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Hands down THE BEST sandwiches I've eaten from a store. The French bread makes the sandwich: it isn't sweet from added sugar that you find in almost all bread made in the USA, and the crust has that great mouth feel like what you'll find with French and Italian baguettes. The veggies are super fresh and the Jimmy mustard is DELICIOUS. It adds an interesting zing when you bite into the plump mustard seeds. The location is super clean and the staff is always friendly and happy to...read full review

Don't ever order for delivery from here. It takes an hour and a half when it says 15 minutes and 90% of the time they forget things and the sandwiches are incorrect. Also when that happens they say they'll add credit to your account which also doesn't happen.

This has got to be the worst jimmy johns around. They operate at a totally different speed than others, you'll regularly wait an hour+ for a sandwich. Yesterday I waited 1.5 hours, 1 hour in my delivery person calls and says she's outside. She was not. I called the store to see what was going on after a few minutes of waiting in front my my house and the lady there, while very nice, tells me the delivery persons phone is dead and she can not contact her. So I wait...read full review

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3314 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221
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