Taco Bell

1360 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach
(757) 420-4113

Recent Reviews

Berlin Booth

I got the # 6 it was good and so was the service

Michael Sheffield

Good food on a budget. I love the chicken burrito supreme.

Jeressia Winston

Jay in drive thru is amazing. Great customer service, and my food is always right :)

Nikki W.

The staff was negligent to dine in customers. It appeared their drive thru was the top priority. People were told, if you are ready to order I can take it now or I'll have to come back. An elderly man was treated with indignity because he was wanting to order with a person not a computer and she was very impatient with him. Good thing his younger relative was there to calm her and help him. I ordered food from the kiosk and sat down to wait. An extra order of nachos for my kiddo. A little less than 10 mins went by, so I went to the courter and waited another 2 before someone said they would be with me. Waited...finally staff came. I asked if I should have come to the counter right after ordering because I was paying in cash? She said yes. That's it. I wish I knew, was maybe prompted by the kiosk or even someone call my name. Last I checked, that's what they are supposed to do. No one was ever there so I wouldn't know. Food altogether not good. Mostly tortilla at the ends of my layered burrito. I had to peel away to get to the filling. Presentation was sloppy. Wasn't the worst but I'll remember next time I'm in the area, wasn't so great either.

Thomas Kirby

Helped me setup the app to get my discount for the T-Mobile Tuesday reward. People where great.

Bill Fruit

I love me some Taco Bell. I wish the prices were lower, I remember when you can feed a family for $10. Now it's over $20. Still like it and we'll still be back.

Ramon Flores

The food was great ... Shantice working drive thru made my day.

Wendy Kay Owens

TB is always great. Only reason it's 4/5 is because boss was yelling at staff.


Ok, let's start off by saying that this a Taco Bell. You either love or hate their food, so I'm not going to try to sell you on it. What I will talk about is the VERY friendly service and EXTREMELY clean dining area. We were helped promptly after walking in, got our food quickly and observed employees actively wiping down the table tops as we ate. We have all been to THOSE places where everything is sticky and the service is bad. This is not one of those places.

Freeson Daugherty

I was on vacation in America and I decided to visit Taco Bell for old-time sakes.

nick Whelton

Great people here! Great quality and service. I would deff go back if it was closer to my house.

your mom

This was around 630pm in the drive thru on 10/30/2019. They got my order wrong and I wasn't given a receipt. Ordered the taco supreme combo w/an unsweet tea and a triple layer nacho and got regular tacos (no sour cream) instead. I've been calling and they won't pick up and I can't even visit their website bc it just says "we're experiencing higher than normal traffic right now check back later." Unacceptable.

Nicole Wright

Who puts a pizza on the bottom and piles a bunch of heavy item on top of it. I didnt order it smashed.....

Matt Lundy

Went to this location tonight was disappointed employees in there playing around others outside like it’s a hang out spot then get the food half of it tasted like stale old tacos. Taco Bell used to actually be a good place to go.


Again you can't go wrong with Taco Bell. Their selections are great and taste good too. The restaurant was clean and I waited a few mins for my food.

Robert Hunter

Took a little longer than I cared for, but as always good food, and service. Really like the fact that they offer a variety of box meals.

Deanna Bagwell

Very friendly and got my very large order correct! Then gave us plenty of sauce too!

Stephane Beaudin

Quick and fresh despite being very late in the evening

Christie Kanta

It was great the food was good I got number 5 it was GREAT

shady shelly

I went there at 11:30 pm after calling to confirm what time the lobby was open until they told me on the phone they were open until 12:00am and the drive thru until 3:00am. When I walked up to the door it was locked. Then I went to the drive thru and was told I cant have 2 separate orders that I would need to drive around again thru the drive thru to make a second order. Had I been able to get inside I could have avoided all of that. Terrible customer service and very rude at the drive thru.

Angelis Death

3.75 stars. Order turn around speed is up and fulfilled correctly. Employee turn over has dropped a little which is why I think the service has improved. Food is good, but menu changes are disappointing. A few menu items were dropped for less enticing "new" items. But this is par for all fast food places. Would be 4.5 to 5 stars, if the old favorites would still be allowed to be made for the old prices, you can order it but the price is 25% more due to the 'special' addition to similar product.

alan spik

I especially love that they want my opinion because I'm eating at Arbys.

Aubre M.

I love this Taco Bell! They always try their best and you can tell! They seem like they are always in good vibes. I come usually at night around 10-11 because of the munchies (and of course because I enjoy the food and want it for dinner sometimes lmao) They're always patient and kind and I'm actually not scared to eat the food they make because every single time I get home it looks real good and well built! I think this location trains a lot of people but the timing still isn't bad, just a good sign because that means they're a good location! Keep up the good work guys!!!

Y Stevenson

Great customer service. Courteous staff

Elizabeth Helwig

Excellent customer service! Probably the best I’ve ever received from a fast food place. I tried to place a mobile order and I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in. I payed with Apple Pay and the money came out immediately. As I was completing the order, the phone froze and I had no history of the order when I got there. Michael was extremely friendly and understanding. He honored my order, no questions asked. Not a fan of the app, but I will definitely be returning to this Taco Bell!

James Ellis

Next time I come in,I'll get the name of the person that does a great job of cleaning there,and give her the praise she deserve, ps the food was great as well.

trina tilbe

Service was quick, order was right and staff was friendly

Cindy Britt

Healthy items available at great prices

Allen P.

So stopped by here on a busy afternoon of trying to get things done. The young lady that was at the register was just a joy to deal with. She had an infectious smile that lit up the room and was so very nice. She deserves props because I know working in fast food can't be the happiest place on earth but yet here she is just smiling and cheery. Keep up the great service

Chuck Bohan

Soft tortillas, precooked meat, nacho cheez equals satisfaction. I can't wait until they open the full scale restaurant!!

Denise Frey

Worst service EVER! Young man at the register clearly had no idea what he was doing.

Gilbert Garcia

My middle son and I stop for lunch, their food taste great and their service was fast and correct. Lately I been going back to counter of other places for missing items. Parking is available and is handicap accessible.

Roger Gibson

Super clean,food is great, inexpensive and personnel are courteous.

Mrs. Toya D.

Good fresh tacos quick! I love that my order was accurately filled and kept at proper temperature.

Shannon Jakubec

Fast, friendly and starting to consistently cost as much as Qdoba at that point I might as well go to Plaza Azteca. Bring back the 89 cent Chilito

Chelsea R.

Okay so it's taco bell and I'm pretty sure we know all about it but I'm writing about my experience the last two visits. This location is right across from my house and I work late nights so its the perfect go-to on my way home. the last 2 times, they got my order wrong completely. I asked for chicken and they gave me beef, I wanted a diet Pepsi and they gave me a regular. That first time I didn't realized until I got home but just ate it anyway because I was starving. The second time they did the same thing but I checked and had it corrected as I tried my drink before leaving and noticed the quesorito was wrong as well. I know you're probably thinking "well they have the order on the screen, why didn't you notice it was wrong"....that's because it was right on the screen and they still made the mistakes. Besides that, the workers have great attitudes and are super friendly so I will keep coming back of course! Just need to work on a little bit of consistency! :)

Mike Hunt

i feel the need to regurgitate what I ate there like I was poisoned. 10/10 what I expected when I went there. Expectations were met😎

Kristina Greene

When did you stop giving receipts? When did the cashiers stop being polite and actually listen instead of interrupting and getting an attitude. If the cashier doesn’t want to be there send her home! My order was wrong and you left out the mild sauce as requested.

Tylor H.

Great people great food , never had an issue here always fast and on point love the people that work there , the bathrooms always clean to keep up good work Taco Bell

John Warren

Their service is fast and friendly. Always clean and well stocked. Bathroom is big and always clean. They do a good job here of providing a clean and welcoming environment and the food is pretty good too. Nothing to complain about.