Taco Bell

2800 Sabre St, Virginia Beach
(757) 486-6160

Recent Reviews

Steve Chandler

Came around lunch expecting it to be busy, they seemed short staffed but still took about 6 minutes to order. After about another 7 minutes I recieved my food. I ordered a XL chalupa box. Upon opening my food I realized I had made a mistake. No sour cream. I forgot to tell them no sour cream. I immediately took my food to the counter and told them I messed up. I was told that I would have to wait until the other orders were out. I left about 15 minutes after that without my correct order.

Carlos Lopez

Nice and really fast, l love the burrito they cooking in here.

Lisa Clark

I ordered Taco and a drink and it was really delicious. The burrito is also a must try!

hank wynn

Decent fast food that isn't 1500 cal per serving

David Gregory

Quick service, friendly employees, and priced right for what I needed.

Jessica S.

0 stars. hair in my taco. shit all over the toilet seat i'm disgusted. rude employees, i walk up to the counter to order and they say "you know the kiosk is right there" laziness absolutely disgusted.

Misael Reyes

Always enjoy going to any taco Bell. I'm upset that they no longer have Chipotle chicken loaded griller.

Karen Huffer

Ordered the $5 Box that included the Triple Double Crunchback, a Taco, and a Drink. Even though the Triple Double Crunchback tasted good, it was extremely messy and hard to eat especially when you put taco sauce on it! Won't be ordering this again! The dining area was pretty clean with plenty of seating available. I will return to this Taco Bell as I like their burritos and tacos. The price is also very reasonable and it's a great place for a quick bite.

Maurice Davis

Absolutely the best taco bell I've been to in a long time.

Shawn Slough

Work at whatever speed they feel is right have yet to get a burrito that's tortilla wasnt cold and hard


I love the meximelt and the taco supreme!

Colleen Sadler

It was ok. It wasn't hot and fresh like it used to be and it taste as good either. Taco Bell has changed and not for the better.

Firstname Lastname

My order has almost always been correct. I think they might have messed up on a taco or something like once. Not bad considering I go here like every weekend or so. The drive thru folks are always polite and nice never any skeezy workers, that's a plus. especially on late night munchie runs.

Shelly Evans

Workers spoke only when spoken too, not rude just indifferent. Shorted me 2 bean burritos. Was told was a new hire, acted like they could care less.

Jennasays hello

They're always fast and efficient. My food has never been wrong or missing from the bag. I recommend this location.

Thomas Bohan

It was great. The young woman m, Arial, was great and my #12 was off the chain. Thank you I need that

Robert Schneider

Great lunch spot. My favorite is just eating appetizers for lunch.


This location's inexperienced teenage manager decided to shut down their dining room at 10 pm ,and lock the doors, when the lobby is supposed to be open to midnight. I called in advance to make sure the lobby was open, but when I got there, all the doors were locked , they refused to hand me my food which was already paid for through either the drive thru window OR the regular door. The young kid that said he was the manager wouldn't give me his name and didn't have a name tag on. I told him I'd really like to get my food and use the restroom and he started yelling and screaming that they were short-staffed when I could personally see five different ppl there. I asked him why he couldn't have someone run the food out to me? Or even hand it to me through the regular door?? And he started screaming at me!! No food, no refund, and horrible treatment.

John Bannister

This taco bell has an attitude when fixing orders that they prepped wrong. Not only did I have to remind them about items in my order, they did all hard shell when I specifically mentioned soft.

Fatherpat 44 Games

I really like taco bell. I think their tacos are the best and the sauces are amazing. They are also pretty cheap as well. I love going here. The staff is always nice and patient. If they mess up your order they are very nice about getting it fixed.

Frank McDaniel

I always have a great experience at this Taco Bell!! My order is never wrong. And they have friendly staff.

Loretta Chandler

Always my go to place for fast and affordable food!

shelby wilkins

This was the worst experience i have ever had! Who ever was managing on 3/22 at night should be fired!!

Joe Mechanic

Pretty quick. Got the order right, the food was hot, and the server was very friendly!

Ben Oneal

Thanks for the delicious food and drinks, good service, recommend highly..

crystal coley

Everyone loves taco bell in our family. Kids would eat here everyday. Only issue is when I order no tomato, I feel as if they put extra on it

Dino Hallmark

Very good Taco Bell got there for breakfast one morning tried the breakfast burritos they were pretty freaking awesome I'll go back here for sure

jeffrey daley

I have never seen or been in a taco bell that has ever been this clean. Taco bell needs to do a documentary/training film at this location in order to display how clean a taco bell should be to all the other stores. The chicken quesadilla was the best one I have ever had a a taco bell

Lee Moore

Regular taco bell food and prices. You get what you would expect.

Kris Harbeson

Great fresh food very timely clean lobby and very friendly staff and polite

Dera Sharpe

It was worth the wait for a hot fresh nacho fries in special order tacos

Ryan C.

Visited this taco bell for lunch today. The drive thru line was very long, however we moved pretty quickly through it. That was the only plus. I ordered two mexi melts- I got two beef soft tacos, and the cheese was still cold... not melted. In addition i was charged $2.59 each for them. I could have swore the menu said $1.99 each. Not a huge deal, but still.... I would have at least liked my correct order. Cashier was friendly. My own fault for not checking before i left the drive thru. I think accuracy would beat timeliness in my own opinion. Might give it another chance one day.

Angelo Mitchell

We sat for a short min... only because the drive through guy was trying to replace his head set that died... he was great and so were the other employees! Great since of humor! Food was on point! Good job guys!!!

Diana Ferguson

We go to this Taco Bell on an average of 3-5 times a week for my grandson. He gets the same thing every time, all the staff know us and know what the order is. He doesn't eat meat or lettuce at all and is very picky. They are FANTASTIC with everyone, go out of their way to make sure you are SATISFIED. You need to Stop by and check them out if you're near Lynnhaven Mall.............

T R.

Drive through the has been super slow lately. Sometimes taking up to 40 minutes. Avoid the drive through if you are in a rush because once you're in you are trapped.

Geraldo Romano

Every time I go to this location my order is always right and the employees are always nice.

Anthony Garcia

They did an awesome job making my order right, without me having to complain about the drive thru service..

Donielle W.

It's a fast food joint. No frills, just fast food. I think Taco Bell is generally slow for all drive thrus and this location is no exception. For the most part they make order correctly, but my last chicken burrito was on the dry side.

Christina Holland

20 minutes to get "fast food" is a shame. If I wasn't trapped in the drive thru lane I would have left

Nigel S.

I'll probably never do another fast food review ever again, but this Taco Bell deserves a good review! I use this location when I'm in a hurry at work and every time it's been on point. Everything is always fresh and the portions are great! I've been to T-bell's before that the tortilla is dry and hard, the lettuce is wilted and the overall production quality leaves much to be desired! This location rocks!