Steep n Brew - West

6656 Odana Rd, Madison
(608) 833-6656

Recent Reviews


Great coffee shop! I brought a big group of high schoolers here after an event a few weeks ago, and the service and drinks were wonderful! The barista, Liz(?), was very patient and made sure everyone in the group was taken care of. Thank you!

Paula Lehrer

The Meil cup of coffee, great with half the amount of honey. Thank youFood: 5/5

Corrie “Flashdance” Cronson

I'm not a coffee drinker but they have the best hot cocoa in town.


When customers are leaving the place by saying "bye have a nice day" it would be polite to reply. Saying "hello/bye" is one of the first words toddlers learn. Please, use them.

Miranda Ellis

Great atmosphere, service and coffee/food. They also take a person interest in their regular customers and genuinely care about them. ( I over heard positive chatter about the lady who always drinks a mocha) . I was impressed and I'll be back next time I'm in Madison.

Saicha Shaw

Was very disappointed in my coffee since I love Steep n Brew I buy all my coffee from them. I like that it's easy on my stomach

Shannon Kelly she her hers

The gal on duty today (Dec 14, 2022) was awesome. I hope she's there often and gets a raise.Food: 4/5

Mohammed Asadullah

Best smoothest coffee I've had. Highly recommend steep and brew

Sara W.

Friend staff, owner works behind the counter. Great chocolate croissant and very eclectic vibe. Has become my new office away from home!

Michele Jenkins

Yummy coffee. Nice and cozy atmosphere to sit and relax and chat with friends/family.

Andy L.

Good coffee, good Wi-Fi, and friendly service. They have bakery goods from Madison Sourdough, a really nice touch.


Really, really good cup of coffee with pleasant service.

Brennan Haley

I have several allergies and was assured that their smoothies don't have milk, unlike other places. They seem to have some amount, as I had a reaction start on my drive home. My girlfriend ordered a cocoa, and was given what she believed to be a mocha

C N (Skyagrey)

You need to update your post-Covid hours. I drove 10 minutes out of my way to get a coffee. Before 9 AM on a weekday a Thursday night and Google never said you were closed when I looked for coffee shops open near me now yours came up. It wasn’t until I got there and saw that your store was closed that I noticed the fine print on my Google search that your hours are unknown? Why are your hours still Not posted?


My iced mocha was delicious..much better tasting than some other places I've been to and the price was perfect

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