El Rinconsito | Everett

607 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett
(425) 347-0591

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Victor Espinosa delos Monteros

love this place...The service is friendly and professional.

Jennifer Gruber

My enchilada's were hard on the bottom and not just hard but weirdly crunchy barely warm. There was no flavor to the rice. The beans tasted like the dried ones you add water to and remake. I have had better food from taco bell. The green salsa was just heat no flavor. I have had mexican people in my life as family since I was 9. I could cook circles around this place. The red sauce was a chipotle sauce not enchilada. And on top of that you can barely read the menu to order and they don't have any paper take out menus. Even the horchata had that perfume taste that some of the lesser known instant horchatas do.

Jamie Berglund

When you buy a side order or chips and salsa and receive No salsa, wow. Pretty bad. So I threw away a giant bunch of chips. What a waste. Disappointing. Disgusting and not worth the hour and half wait for the horribly overpriced Uber delivery service.

marco gutierrez

Always the fresh and the create as food are always in can overhear nice atmosphere great people

Suejung J.

I'm an Arizona native and used to live off all the different 24/7 'bertos taco shops (Filiberto's, Roberto's, Juliobertos, etc) and have been on a mission to find Mexican food that would get more than just a passing grade in the PNW. It almost seemed impossible to find anything pleasing north of SFO as a SW native, but then I found El Rinconsito and wasn't as desperate to fly home just for the food. The taco shops here aren't 24/7, but they are open until at least midnight, sometimes later. They have refried beans (not this PNW black bean only nonsense), and carne asada tacos, and al pastor, and cheesy enchiladas dripping in melted cheese and red sauce. Due to covid the salsa bar is out but there is prepackaged salsa to go and the chili verde is just like home. They have aguas frescas and Mexican coke. They have crunchy chicken flautas, and my favorite steak ranchero in a savory sauce with onions and peppers. They have decent veggie options which can be difficult at other Mexican restaurants like veggie and sautéed mushroom quesadillas and veggie tacos. If I want my greasy late night street Mexican food fix it's here. If I want something a little less greasy there are options when navigating the menu too (but the greasy cheesy things are the best). But yeah, this makes my little AZ heart happy.

Judith Salas

Good plates. Tacos are good better than others around the area.

Kendra T.

In my opinion a little bit overpriced for what it's worth, usually very quick service which is a plus! I got a pretty bad stomach ache after eating here twice. I don't know if that has to do with quality of ingredients, but I stopped eating there for that reason. Overall flavors are good. But $4.50 for a side of rice and beans??

Heidi S.

First off the staff kep messing with their mask and did not clean tables when costumers left.(gross!) They where very rude and un organized, it felt like takeout roulette. The food was just ok, definitely not worth it.

Neil Forestier

The absolute most disgusting tacos I've ever seen in my life. Cold and hard tiny tilapia strips thrown into an aluminum container with tortillas. The fish wasn't even at least inside the tortillas!

Yency Ramirez

the new cashier is so rude, I always come to eat here but is not worth coming if Im gonna be treated like that. They should really make sure the people they are hiring are worth it because the cashier is the face of their business and they need to learn how to treat people right and with respect!.

lydia Solis

Love the hand made tortillas and the grilled chicken. Other stuff is delicious as well except a steak dish I got which the meat was very chewy and couldn't eat it. Other than that, love it.

Joey Zhang

Food was a bit cold, salty, but I was hungry so it was okay. Servers were kind and smiling even though it was fairly late at night. Prices are great for the portion sizes

Rachael Y.

best enchiladas chipotle and other items for the best prices. fresh ingredients and excellent service every time. they do currently have social distancing measures in place inside the restaurant, which also allows indoor seating at designated tables. great hours for the late dinner taco cravings. thank you to the lovely cashier who recommended the Tamarind flavor Favoritos. my new go-to drink to pair with my meal! (enchiladas normally come with 3, i asked for 2 only in these pictures)

Susana Garcia

I just placed a order online they did not have what I ordered available and she proceeds to tell me that I can not get a refund for what I ordered which I don’t understand why! So she asks if I would like anything else instead I was like not really so what I ordered was a side of fries which is not a lot of money I know this but still I payed for it so I ask for a drink she gives me the smallest she has which the fries probably cost more at least she could of given me the larger drink then went to fill my drink they have no ice this is why I remembered I don’t eat here but I really wanted some pozole, annoying ! Not coming back!

Heather O'Donnell

As always, where my heart and soul are at peace, so is my stomach. And as always, El Reconsitos has impressed me again. Four spicy pork tacos and a soft drink. 100% Amazing. And because it was my birthday, I got a cheesecake burrito. It too was delicious. I'm about to explode from shoveling all of the food in my mouth. But at least I can die a happy girl.

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