Pizzeria 3301

3301 W Canal St, Milwaukee
(414) 455-0347

Recent Reviews

Scott Lesniewski

Love the brick oven pizza

Sarah Young

Such a great patio. Food is wonderful, in-store pizzas are priced great.

Nurbol Abzhanov

Nice company,loaded before appointment,loaded within an hour

Kathleen Crape

Nice atmosphere, great service

Joe P.

Our group of 5 had tour reservations for a thanksgiving week tour. You wait in the large cafe, with family style and regular tables, rat pack and opera music playing, and awesome smells wafting from the pizza oven that dominates one side of the room. The tour is short, but interesting. It started with a video highlighting the history of the family and company, and the community service projects that the company supports. It moves on to a hallway with windows overlooking the factory floor. Luckily, the factory lines were running the day we visited. They make 120 to 180 pizzas a minute at max speed, and the automation and efficiency of the production line is truly impressive. Then, finally, its time for the payoff...pizzas!! The basic tour includes a soft drink and a large slice of hand pulled pizza with your choice of toppings. They were very tasty, with a thicker, buttery crust and zesty sauce. There is an extensive gift shop with a selection of frozen pizzas and fresh sandwiches and calzones. The prices are already low, and visitors for the tour also get a coupon for 20% off...time to stock up!! Overall it was a great activity for the family, or a small group. I would definitely return, maybe try their pairing with local beer or a wine.

Wah Gay Nay Paw

We liked this pepperoni so we wanted some people make more this pepperoni make pizzas.

Shawn S.

tried once before after reading you dont need a reservation to be turned away. Made reservation and came back now and wasnt worth the bother. Come in one entrance to be led to other and up stairs to see boxes of their pizza and asked if you have had each kind. Since nobody had tried or heard of the pizzas shown, the tour was scolded. Then to find out the pizzas are only sold in certain distracts, and one only at walmart. Then the blond version of the big boy guy narrated a video. Sat well one employee asked questions of the other tour guide, then left to see the line from above window. That was a bit chaotic being sent down and told to come back since it was a dead end and not go down the stairs to suddenly be told to go down the stairs and led out to sampling area. everyone got one piece of preordered pizza topping of choice. The fire burnt pizza was small and not very good. but being a good group who had worked up an appetite we ordered a cheese and a sausage pizza. the little cheese pizza came and the kids ate well we all sat for at least another 45m looking at our blackened crusts. A worker came and took my plate away and tried to take the last two pieces of (never should have been served) blackened cheese pizza. Take the tour you get 20% off at their store that had very little of a selection. I could have taken the tour on my own in 5m.

Lori Moore

Terrible Pizza just like the brewers

Alexis B.

What a fun place! I had a slice of four cheese pizza, which was good, but not great! The crust was definitely on the denser side. (I also had a slice of cherry pie, which I wish could have been heated up!) But the place itself is really cool. You can take tours of the factory, and they have really fun events as well - beer and pizza/wine and pizza nights and dessert pizza nights! They also have a fun little shop at the entrance!

Wenjun V.

Went here with company, kind like a factory tour, eat their Margarita pizza, taste good, very thin pizza, reasonable price. They have some interesting events on their website~

Doug R.

The pizza here was great. The gf and I got to try it upon the completion of the tour we took. It came out hot and fresh. The crust was great too(I usually don't like crust but knowing that they make their own made me wanna try it and it was really good). Their prices seemed reasonable for individual sliced pizza as well as frozen ones. We picked up a couple of frozen ones after our tour to take home with us. I would go back there for more pizza, which I'm sure tastes better than me making it in my own inferior oven.

Jen F

Take the tour, enjoy the free samples, and stock up on frozen pizzas from their cafe.

Kelly B.

Seriously this was one of the most enjoyable evenings that I have had in a long time. We signed up as a group of 7 for the pizza and wine pairing, and got there right at 6:30 to enjoy a drink before the tour began. There were a couple of red and a couple of whites to choose from and we all got a glass. We could meander through the store and see the different kinds of frozen pizza options while waiting. There were several long low/high tables differentiated by different pizza toppings (the garlic table, the onion table etc) and each individual group had their own table. I thought it was a nice touch. We started with a mini-tour of the facility that was the perfect length. We got a bit of history in the main entrance, then moved up to see how to line worked, and then back into the social hall to mingle more. The host was loud enough to hear and fun/informative. I expected small juice glasses of the different wines, and small pieces of pizza to sample - boy was I wrong! Each spot had a placemat outlining which pizza would go with which wine, and then the "gentleman" who owned the winery began to explain his grape delicacies. They brought trays of individual cups to each table, and everyone got to drink - he even came around with the bottles throughout each course explaining more about them and offering top-offs - awesome! The pizzas were coming out piping hot and fresh in different varieties - our five were 1. Margherita 2. Sausage tomato and olive 2. Barbeque chicken 3. Something with Artichokes 4. the wine started to get to me here 5. A dessert pizza of pears, fig and gorgonzola. The wine was flowing, the pizza was flying... and people started to get weird. What was once a fun and informative 'wine man' soon became an in-your-face uncomfortable wine-man... and it takes a lot to get me feeling weird. In the same sentence talking about his wife he started stroking my hair complimenting how soft it was! The next time he came by he swung down and kissed my cheek!!! I was shocked! The wine was obviously flowing his way too. Towards the end of our fourth pizza, an out-of-control drunk lady came over asking us to give her some of ours. We replied that we all paid individually for the pizza at each of our tables. She said that we got more pizza and it wasn't fair, we were being selfish by hogging it. We all were super weirded out, and gave her the couple bbq pieces we had left, thinking the matter was solved. She then had the audacity to come BACK over without asking just reach over us to try and grab the rest of our food! We told her to stay at her own table and she started hollering and having a fit, disrupting the entire room. There was plenty of time to enjoy all the pizza, and plenty of wine to impair any driver - so be smart and plan a ride home if you plan on indulging. My four starts just goes to the creeps in the crowd - they really should watch the "staff" to be sure that their intoxication doesn't bother or offend the paying customers, and if it's going to be such a boozey event, really should supervise the patrons (it sucks that certain "adults" still need to be supervised), and make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time. I look forward to coming back in a couple weeks to try the beer and pizza pairing - hoping this guy keeps his greasy fingers to himself :)

Nicole H.

Did a pizza and wine pairing meal here with a group of friends and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I'd absolute do again and recommend to others. You get 6 types of wood-fired pizza made on the spot and the flavors vary and rotate to accommodate whatever you're tasting with (they do wine and beer dinners). Two small "downgrades" - we went on a Friday during Lent and some in our group asked for a vegetarian only pizzas. We called days in advance and were assured it wouldn't be a problem, but on the night of the dinner, no one in house seemed to have any clue or concept about the idea. The people I was with made due and picked things off, but for a true allergy, obviously this would have been an issue. They need to figure it out. Secondly, we had another group of patrons come over and try to take our pizza. Dinners are sat at various tables around the room and if you have a smaller group, you could be combined. The numbers at our table meant that we often had more than one slice per person. Another table, especially as they had more wine, deemed this unfair and it felt it was our fault and that we should fix it by giving them our pizza. They'd already finished there's, of which there was at least one slice per person. It was an uncomfortable situation and one I wish the staff hadn't let happen. The pizza was superb and flavorful, the wine was really delicious and the wine rep walked a good line of describing/selling the wine without being pushy. It's basically full pours of wine with each pizza, so you're going to get a good buzz going - plan for rides. At just $30, we definitely got our money's worth and it was a fun, sort of off-the-beaten path outing for our small group.

Aaron Bartelt

Hot Italian beef sandwich is a great lunch choice.

Margaret R.

Great lunch spot! Fresh salads including a salad bar, calzones (subpar), pan pizza-by-the-slice, and while pies available. Plus desserts. Pretty fast, counter service and the food is delish, with the exception of the calzones. Those are ok, stick with the pizza if you ask me. The best fresh pizza in town is definitely the wood-fired pizzas which are slightly larger than personal size. They're prepared fresh and cook up in 90 seconds. Ah-mazing! Then, on your way out you can grab a few frozen Palermo's to stick your freezer.

Aimee T.

I work in the area and this is a great little place for lunch!!! They have wood fired or baked pizza, a salad of the day, panini of the day and soup. Plus lots of pre-made salads and what not, desserts, drinks and ice cream! It's totally affordable and there is a nice sit down section in the back or outside seating for the summer. This is the employee cafe as well and so many employees eat there which is telling that the food qualiy, made by them, must be good.

Sandra Z.

This is a review mainly about the tour. We took the regular tour (not the beer or wine pairing) because we had a Groupon and like exploring local places. We were in the second of two groups scheduled at the same time, so started a little late. The guide was nice, but had some trouble filling the time as we waited for the first group to finish the video. The video itself just wasn't very interesting. In fact, the entire tour just wasn't very interesting nor informative nor fun. It felt rather corporate and stale. It was somewhat interesting to view the factory floor while in operation (but also kind of takes the romance out of the pizza eating experience). Another issue I had was that the tour group consisted mostly of elementary school children. We were the only people not accompanying children in the group. The tour guide did a nice job of trying to keep the children interested, but in doing so it felt more like a tour for children. It just really missed the mark for us. The pizza at the end of the tour was the highlight. It was quite good and a decent portion. I think without a Groupon the tour is regularly $7-10 a person. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it at $5 much less $10. They really need to reimagine the entire experience.

Bill Hope

The best crust EVER!

Blake A.

We went there because Newaukee had a meetup there. It was a packed madhouse because of that. I will not rate on the awkwardness of the beer service and pizza purchase layout, because there were so damned many people here. But, it was stupid. There was a beer purchase area right next to the pizza kiln, but you couldn't buy pizza there. You had to wade through several hundred annoying people who were clogging all paths instead of going back out to the main entrance area where there were plenty of open floor spots. I hate people... but I've digressed into a rant about the annoying people at this event. We did get a free tour because of the event, so that was cool. I really learned a lot about mass production of frozen pizza. I would have never guessed how pepperoni is loaded into a hopper with 17 hole and a band saw to be sliced onto pizza. But the tour wasn't much other than looking out of a window at the fully operational production floor. We did have to ask a lot of questions in order to make the tour more interesting, as the tour guide wasn't really great at a canned speech. The area where the 825° F pizza oven is a magnificent one. The roaring hot wood fired pizza oven can cook a pizza in 90 seconds. And the hand tossed, hand made pizza was one of the tastiest pizzas I have ever had. We had some sort of sausage... I don't recall exactly what, but it was amazing. I wish the pizzas that are frozen tasted like this. Would I go back for wood fired pizza here? Absolutely! Tour? Probably not.

Rick B.

Took the tour with the beer and pizza pairing, since we had a groupon for half price. The concept was excellent but the execution was terrible. First of all the tour wasn't that interesting. There was a brief history of Palermo's as a company and then we were escorted to a hallway where we could watch pizza made in a factory setting. I did not find that to be very appetizing. Once we were seated to try the beer and pizza pairings. The rep for the beer company had not tried the pairings, and it showed in the pairings. Not all of the pairings actually paired well and the order they were served in didn't make sense. They served the more exotic style of pizzas first then a standard sausage and mushroom pizza in the middle. They used the Italian words for the toppings to make it sound more upscale then it was. I think they should have served that one first and built up to the unusual pizzas. The hosts/reps for the pizza and beer would describe the food and beer prior to serving and we were the last table to be served for every course. We often waited 20 minutes in between the description of the pairing and the actual serving. We wouldn't get our beers first and since they were no more than a shot's worth would often be gone by the time we got our slice of pizza. No one came around to ask us how we were doing or what we thought of the food and beer. They just served us and went back to their waitress huddle at the bar. In the end, the dessert pizza took so long to get to us that other guests were leaving and we still had not received ours and once we got it, it didn't taste very good. Most of us couldn't even finish it and we unfortunately scared another guest away from even trying it. The crust was a standard pizza crust with a strong tasting mozzarella covered in Nutella and cherries. The cheese and Nutella together was not a good combination. If the food and beer had been served prior to the reps describing it and served in a quickly I think this would have been a very enjoyable experience. If the people speaking about the pairings had actually tried the pairings ahead of time, I think it would have caught the bad pairings and this would have been a 5 star experience. The only pizza that was bad was the dessert pizza, and none of the beers were bad. Like I said in the beginning the real problem was the execution. I would try it again if I had another groupon for it, but never full price and I would skip the tour.

Stacie Ermis

Definitely worth a trip here! You get to see/buy so many other kinds of pizza that aren't in the stores! Mmm!

Joel Charbonneau

Pizza is amazing!!!

Nick K.

I like the Palermos restaurant. All of the food is good, and they have a good selection, typically about five to six pizzas and a few calzones. It is a little overpriced, but it is good quality and really really close to my work so I am willing to pay for it

Brittni Hill

Suzanna gives a great tour here! And chef artura is so awesome:) we had a great time!!!

Amanda Marie

Delicious create your own pizza! We ate there after our Miller Brewery Tour. Nothing goes better with beer then fresh pizza! Mmm.

Jose Garcia

Love the food love the place and atmosphere. But why are they so damn slow!? Makes no sense!

Jeremy L.

All in all it was just ok. My biggest complaint was that there was an overall lack of direction. We came in the main door and were politely directed to the café. Once in the café we just stood in line by the counter, no one asked us if we were there for the tour or there to buy some of the delicious fresh prepared items on display. After getting the administrative portion settled (which is quite affordable) we went to a room upstairs to watch a presentation. A video played in the background as our guide gave a spoken word narrative history of the company including interesting facts about the pizza production process. After the presentation we walked down a hallway overlooking the production floor. This is where I feel some improvements could be made. Perhaps some colored signs could be placed along the way to act as visual cues. It was up to our tour guide to yell down the long hall and try to explain to the group what they were looking at. It was a bit confusing and difficult to follow. The tour basically then reconvenes in the cafe for a fresh sample. A fresh slice of pizza is a great finish. I would recommend everyone give it a chance. It just seems they may be working out a few kinks here or there.

Craig G.

My daughter and I have taken the Villa Palermo Pizza Factory tour twice and it's fun. We purchased our tickets through a Groupon and Palermo's employees were very gracious and entertaining. Our tour included pizza and a bread dough ball for my daughter who made a pizza at home. At end of tour they will hand you a stack of $1 off coupons.

Jay S.

I believe that Palermo's might make the best frozen pizza in the world, or at least it is the best I've tried that came from the frozen pizza aisle at the store, and I have tried a lot. You can get a factory tour, though I think you may need to call in advance to get times and stuff,and they have a factory store where they make fresh pizza, and they sell every pizza they make with the Palermos label for prices lower tyan in the grocery store.

Robert Guenther

What's the special of the day?

Clarence Schreiber

Nice litte cafe. Take a factory tour while your here.

Daniel Wilant

Open for lunch M-F!