The Old Spaghetti Factory

730 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver
(360) 253-9030

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Cooper Cleaning

My wife, adult daughter, and 5-year-old son chose The Old Spaghetti Factory as a lunch stop yesterday, upon entering there was a situation that had them feeling a little uncomfortable. As they waited to be seated this situation continued to slowly escalate. Once they were seated it became apparent that it was not a misunderstanding, it was not them just being over concerned. The hostess noticed what was going on and brought it to the manager's attention immediately. The manager, Vincent, came to their table and greeted them, listened to their concern, and then began to observe for himself. He handled the situation very professionally. My wife had text me letting me know what was going on and I immediately left work and headed that way. In the 11 minutes it took me to arrive, Vincent had taken control of the situation, and put himself between my family and what was potentially a dangerous situation. Vincent's concern, empathy, and willingness to step in when a guest has a concern of this nature makes it clear that he takes his position very seriously. Vincent does not simply "work" at The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vincent cares. As a father, and a husband, I commend Vincent on his professionalism, courtesy, and work ethic. I would hire Vincent without hesitation having seen him perform in a real-life situation. He is without doubt a man of dignity, honor, and integrity. The Old Spaghetti Factory should be very proud, they have the right man in the right position at this location. I absolutely recommend dining here. Great atmosphere, top notch food at a reasonable price, and you can rest assured that you, your children, and your spouse, will be safe inside those walls.Dietary restrictions: Our son is Type 1 diabetic as well as Celiac. The Old Spaghetti Factory has decent options for him that he will actually eat. We appreciate this more than they could know.

Cody & Rachel McKinney

The manager and assistant manager were rock stars for us! Our wedding was on 8/20/22 and the week of our wedding we ended up having to make a sudden change in caterer's. The OSF went above and beyond to get us all taken care of. They helped us figure out what to order and everything we would need for the day of to serve the food to our guests (we had about 85 guests). The pricing was very reasonable and their delivery was on-time and the food was wonderful!!

Christina Klarenbach-Harris

Our server was really nice & friendly very attentive, we had a table of 10.The food was pretty good. The chicken Parm was not what I was expecting at all & it was cold. But everyone else's food was really good & hot. Over all experience was good. The margaritas were really good. I would go here again but order something different.

Vivian R Fernandez Lentz

Great service, food and wine! First time at this point, definitely I going to come back!

Rachel D.

I've always loved this place, but today was extra special. It was the first time I've taken my infant son to a restaurant, and I was nervous. Our server Jacelyn ( I hope I spelled that right), was so sweet. She interacted with my baby, and even brought him a treat. That alone, eased my nerves and made dinner a pleasant experience.

Ashley Collins

We have been here many times and always enjoyed it, but this time the service was horrible from the time we walked to the time we left. People at the front were to busy on their phones and then when they called us we were lucky my husband happened to look up while they did or he wouldn’t have even known as they were too quiet and too busy visiting. The service was slow and they were not attentive, didn’t even come by to offer refills on our drinks and the food was definitely not what it used to be. Very disappointed and won’t be back to this location.

Angie Copple

Wow. This is the worst Spaghetti Factory I've ever experienced. It was dirty (piles of dust like it hadn't been dusted in over a month - right next to us. Spaghetti splattered & dried on the wall where we sat - do you clean between?), the bread knife wouldn't cut the bread, no plates to place the bread between bites, Italian soda was sub-par, the minestrone had no noodles & tasted like it had been cooking for 6 days - all the vegetables were the same color. Server was very nice but also very slow & did not refill drinks. Our entrees arrived after a long wait and were not even as warm as the plates they were served on. Their flavor was very bland. Felt like I was eating hospital food. Authentic Italian - I think not! Even the spumoni ice cream lacked its iconic flavor. And $55 for two ppl? Come on!

Jennifer G.

Food is good but the service was poor. I was charged incorrectly for a kids Italian soda due to an incorrect menu price. Not a big deal but when I mentioned it the waiter he did not honor the price advertised on menu. The waiter seemed like he was completely unfamiliar with the menu and repeated twice that the menus are old . He also seemed very low energy and that he did not want to be there. It unfortunately influenced the entire dining experience. Not sure if I will go back again.

Fishing Guy

Prices are on the rise! Nothing like the original in Downtown Portland that few remember, but it's good. You will find me here nearly every Sunday afternoon, but that doesn't mean it's got 5 stars. Service is usually good, when it's not my tips go down appropriately.

Casey Watson

Reserved a table at 7 for 6 people. Would not seat us until everyone had arrived. Seated about 5 after 7. As of 7:22 we had no server and no one had even come to give us menus or even acknowledge our presence. I finally had to go get the front of house staff to find us a server. We waited at least another 15-20 mins for a server. This was a WEDNESDAY. They were out of everything. We didn't get our dessert until literally closing time. Worst service I have ever had. We had to be there over 2 hours. Definitely never going again.

James Longfellow

Gone way downhill. This used to be a fun place to take the older kids to. Food was meh. They were rationing bread — we had to ask for bread to be served, then just 1 loaf for 6 adults, despite asking for more it never came. Waitress was not talent. They’ve also raised prices, which is understandable, however this is low quality now with prices equivalent to other higher quality Italian restaurants. What is management there thinking!

Danille Worthen

One of my forever favorites! Managers special with mizithra cheese and clam sauce, yes please. The warm bread with garlic butter is welcome at my table too. I simply adore the little bottles of bubbly. A couple bites of spumoni and roll me out the door. My wonderful love will carry our leftovers.

Roberto Smith

food great and the decor! and Rico works there!

Jesse W.

One of the best restaurants for families or larger celebrations. We have had Very few bad experiences with this entire chain. Our favorite location is downtown Portland at the world headquarters. It has a purple tile roof. Very pretty building.

Laura Williams

It was my grandsons birthday so we got a table for 7. Waitress was really nice and attentive. Nice big table and food came out quickly. The salads were just OK. The bread was mediocre and the chicken parmesan was bland. The ice cream at the end of the meal was a hit with the kids. Overall it was OK but the food was disappointing, no flavor.

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