Toppers Pizza

7850 Mineral Point Rd, Madison
(608) 821-9999

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Maximillian Ottoman

I genuinely don't understand how this place struggles to deliver their orders. One time had a delivery driver so incompetent she would not listen to directions over the phone as we had to look out our balcony and direct her to simply take a left turn, by the time we had our food delivered it was already cold. Today we waited over an hour for our food that was already done but because of a single button push to put it through showing us it was done did we unnecessarily wait over an hour for it. Ridiculous.Edit, Friday, September 18th, 2020, 9:43 P.M.: The service got somewhat better. We were able to receive a certificate as I'm sure some can see from the owner's comment to reimburse us. Though ser alot of people go in ignoring their policy addressing COVID-19. I have to be careful bringing my girlfriend in as well since she is immunocompromised and I myself have to be careful too. Its hard to do that if people don't do their part.Please address your policy more to your customers during this time. Thank you.

Camille Miller


Niranjan M.

The pizza did not have toppings, was burnt.The wings had no sauce. I ordered online and it took them more than 1 hour and 30 mins to deliver.

Tulin Waters

I have seen countless of their drivers not wearing masks going into my apartment complex. Like not even around their neck. Get it together Toppers!

Kevin Etchill

No sauce or cheese on this pizza, extremely rude customer service. We ordered online, waited 15 minutes, went to pickup, and they said they hadn't started the order. That's fine except then they quickly threw together this pizza with almost no sauce, barely any cheese and then charged $18 for this when we ordered the $9 deal online. They kept being rude when we brought up the price difference.

Buberwa Kaijage

Pizza was great. A bargain for what I ordered and filling.

Amber Sherrill

Really disappointing customer service and pizza. Our order was left to sit for 20+ minutes before it was brought out to us. The employee who brought it out wasn't properly wearing a mask (it was around his chin).Overall, the pizza was lacking sauce and toppings (and the taste wasn't helped by the fact that it had clearly been sitting for a large amount of time). The Topperstix were crunchy which I've never really experienced before.I used to LOVE Toppers, but our experience tonight makes us cautious to order from here again.

Matt And Heather Kelly

We’ve given this location several chances and they just keep disappointing. Toppings tend to be very sparse and sauce is non-existent even after ordering extra sauce, putting in a note that we want extra sauce (please), and giving tips for take out orders. We’ve called to let them know in the past and they’ve refunded us but we aren’t looking to get ‘free’ disappointing pizza. Watch out if they are offering 50% off special because they give you medium size pizzas when you order larges during the special. Opening those tiny pizzas with 10 extra hungry house guests was so embarrassing! Never received any responses when giving feedback to corporate.

Nicole Wittkopp

I don’t think I will be getting Toppers again- just not good food- low-quality ingredients and overall experience. Did not feel good after this meal.

Prasanna Parameswaran

Pizzas are ok here. Not as good as Dominoes or Pizza but. Tater totts and 2 for $5.99 deals are good. Overall not a place that I would visit again

Anita Scheer

I will give it one star only because it was hot & on time. I am VERY disappointed in the quality. I got a medium (12 -in) sausage, mushroom, pepper and onion. There were 10 small slips of sausage, 6 am slices of bell pepper, 5 small slices of onion & 6 slices of mushroom. I expected better for the price. I can get a 16 in pizza, same toppings & 10 times more for HALF the cost of you 12 in and MUCH better quality. Will NEVER order from Toppers again.

Alisha Lawrence

not ever gonna order from here again, they burnt the 1st pizza we called and they said they would remake it it and deliver it to us. An hr later and here we are still no food. Called a 2nd time and get told by someone else that they can't deliver it just because we ordered through grubhub

Ray Cochran

Food is always tasty and the prices are very reasonable. This location is currently offering contactless carry-out and has done a good job of it.

david hale

Fast delivery and I like there pizza and the cinnamon sticks. Always polite

Khari H.

First Impressions from our 1st & now last visit unless desperate. And in that case plenty of other pizza places to order from. Our order was messed up, inaccurate with meat I didn't order all over it. (I am a non-meat eater), and olives as well & my spouse hates those. We did taste the crust & that was good, non-greasy, good chew. Also ordered the monkey bread, which probably would have been fantastic if only they had listened to the request for no frosting. The receipt even stated: no drizzle, on side only. Same with the ingredients on the pizza - those were listed correctly, yet prepared incorrectly. Monkey bread was doused with frosting. Anyone can make mistakes, that's understandable. However sent a message via the "contact us" & heard nothing back after 7 days, customer service is definitely no priority for them. Will choose to eat elsewhere, it's a shame because may have been a great pizza if made as requested & they had taken the opportunity to reach out & make things right. Thank you Toppers for showing me WHY we always drove past without stopping until recently & now going forward. Curiosity got the better of us.

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