The Old Spaghetti Factory

730 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver
(360) 253-9030

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John D.

Love the fact that they cater to gluten intolerant people. Service is fast friendly and what I would expect for the price point. For a four course meal, the price is right and the food is delicious. The food is always the same and won't let you down. The brown butter mizithra is so great over a bed of broccoli or gluten free noodles.

Gavin Lockard

Mizithra cheese and browned butter is amazing. As is the bread and salad with pesto dressing.Food: 5/5

Carol S.

Great service from Alexa! Food yummy! Great place for a family dinner - something for everyone!

Sue Steinman

This used to be a fun, good place to eat. Server did not greet us just immediately rudely said the kids menu was for 12 and under when she saw the kids looking at the kids menu. Most of our food was lukewarm at best, had to track down our server to "microwave" cold food, and ask for refills. Repeated our drink order 4 times, and it was still wrong ( 2 cokes and 3 lemonades). The server gave us food before removing used plates, so everyone had to hold the dirty plates up so the server could put our meals down. It was very awkward and there was no room. We were kind, patient, and tipped nicely. We had made a reservation beforehand for our party of 5 for a birthday. It was NOT a special meal.Not planning a return trip anytime soon.

Jerone C.

terrible food w/ no flavor and very bad customer service. had to wait over 45 minutes for my food literally no sauce. I would never recommend this to anybody else. Please close this place down


The location has an excellent ambient, the ligths, furniture and the trolley in the middle of the dining room give this place a unique ambience. The food is served in large tasty portions with soup and dessert. Portions are large one regular portion is enough for two people, and the service is really good. Definitely one of my favorites

Christopher Wanamaker

Ate here for the first time ever as part of a MOAA (Military Officers Association) membership meeting because I received a scholarship for college from them, so I got to enjoy a free meal, speak with other vets from all branches and encourage other sponsors to keep supporting the MOAA. The atmosphere was high end Victorian, the service was excellent, and I would rate the Italian food right up there with Olive Garden quality!

Kelli Barkley

Two of us dined on a week night at 5:00pm. The staff was friendly, but lacked the ability to pace our meal. We were seated at a very small table that did not have enough space for our plates and drinks. I ordered a side of broccoli with my dinner and it was delivered before my soup starter. Our main dishes, soup, starters and bread were served rapidly. We felt as if they were rushing us to clear the table for the next guest. Food was delicious, the service just needed to be paced better.

Shane H.

I ordered delivery and never received 3 of my drinks or my utensils, so I decided to call the store and whoever answered sounded like he didn't care at all, I said I was missing 3 items from my order, his response "oh no" so I decided to say that I was missing 2 Cotton Candy Limeades and 1 Orange Italian Cream soda; his response yet again, "oh no" and than silence from him until I spoke again after 15 seconds asking if any solution to this and he said "well you could always come down here and we can fix it for you" and than he got silent again for about 10 seconds, than I spoke up "well it's delivery so why can't I just get refunded or you guys fix this and deliver it?" Yet again his response "you can always come down here and we'll fix it" useless customer service Didn't even apologize, and isn't the point of delivery is so I don't have to drive down there? Don't go here at all, you'll always be missing your items Oh yeah also never got my utensils I asked for either.

Cindy W.

Placed an online order this past Saturday, November 5th. One of the orders was supposed to have minestrone soup and that was not in the bag. Also, had asked for silverware for all three meals and did not get any of that either

Riley M.

Beautiful ambiance but the food was really bland and delivered with hardly any sauce on the spaghetti, or salt for flavor. Service was okay, but felt like you were only there for the ice cream delivered for free after the subpar pasta.

Lori C.

I've been going to Spaghetti Factory since the early 1970's. It was a reasonable place to take five kids and a baby, where other tables wouldn't growl at you. ( I was one of the kids at the time.) However, I had been boycotting them since they closed the Seattle location, but last night we went to the Vancouver location. It was great, there was no wait because we ate in the bar. My husband was able to watch the Baseball World Series. Most importantly, we had the best service! It was nice to eat in an area without screaming kids and loud families, lol. I tried something new, too. Their ravioli is great, but it is absolutely fantastic if you substitute the browned butter and mizithra cheese for the traditional marinara sauce. I'm still upset they sold out for big money and closed a Seattle Landmark that held so many dear memories that we made made with our own children, too. But but a girl can only go so long without Spumoni ice cream. Yes, we will be back.

Cooper Cleaning

My wife, adult daughter, and 5-year-old son chose The Old Spaghetti Factory as a lunch stop yesterday, upon entering there was a situation that had them feeling a little uncomfortable. As they waited to be seated this situation continued to slowly escalate. Once they were seated it became apparent that it was not a misunderstanding, it was not them just being over concerned. The hostess noticed what was going on and brought it to the manager's attention immediately. The manager, Vincent, came to their table and greeted them, listened to their concern, and then began to observe for himself. He handled the situation very professionally. My wife had text me letting me know what was going on and I immediately left work and headed that way. In the 11 minutes it took me to arrive, Vincent had taken control of the situation, and put himself between my family and what was potentially a dangerous situation. Vincent's concern, empathy, and willingness to step in when a guest has a concern of this nature makes it clear that he takes his position very seriously. Vincent does not simply "work" at The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vincent cares. As a father, and a husband, I commend Vincent on his professionalism, courtesy, and work ethic. I would hire Vincent without hesitation having seen him perform in a real-life situation. He is without doubt a man of dignity, honor, and integrity. The Old Spaghetti Factory should be very proud, they have the right man in the right position at this location. I absolutely recommend dining here. Great atmosphere, top notch food at a reasonable price, and you can rest assured that you, your children, and your spouse, will be safe inside those walls.Dietary restrictions: Our son is Type 1 diabetic as well as Celiac. The Old Spaghetti Factory has decent options for him that he will actually eat. We appreciate this more than they could know.

Cody & Rachel McKinney

The manager and assistant manager were rock stars for us! Our wedding was on 8/20/22 and the week of our wedding we ended up having to make a sudden change in caterer's. The OSF went above and beyond to get us all taken care of. They helped us figure out what to order and everything we would need for the day of to serve the food to our guests (we had about 85 guests). The pricing was very reasonable and their delivery was on-time and the food was wonderful!!

Jennifer L.

I had high hopes and they just missed the mark. Parking is ample and there is a large seating area for when you have to wait. You can do a reservation online and I would recommend doing that. The staff was great and the service was fast. The food was just meh. I ordered the the Meat Lovers Treat and my fiancée had the Garlic Mizithra. The meatballs were dry and the red sauce was just mediocre. The best thing about that dish was the sausage. The Garlic Mizithra was decent but nothing to write home about. The bread was so basic that it should really come with tasty butter but alas it does not. We ordered a few drinks and the best one was the margarita. The fruity drinks had too much syrup. While the experience wasn't terrible I will get my pasta from other restaurants.

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