221 NE 104th Ave, Vancouver
(360) 253-3556

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Brandon Pogue

I called to get the phone number to there Store on Fourth plain and I spoke to a Lady by the name of Tracey she was not help full at all would not give me the number seemed to be an "OH WELL" kind of answer I was going to order food of $85 to feed my store. I finally got a hold of them and they were very nice so I spent my money there. Shame on you Tracey for your low customer service. I hope you get more training on over the phone customer service if not "DON"T PICK IT UP"

De C

Super long wait in drive thru, only had one person taking orders and same person cashing and delivery of orders. Would have been much fast if one person took the orders and one paybooth/ delivery. Took 25 min for 6 cars.

Florenz Fangonilo

They shouldn't pre cooked the chicken strips sandwich because it gets dry easy. But the root beer floats is ice cream galore!


Good customer service, they have never gotten an order wrong. Very friendly staff.


The food was good. The only complaint that they did not give us napkins. (I didn't ask...I thought they'd be in the bag)

Larry Elfring

The food is perfect. Hot n crispy. Polite service as well.

Charles dohman

The 2 for $6 fish sandwiches are pretty good.

ruth pacheco

I've never ordered any hamburgers sandwiches anything like that I just ordered the curly fries because they're so yummy

April H

Food was good...slow but good!

Pam Merel

Love their food and great prices with easy access

Jindriska Kosakova

My market fresh sandwhich was fresh, I liked it.

Rordon Gamsey

Drive thru service was prompt and friendly, but their beef n cheddar was horrible. Onion bun smelled and tasted a tad funky; like it was outdated. After this experience I just realized why I haven’t been back to an Arby’s in so long. It’s not my flavor, wont be back.

Julie L

Arby's use to have a great fish sandwich it's still good but the filet had changed. Their Jamoca shakes are the best!!!

Gary Piazza

Have always loved Arby's and when I need a sandwich fix, I try to make a stop occasionally. Decided to try the mac and cheese and found it too thick and the noodles lacked substance. My daughter thought it was fine, but just not for me. Also had the brisket bacon beef and cheddar and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hot, juicy, and full of flavor. Mozzarella sticks were good and the mint chocolates chip shake was just perfect.

Sandra martinez

Omg loves it, my very first time trying it an omg so good

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