Teriyaki Town II


5806 119th Ave SE, Bellevue
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Just have dinner here with a friend. I have given many 5 star reviews to many restaurants (please check out my past reviews if you are curious). but this one only deserves 2 star, because the service is really bad! The old lady at the counter didn?t even care to talk to you at all! The food only deserves 3 stars. Over all experience is bad. Unless you are so hungry and so desperately need some food, don?t come to this place. Of course, if you only want to order some take out,...read full review

After waiting to order for almost 10 minutes with nobody in front of me and the person at the counter on her personal cell phone talking she finally asked me to come up to the counter to order after ignoring me I get up to the counter and she walks away while talking on the phone so I just turned around and left. I cannot judge the food but I can judge the customer service. I will never stop here again.

Even with all the 1 star reviews, I still tried this place because it was recommended to me by someone. This is 1 of the 3 food options in this immediate Newport Hill neighborhood so it's not like you have much choices and it's been around for a long time too. Family run and operated, it's a no frills type of type where most likely you're here to order & go. Honestly, if I had a choice to grab food or microwave a Hot Pocket at home, I'd take the Hot Pocket....read full review

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