China Max

5300 S 76th St, Greendale
(414) 855-0888

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There food is really good. Bought chicken fried rice, steak with veggies and this chicken meat forgot name if it lol

Ariel Qiu

Been going to this place for years now. Food is good and cheap. Best restaurant in SouthRidge mall.

Fady Yousef

Worst store I ever encountered in my 12 years experience at southridge mall.Another customer cut in front of me and when I said something to the cashier "saida" she ignored me, I repeated again, she ignored me, then I repeated again to make sure she's hearing me then she exploded in profanity and when I asked for supervisor he backed her up on her side not the paying customer.Basically they ran the restaurant as a Mexican cartel and I informed mall security and management of this incident and there will be a formal investigation.Just wow people!!

Taco Lover

09/20/2020 17:35 Extremely Wack service from the younger employees ?

Tony Hernandez

09/20/2020 17:35 Extremely Wack service from the younger employees ?

Nishat Hossain

I have been coming to China Max since I was little. I've always loved their orange chicken, pineapple chicken, chicken with broccoli and sweet and sour chicken. I'll usually have any of those with the fried rice. It's great food to have while you're just shopping in the mall! My favorite thing is their teriyaki sauce that is right in front of their registers. I could have that sauce every day!

Miranda Masonick

Omgosh, I've been going here since I was a teenager! Lol BEST Teriyaki chicken I've EVER had! And their garlic & leek sliced potatoes & Teriyaki Chicken, are all to die for!? My mouth is watering rn? Are they open?? HEAVEN IN A MALL! ?

Syeda Fatima

spring rolls tastes very blunt and very oily. not happy with the food for whta price u pay

Syeda Hafeez

spring rolls tastes very blunt and very oily. not happy with the food for whta price u pay

Betty Fernandez

A worker by the name of Janet extremely rude and manager did nothing. Reporting this to their main office!

Katheleen Hernandez

Food taste terrible. Panda Express is way better. Employees not very friendly. Only rated them a 2 because advice was fast and food was hot

Elaine Henderson

I really enjoy there food and the prices.

Lucas Jewell

Me and my girlfriend have been up all night with food poisoning I would not recommend going here. I should have known when I got all my food at it was all cold as hell. Never coming here again.

Chris Jensen

The orange chicken and teriyaki chicken are amazing!

Virginia Williams

I love the different types of Asian foods that they have and they offer samples so you can try before you buy; especially when you're looking for something simple and delicious to eat after a day of shopping and don't feel like cooking at home. The service is excellent and their prices are very reasonable especially when you're looking to feed a family of four or more.

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