ECDC - Eau Claire Downtown Coffee

205 S Barstow St, Eau Claire
(715) 318-6461

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Kel K.

The Staff here is badass! Professional, knowledgeable, quick, kind and efficient. Coffee is locally roasted in WI and expertly ground to order and pulled/brewed for you. Beautiful, spacious and relaxing seating space. Good for conversation or studies/work. Love ECDC!

Alex Aguillon

Ordered two quad lattes. Watched the barista pull two double shots then split a shot with a double spouted portafilter. After I saw him did that, I kindly reminded him that I ordered two quads not triples. He looked at me confused, doubled back to the register lady and she told me she only charged me for three shots. I don’t know how anyone could confuse the word “quad” for triple. She also had a very passive aggressive tone when I just simply asked if I could have the quad I asked for. Hospitality is shot, coffee was okay at best. Definitely lots of channeling going on so a mix of under and over extraction going on in the cup.

J Carey

Really need train the baristas how to pull shots and dial in the machine. It’s sad that you can’t get at least decent coffee from places who have wonderful equipment.

Mark M.

Came in and had some delicious hot chocolate. Very friendly service too and I love the logo!?

Sherry Z

My favorite coffee/breakfast/quick lunch place in EC. Coffee and matcha latte are always made perfectly. Good bakery stuff. For breakfast, Lox plate and the Tofu Fajita wraps are my go-to. Their seasonal soups never disappoint me. My favorite part is that they often have healthy/vegetarian options, which are hard to find elsewhere. Comparatively pricey though.

Trisha Campbell

Would highly NOT recommend the "homeade" biscuits and gravy. Its a measly bowl of grease with sausage in it. The biscuits are just 2 small bite size biscuits. All for $11. Very much so disappointing.

Nicolette T.

This is a great downtown coffee shop. There is plenty of free street parking all across the block. It is attached to a hotel, so there is plenty of seating right in the coffee shop, or in the hotel lobby. It is a great working space, with large desks and strong Wi-Fi.

Jack Kravenhoff

Great coffee but outrageous prices. $12 for a DRIP coffee and a muffin? Haha, this isn’t San Francisco or NYC. Good spot if you’re staying at hotel I guess, but hard to recommend to EC locals unless you’re rich.

Meegs Tomtom

To be honest, our first visit he wasn't pleasant. The person behind th counter was very rud and abrupt with us. I don't get coffee much and don't know what all the options are and the lady wasn't any help. But the coffee my wife picked out for me was good.After a long while we tried it again and we where very happy. Both with the service and our drinks. We'll gladly return.

Charles Sackett

I like the place and the location. Staff seemed nice enough. It's clean and decorated nicely and has a good food/drink selection. But.....$5 for a 10 oz flat white? You've got to be kidding me. The cup was so light when I picked it up I had to open it to see how filled it was. Only about 2/3 full, so I guess it was more like $5 for approximately 7 oz of a flat white. I know times are tough and inflation is high, but drip coffee going for $3/$4/$5 (S/M/L) and $5 for this flat white. Yeah, I'll go elsewhere, thanks.

Joyce R.

I stayed at Lismore for a couple of days and they have this coffee shop open. They have gluten free bread and muffins, frittata. More options than what I usually find for a coffee shop. I'll go here before Starbucks any day! Note: I'm biased because it's really hard to find gluten free options while traveling esp in Wisconsin.

Mike N.

Eau Claire, Wi. They do have a nice rich latte here even if it is a bit on the small side compared to other establishments. Very nice espresso bean used, dark roast but no burnt taste. My quiche was just ok, way too eggy for my taste, and too light on complementary ingredients. Generous size but tasted like scrambled eggs. This is Wisconsin, give me the cheese! My wife egg dish was reported to be outstanding. Plenty of room to relax and get stuff done on the electronic device. The associated restaurant has granola and yogurt offerings, why not here?

Hope B.

It's always good and it has the best atmosphere in the cafe. Super unique and I try to go back as often as possible!!

James P.

Other than the prices, this cafe is great. Avocado toast for $11? It's delicious but it's still avocado on a toast with sprouts. All other items are very pricey too, like a 12 oz cold brew for $5. Service is super-friendly and ambience is nice. If the pricing was better, this could be a full 5-star review!

Georgia Koller

Probably one of the worst coffees I’ve ever had in my life but if you like half full coffees and watery espresso this is the place for you. Staff was kinda cold and unfriendly (the lady who took our order) the donuts were okay. Note this isn’t the first time I’ve had a coffee that’s half full. I hope staff can get some guidance to improve.

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ECDC - Eau Claire Downtown Coffee

205 S Barstow St, Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 318-6461