Taco Bell

2800 Sabre St, Virginia Beach
(757) 486-6160

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Alex Vaipan

Is this place ever open?? Sign says opens at 8:00 (used to be earlier then it changed to 8:00 several weeks ago for some reason), but the last 4 times I went there between 8:00 and 8:10 it was never opened. The drive through speaker is always off, nobody at the window, but the lights are on and I can see there’s someone inside. One of the times I went there a bit after 8:00 and one employee was outside smoking yet they were not open to take any orders! Hire better people that show up on time! If the sign says open from 8:00, then it better be open at that time.

Felicia Riddick

Rudeness at it's best. No napkins or untensil in the bag. This was take out. If cannot dine in. Put a sign up that you cannot dine in and have that option on yourself service machine. Don't tell customers it is not your machine. It is your machine because it has Taco Bell logo, you told us to use it and it is on your property.

Trish king

I got the new pineapple freeze. It was really good ,my daughter got the strawberry one which was also pretty tasty.

mike smith

DO NOT GO TO THIS TACO BELL if you want hot sauce. I bought 5 tacos and asked for 10 hot sauces, they gave me only 4. When I asked for more the guy at the drive thru got upset and gave me 3 more with a rude look, like he is paying for the hot sauce. I never got my 10 hot sauces, without the sauce those tacos are tasteless. I never going to eat at this taco bell, I don't want someone making me feel bad for asking for my food that I just pay for it.

audrey lytton

This taco bell is HORRIBLE! Everytime I come here the person on cash register who is a lady stands there on her phone and ignores people who try to order. Then theres the fact that my food is never made right! They are always understaffed. I always get extra meat on my mexican pizza and they charge you for it but dont put the extra meat on it. Thos has been going on for 3 years now!!! I woll never go back after today.

Christy McCann

I usually love this location but tonight I was asked to pull around to the front because I had somewhat of a large order and I had no problem with that. I was not given a receipt and when I was at the window I asked for straws and it seemed like an inconvenience. When my order was brought out I asked if there was sauce and the rep said no and don’t ask what kind I wanted just brought out a bunch of sauce in the bag. After getting home, none of the hard tacos were plain like I asked and the Crunchwrap had zero meat in it. I just did not appreciate feeling like an inconvenience and my order was not made properly.

Chuck Garnsey

Something new about the food. 10x better than I have ever tasted there. Maybe new meat or something.

Chris Macke

You really can't get a taco wrong...

Melinda Coley

This Taco Bell is on point. The workers are kind, and the orders are normally 100% correct.

Anthony Wirtz

Can't get a order right two times in the last month

Anthony O.

They wouldn't let me in to place one fucking order for takeout. Literally everywhere else has let me in as long as it's to-go, and I fucking walk, sorry I don't have a damn car to go in the drive-thru. I'm telling everyone I know to not come to this place and to pass the message along. Fuck yall, fr.


Used to be a 5 star, make taco bell great again ???

Megan A.

A homeless person would starve here if they ordered anything because there is literally NOTHING to it. I hoped it was just a one time thing, but every time I give it the benefit of the doubt it's somehow gotten worse. Like an ex that keeps coming back. So it's time to say goodbye, it's not me, it's you.

Kenyon Heintz

Fast and friendly. A great place to stop in the middle of a crazy shopping store. Good food


The customer service was absolutely Great and the food was very Good! I definitely recommend this Taco Bell in Virginia Beach off Sabre street.??

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