, basically barked at me versus speaking to me professionally. I never raised my voice with her or spoke down to her, yet she talked down to me as if I had no business in there. As I walked away from her, she said in a very condescending tone, " you have the nerve to have these kinds of unrealistic expectation in a busy establishment." I was shocked when she said that. I turned around and glance at her then continued to walk out. I was beyond shocked that a manager would speak to a customer like that. Especially when I was very polite. Ginger Juice, never again will I step foot in your place and give you my business.

Erin Freedman

The smoothies and food options are SO delicious and healthy!!! I also absolutely love the atmosphere. The only negative I have is that when it gets busy it can be a little slow when there's only 1 or 2 people making smoothies. Otherwise, love love love!

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