Fresa Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

620 SE Everett Mall Way #200, Everett
(425) 355-0858

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Lindsay Montes

So sad. We used to enjoy this little haven on a regular basis but since the remodel it’s gone downhill. The remodel is modern and flashy which is fine for certain atmospheres and menus but it comes across as cold. And the prices are high, even for lunch, with small portions. Not reasonable at all. The taste hasn’t changed much so that’s good but I can’t justify coming here when there are other great Mexican restaurants just up the street on Evergreen where I can get a normal or bigger sized platter for less. Again, so sad because we were regulars and really wanted to support this business. Time to find other options.

Sarah L

I love this place, so far i have not been disappointed in there food. Somepeople may complain about the price but i feel its worth it. I can't wait for them to be open for dine in again. Everyone here is nice.

Edward Brandes

What an amazing place. The food is great, the amount of food is more than I can eat at one time, great vegetarian options, and it's just the best place I've found in this area. Plus this place is very clean, and that's a huge problem I have with restaurants in this area. I'll always eat here! Thank you

kevin dougherty

Mexican food at this spot - delicious. Don't worry if it's busy, it is worth the wait. Quick and friendly service. Prices were fair for the quality of the food. I can see why they have a lot of great reviews.

Pam Davidson

Service was great, but I and my party felt prices were way above quality of food. Food was good, but nothing special. Drinks were big disappointment

Renee Reiling

Prices were very high.I'm not a fan of the remodel.But it was very clean & the ladies nice.The tacos were good for the PNW but would've been laughed at in southern states.

Captain Kyle Foster

Just ate at the updated fresa. Updated to look like a hip cool place to be almost like an ultra lounge. The food is no where near the same. The rice was outrageously dry and the beans literally tasted like alpo. Sad because I really love la hacienda. I will not be returning unless something magical happens.

jillian bruley

This used to be our favorite Mexican restaurant, especially on a budget. But I think they may have changed owners, the menu is still very similar but the prices are absolutely ridiculous now and the portions got smaller. They changed the decor and I’m guessing that the prices went up and the portions got smaller to help shoulder the burden of the cost to remodel, which is unfortunate because the decor is really uncomfortable. They turned a warm and inviting family restaurant into what looks like an overpriced night club, everything is white and grey and sparsely decorated. For a while the food portions and quality still seemed worth visiting the restaurant even if the atmosphere was depressing, but tonight they finally lost my business after paying over $55 for a burrito and a steak fajita with a side of extra guacamole that portioned out to about a cup for $10. A serious bummer too because I can’t say that there is a better tasting restaurant in the area.

Alexis C.

The food is excellent, great staff Norma was outstanding. If you like Mexican food this is a great place to go. They practice social distancing and the staff wears a mask for the public Safety and there's. Food is really great.

Kathleen Napier

This is my fav! The new remodel looks awesome! Been coming here from the beginning! Watching them grow! when they used to be across the street I was floored with service they offer, it's unbeatable! I've been a fan every since! The food is never disappointing! And it's superman what the heck??? Love this place! The peeps her are truly professional kind. ❤️

Kevnkym Gallo

Not happy at all. Used to be an authentic Mexican restaurant and now its just not. Food is bland and expensive

Wendy McCleskey

This place blew us out of the water! Service was incredibly kind and it’s extremely clean with quick service. We have been here multiple times and can’t wait to go back.

Tessa J.

Newly redone and no longer La Hacienda. Very modern and new, but what happened? The staff is awesome and attentive, but was disappointed with my seafood enchilada. I was thinking of this all day as I work at home right now. I've had this at a couple of places in the area - Azul and Azteca and theirs are great. The prawns were tiny shrimp that looked and tasted like they got pulled out of the freezer and flash cooked. The enchiladas were small and the cheese was just warm, not melted in a hot oven. My son had a traditional beef burrito which was good. The prices are higher than before.

Alfredo Rosado


Jana S.

I've always loved their food. It's great. But they changed the decor and atmosphere. The music is off putting and the decor doesn't match what the restaurant is. It's disappointing. They changed some of their food too. They try to make it look more upscale but I miss the old la hacienda. The four stars is for the staff.

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