Youskyme Teriyaki

221 NE 104th Ave, Vancouver
(360) 256-8100

Recent Reviews

Tracey Hendrickson

Tried this today for the first time. So good!! Very fresh ingredients and very clean restaurant. I had the chicken teriyaki bowl with vegetables and will definitely have it again.??


Great place. They got a 9$ lunch special but I went with the 11$ Teri combo with beef. I left a tip for my first time and didn't inspect the food before I left. I was very happy after opening it up. Plenty rice, steam veggies, and meat for the price. I will be back again.

yvonne l.

I've always loved the food and fast service at this restaurant. I typically haven't been going inside of restaurants since the coronavirus (I'm in the at risk category) but was really hungry for a teriyaki chicken bowl. I called ahead to order, and since they don't have delivery or curbside, I donned my mask and went inside. I was surprised to see that the person working the register was not wearing a mask and was talking to a customer who also wasn't wearing a mask. I should've walked out but stayed to pay for and collect my food. I told the young lady she should be wearing a mask. I won't go back there, or anywhere that my safety is not a priority. It doesn't inspire confidence at all! From now on I will ask if the front staff wear masks before I go inside any establishment.

Jeff Card

Youskyme is one of the best Terryaki places I have been. I have had their food many times (both dine in and take out) and it is always a pleasure to deal with them. If you are looking for a brown rice option, theirs is superb. I look forward to every time I get the opportunity to dine with Youskyme Teriyaki!

Doug H.

Best teriyaki in Vancouver, WA and perhaps in the world! Been getting food here for over 26 years.

Dale R.

My go to place hot fresh and delicious, I prefer a great chinese stir fry lots of fresh vegetables with tender meat and a tasty sauce or a bowl of broth and noodles but I love this place most year after year it's top shelf guaranteed perfect

Hannah Sorensen

For those of you who might consider doing take out during this time because you are sick of cooking three meals a day for your family?

Jason V.

My absolute favorite casual teriyaki place! I've been coming here since their opening day (I used to work across the street), and not only do they know me, my name and my usual orders (hot chicken bowl or beef yakisoba, no mushrooms, both with extra chili sauce), I think of the owners Yumi and Sky as friends. They are truly wonderful people, and I have had the pleasure of watching as their kids have grown from babies, to working in the restaurant alongside Mom and Dad! Awesome people, awesome food, always fresh, hot and filling. I'm drooling just thinking about it. May have to pick up a beef yakisoba on the way home now!

Brandon Skinner

Amazing food and amazing people

Katy Young

Delicious food at decent prices. And friendly service that was also quick. Love their chicken teriyaki. Chicken was so juicy and the sauce was awesome too. So was the rice and veggies serviced with it.

Damen Kuhlman

I had a good experience at this place. Nice resturant, ok location, friendly staff, open late, prices are a little high, I'll go there again but not my first choice.


I hate leaving bad reviews, but the food here is simply not good. My chicken tasted like deep-fried cardboard and the sauces that came with it tasted extremely “off”. I even paid $0.25 for extra sauce—didn’t use it because it tasted so bad. I would recommend going elsewhere for good Teriyaki!

Janell McCollum

Stopped by after a recommendation from Open Advanced MRI...they were not wrong some of the best teriyaki I have ever had...a d the owner is really nice also..

Karen Salazar

Spicy chicken teriyaki gyoza plate with fried rice and steamed veges my favorite

Nate Sorensen

Phenomenal! The staff and the food are amazing! The Bento Box is my wife and I's absolute favorite. Its inky available at certain times during the day, but 100% worth it. We have been coming here for years and it is fresh and filling every time. We have never been able to finish all of our food.

Elliott Howell

This place is awesome! I always ask for my chicken to be extra well done, a lil crispy. Nobody actually listen to me ? but not Youskyme! They made it exactly how I like it. Add the huge potion of rice, the cooked veggies and the orange wedge ? You are me you favorite Teriyaki place for sure.

Butch Roberson

Good people and good food. My go to is the spicy Chicken and Gyoza.

Quin U.

I felt like eating somewhere I haven't been to yet and I had to wait to pick up something from the nearby Wal Mart so I decided to give this place a try. I'm glad I did because I ended up enjoying what I got. I got the dinner teriyaki chicken plate that also came with sides of rice and salad. The chicken was cooked to the right amount and I liked the teriyaki sauce that was placed on top of it. The rice was good as usual from any teriyaki joint as it's obviously hard to mess up on so no surprise there. I enjoyed the salad but it wasn't the best side salad I've had as a side dish for teriyaki but it was fine. What also helped my experience was the nice and fashionably dark decor inside of the restaurant as well as the friendly customer service I got. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite teriyaki spot in the Vancouver area but I was satisfied with this place and wouldn't rule out coming here again.

Adrian M.

Food was great and the ladies that took care of me were beyond kind. Went out of their way to make sure my daughter, lady And myself were doing great. I had a small correction with my food and they made my night. Great food, great prices, and phenomenol service. You will feel like a dummy if you dont stop in. Also the lady's names are Summer, Emily, and Madison. Make sure to treat them well as I guarantee you, that they will treat you the same.

Savanna Vedaa

I've been here several times and the food is inconsistent. Some times it's good and others not so much. It's never terrible just edible. When it's an "off" night the food is bland, not correct textures (noodles over cooked, potstickers not cooked enough,etc), and warm. Kind of like it sat for a bit.

Jlynne Aguilar

Been going here for years absolutely love the owners.. have followed them every time they moved..

Maddie Crowell

Delicious and fast service. Same great quality every time!

Alysha Henderson

Great little teriyaki place that my husband and I like to order out from!

Chris D.

Yumi and Sky own this pace and the food is always amazing! Tempura is on point, chicken and steak are always juicy and perfectly cooked! Fair prices and great, quality food served quick!

Trent Best

Good and friendly!

Alix P.

Went on a gyoza binge with a friend. Excellent service and speed and gyoza. No judgment from staff that we EACH went though about 15 gyoza. Way to be. And the gyoza comes in an adorable little boat plate. 10/10 Interesting choice to be playing contemporary gospel but didn't really care because the gyoza was great. I feel like I've said gyoza too many times. Gyoza.

Joel Christopher

I have no idea how this place has such good reviews. Overpriced, ($9.50 for beef teriyaki), and absolutely TERRIBLE food.

Darcy Hoffman

Best teriyaki chicken! Best yakisoba! Always the best customer service and they're super fast!

Jessalynne Esham

I worked here for almost three years during my university years, and I am always thankful that I had such a lovely and caring team of staff and employers behind me in my pursuit of my undergraduate degree and to promote an AMAZING work ethic that my employers and advisors compliment me on ALL the time. Whenever I'm in town visiting family I grab lunch or dinner there still! Whenever I visit another teriyaki restaurant, I always think "It just isn't Youskyme...". The Bento special is still the best, even after all these years!

Joanne Winn

Always great food and I love the music!

Flipping Turtle

Got fish tempura , came out ok. Got a ok amount of fish. Was good but would not try again.

Janet Taylor

Limited menu, they do not diversify...or care. Place was pretty empty...huge message.

Kelsey Delashaw

My go-to teriyaki restaurant in Vancouver. Love the steamed veggies too.


This family run place is a favorite of ours. It is clean fast, and excellent food. Get takeout a couple times a month.

Andy Bunch

Wow, good food, great price. So much love for this place. It was fast too.

Felix Kaminski

This is a great family business that provides the best teriyaki in the city of Vancouver.

Jeri Swatosh

Tender, delicious meat with yummy stir-fried veggies! So wonderful! I eat low-carb, so I get more veggies instead of rice or yakisoba.

Heather Hansen

Always delicious and a great insexpensive date spot

Sarina S.

This is my favorite chicken rice go to. I've had everything on the menu twice, and going for round three. Love the call in pick up option for a dinner night with the family.

Marc Nicolàs M.

They kicked me out half hiur before they closed. So basically didn't want to serve me. They close at 9 p.m. and I was there at 8:15 and they told me they will not allow me to take the food in the restaurant and it's pretty much a fast food restaurant.