Chipotle Mexican Grill

515 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett
(425) 265-7915

Recent Reviews

David Hanson

Good food. Friendly people fun people. Nice restaurant design will be back

Dan Snider

Very fast service and tasty healthy food! All the service people were very conscientious of the safety regarding Covd 19

Jennifer G.

I did an online order picked it up I asked for extra white rice & extra black beans, there was very little in the bowl and there was a piece of I don't even know what it smelled rotten.

larry hill

If you are going to see beef steak on your menu you should have it hot. Rest of SALAD was ok. .More greens would be nice

Brenda Calloway

Got our food to us quickly and with great customer service. :) Love the veggie options!

Christopher Hourihan

Very personable staff. And good food

Sally W.

Absolute WORST Chipotle. Have Doordashed from here numerous times and they have yet to get my order right. Have gone in person also...portions are trash and location is dirty. Avoid this place!!!!

Ciara L.

WEIRDEST experience today. I came in with an order of 6- 2 kids meals, 4 bowls. As 5/6 were done, all of a sudden the power turns off?? It's August 1 and there's no storms around?? Totally not their faults the power went off. However, this next part is really hectic and I think it was dealt with pretty unprofessionally but it's okay because I'm a ~go with the flow~ person but I think a lot of other people would've been a little irritated. So the power goes out and there's no generator. That's fine whatever. All the employees start crowding near the registers, and we are in a pandemic where social distancing is encouraged. SUPER uncomfy for me as an immunocompromised individual who thought this would've been a quick in/out thing but whateva. So then the manager says "ok they can have their food and leave" and she was like "I know the food is safe" but to be honest it would've been nice if she could've just addressed everyone CALMLY. Everyone was acting like kids and just running around and an employee said "ok time to go home". It was just super overwhelming for me. I asked if we could just have our last bowl please because it's really awkward when one person doesn't have food. So she says yes and wait for it - does a whole 360 with her decision to give us free food. She said "the register works!!!!" So whatever. We get the last bowl made, we pay, we get the food and two cups for our drinks. Just a bit sad getting my hopes up like that It was too good to be true. THEN we head over to the fountain to get our drinks and it doesn't work. We had to get some refrigerated ones. For the 2 kids drinks they REALLY wanted fountain lemonade but we couldn't get them switched for 2 bottled lemonades for the same price so when we came home to the kids they were super disappointed but it's ok because we had one other adult drink and so they shared one bottle of lemonade. What irked me big time was not this whole weirdness with the power. It is that this is a PANDEMIC. It is BLESSING to be able to get our food inside. Upon entrance, there were maybe 3 employees out of maybe 8? that were not completely complying with the order to wear masks. What I mean is 1 just didn't have a mask inside the store. Maybe he was off the clock but still was repping the company? 2 did not have their masks over their noses. None of these 3 were working with food but all were working. Now, I don't want to expose this establishment because I am a HUGE fan of chipotle, but I think that this location can improve on professionalism when they reach a bump in the road and also wearing their masks completely. I spent like $40 on food and I'd love to spend my money here but maybe in a few months when we don't need to wear masks anymore if they don't work on wearing them correctly

Elana Willett-Caoagdan

Employees NOT WEARING MASKS!Employee on the mobile order station with his mask down and other employee making his own order again WITH NO MASK ON WHILE ON THE LINE! I JUST left this location 7/11/2020 at 3:50 pm.The employee who made their own order had left a as while I was still in line to order.This is unacceptable and I definitely won’t be coming back to such a CARELESS establishment. Just embarrassing and DISGUSTING.

monica martinez

Please Please Please if you are vegetarian or vegan or just have dietary restrictions DO NOT eat Chipotle! Two times I have found meat in my food and the manager at the store offered no apology and just dismissed my call! I received a credit because of what happened and I used that credit to buy my bowl and found meat in my food AGAIN! Not a trust worthy food chain. Will never eat from here again. I am disgusted and close to tears over what I experienced and the manager was unapologetic and dismissive.

Ivy Flores

Horrible customer service today at 6:15pm , guy that seem to be in charge of floor instead of greeting nicely asked my husband rudely “you need something”. Picked up our food, cold with cold drinks in top of food. And missing items.

Yara C.

I love it the Burlington it is my favorite one. I love it that it's build your own. I don't like it's 3$ for a small amount of guacamole. Usually every time I go in a Chipotle it's clean n looking organized. Food is AMAZING love burritos here.

Evan W.

Love chipotle and the food is always decent. The problem I have with this location is that I had an order cancelled on me for no reason, I know it was the drivers fault, and not the store itself so I can let that one slide. Ive had my order not correct twice at location for delivery. The bag had my name on it, but the order inside had a different name on it. I mean cmon. Just slow down and make sure the right people are getting the right food.

Sergio Phan Lung

Food was Ok, just as expected. The side portions were tiny though (my salad got very little lettuce and wife got almost no rice). Also, they don't have dine-in yet even though Google Maps says they do.

Jim Bailey

Ordered a steak burrito through door dash, that was my first mistake. Ordered sides of Chips and Queso Blanco, never showed up. The so called steak is not fit more my dogs, nothing but gristle and fat, and cold. I called them, Chipotle, about the missing items and they said they were out, but yet its still listed on the menu. They said DoorDash refused to take it off there menu. This was the first and last time I ordered from Chipotle and the last time I will use doordash. This wasn't the first time Doordash screwed up a order.

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