Jimmy John's

7005 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond
(804) 282-5222

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Carey S.

This is my second bad experience with JJ so I felt it time to leave a review. A few weeks ago I placed a delivery order, and it took 1 hour to get to me. I placed it through the store (not 3rd party) and yes the sky fell out and it started to torrentially rain while the driver was on the way. I let it slide, but did call to check that they actually had the order because it had been one hour since I placed my order. Not very "Freaky Fast" if you ask me. Fast forward to today. I have somewhere to be at 12:45. I placed my order at 11:19 - hoping to have it by 12. It just showed up at 12:11. This is 8 minutes short of an hour. Ridiculous. I know the industry is suffering, but please don't promise "Freaky Fast" Delivery when you literally can't deliver.

Shaun Malik

We’ve order from here a dozen times or so and we’ve never had any issues with our order. Staff is great and usually speedy with our orders. This is a good location.

Karen Craig

Great sandwich and service. Nice to be able to eat inside again.

Vaconya Rivera

The spicy Italian unwhich is AMAZING!!!!!! I can not have bread & when I was told about this option I jumped on it. First off the establishment was clean, smelled good & staff were patient. I hadn't been to a Jimmy Johns in a while & looking at the menu was overwhelming. I told the staff what I liked & they helped with the suggestions. It wasn't busy as all as I was telling them what I liked the person next to the cashier was literally making it based off what he heard me say. Service was fast & great.

nasharda ariel

Love their food, however my food was delivered and the delivery person left it on the floor. He could have left it at security guard’s desk. I emailed corporate and they reached out, & acknowledged the error, I’m still waiting on the store manager to reach out. I don’t want much just a simple apology. Apparently customer service isn’t important.

Eric Jenkins

Dear Jimmy John’s, you are loosing customers by the dozen. I walked up to the store here in Richmond Va, three chopped location by Publix. They still don’t have there dinning tables out, and require you to wear a mask to order your food to go. I instead walked down to Publix, walked in with no mask (again it’s not required) ordered a Publix sub and ate it in the store. WOW!!!! Publix has the best sub ever, who knew. I will never buy another JJ sub again.

Chelsea Fangmann

Horrible management. Not well educated. Reporting my issue.from today with corporate. Hopefully they can put this location into check. I go to Jimmy John's a lot. I've never EVER had an issue like this.


Great Subs, and super fast. I still can't believe how fast they made those sandwiches, that night they were out of pickles, and another item. But hey it happens, sub was still good. Great customer service.

chandra graves

Good good fast. Close to U of R

Jonathan Horton Jr.

beauty at its finest. Happy

Cian Ghataora

Came in around 8:40? The guy behind the counter was super nice and quick. Really nice that you guys are open up late since the staples mill location closes I believe at 8 or 9.

Carole McCullough

It is the freshness of the ingredients that make the sandwiches tasty, and the courtesy and friendliness of the employees that make going to this store my “go to” place for a good healthy sandwich.

a blob of glue

i freaking love jimmy johns

Kyle H.

Ordered take out through the app and had no complaints. They delivered it to their clean table out front and pick up was easy. Always down for a little JJ in my life! Their bread is to die for.

Allan F.

As great as the TV commercials! I ordered online and had it delivered within 20 minutes. Sandwiches were very good. Will be using them often.

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