Chinese Restaurants in Yuma

Sesame's Kitchen Chinese
11274 S Fortuna Rd Ste I-8, Yuma

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Cashew Chicken with Steamed Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Cream Cheese Puffs
Seafood Noodle Soup
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Triple Combo Bowl
House Fried Rice
Hot and Sour Soup

“Fantastic shrimp dishes.The shrimp were large, properly cooked (not overcooked) and there were at least 7 in both dishes.I ordered Mongolian shrimp and wanted a combo of beef and shrimp. They were kind enough to tell me to order the Mongolian shrimp and add beef because it would be cheaper. I also asked how spicy and waitress said not too much but she can ask them to go less spicy. Which was very appreciated!Adding extra beef was $4. Meal itself $13.My companion got she Chop Suey Shrimp. Veggies fresh, sauce super yummy and she got her big shrimp too.Only complaint is that we needed more rice to compliment the meal. They only give you a small bowl.Service was good. Environment and plating good. Prices great for portion size.Some of the better Chinese food I have had and was pleasant surprised.“

4.5 Superb553 Reviews
The Lemon Grass Asian Cuisine Asian
2585 E 16th St, Yuma

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BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup
Shrimp Chicken Lo Mein
House Special Lo Mein
Spicy Orange Chicken
Hot & Sour Soup
Egg Drop Soup
General TSO
Pad Thai

“This is the Best Asian Restaurant in ALL of ARIZONA!!!!! I thought that I was in the Big city with the mouth watering delicious food ? I could not be in my cozy little town. How can this be sooooh EXCELLENT ? My husband and I always come hereThey opened here approximately 3 years ago, and food continued to stay on point... I wanted to do my happy dance but my husband gave me that look. ALL staff were excellent, Donna has been there since they opened. If you are local, passing through or the seasonal snow Bird ? you have to stop by. I bet you money that this will also be your favorite place ? I Highly Recommend this place ?Vegetarian options: Various vegetable plates, tofu platesParking: No problem for my typical gigantic Yuma 4*4 diesel truck Cummins 2500“

4.4 Superb172 Reviews
Oriental House Asian Fusion
2951 S 4th Ave, Yuma

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Vegetables Lunch Special
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
Sweet and Sour Pork
Thai Curry Shrimp
Chicken Lo Mein
Egg Drop Soup

“The outward appearance of the place is not the most appealing, and the food was not bad we ordered the ramen and it was a large order and filled us up. What really set this place apart was the great customer service. The staff was friendly and fast, they didn’t just ask us what we wanted and then ignored us. Instead they gladly answered questions and kept chatting with us after we ordered. I will be going back to try some of their other stuff and depending on how it tastes they may just get the 5th star.“

4.1 Good186 Reviews
Asian Star Asian
276 W 32nd St STE 1, Yuma

Customers` Favorites

Kung Pao Triple Delight
California Sushi Rolls
Sesame Chicken
Orange Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Egg Drop Soup
Cheese Puffs
Fried Rice
Egg Roll
BBQ Pork

“I posted this review on Yelp but I don’t think many people use Yelp in this area so I’m posting here on Google: Went to dine in and the food was really good, my favorite being the kimchi fried rice. The regular fried rice is also good! I tried the tiger roll and I enjoyed the roll with the sauce but was not really a fan of the red stuff(spicy tuna?) on top of it (I still ate the whole roll). Would probably not order that roll again but I’d be open to try the other sushi rolls. The orange chicken was good as well, I prefer it over Panda Express orange chicken. The service was also really good. The atmosphere was good too and it felt really clean inside. I forgot to take pictures of the food but I ordered food to-go and provided pictures of those. Wonton soup is good but it has mushrooms so if you don’t like mushrooms try a different soup! I would definitely come again. 5 stars because I enjoyed the food a lot.“

3.8 Good225 Reviews
1605 S Pacific Ave, Yuma

Customers` Favorites

Esta Combinado Tiene Hongos Trozos de Pollo Trozos de Bubas Y Chunkun
California Roll Fried Shrimp Just the First Plate
Las Mejores Costillas de Cerdo de El Mundo
Rice Noodle Sauteed Shrimp Spicy Maki Combo
Soft Serve Ice Cream on Cookies
Mariscos Varios Pescado Camaron
Costillas Camarones Y Platanos
Ensalada Fría Con Camarones
Jello & Salad Buffet Line
Spicy Whole Shrimp

“Good food and when something is finished they replenish it quickly, the service is terrible, few staff and since they are in a mess, they are angry and they don't give you a drink quickly, I had to get up because of the drink, and the atmosphere more or less because of the people look out to see what you served hahaParking: There is no space for trucks with a box but in front of it is a place that is closed and there is space... BE CAREFUL, do not throw garbage so that access is not closed.“

3.8 Good120 Reviews
Yummy Yummy Chinese
2241 S Avenue A # 23, Yuma

Customers` Favorites

Almond Chicken Beef Broccoli
Special Fried Rice
Chicken Chop Suey
Chicken Chow Mein
Sour Chicken
Egg Roll

“I have been coming here for years. Its like o.g. chinese food not the new healthy stuff ?. I love their fried rice, and their egg rolls are petite but extra crunchy! The asian lady speaks spanish, thats cool as a side note. Also the portions are good and filling“

3.7 Good121 Reviews
Yummy Yummy Chinese Food Chinese
By the hospital, 1030 W 24th St, Yuma

“So my sister and I tried this place. And the food was so yummy. ( LoL)..portions are really good, fresh. Owner is traditional , and if you don't know Asians don't expect her ( as I see in other reviews )to be bubbly and American expected, she is serious and to the point. Which for me, is ok since my family came to this country and is the same.Place is small, not a lot going on. I feel they put it all and are making it a success on their food, which too me Yummy.Only thing I wish was more was their egg rolls( I call them envelopes), so small and hardly any filling, my sister had their won tons, they looked like tortilla chips?. So on appetizers it's a no for me, just order more entrees,“

3.3 Good10 Reviews
Panda Express Chinese
2495 S Avenue B, Yuma

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Mushroom Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Fortune Cookies
Fried Rice

“Went in through the drive-thru and was greeted well. Decently priced, quick serving. Food quality was great but did have one issue. I asked for a 3 item entree plate. Got home and ended up missing 1 of the 3 entrées. Was too tired and was another 10 minute drive to get there so I just settled. Next time I'll just make sure my order is complete, besides that no issues.“

3.4 Good165 Reviews
Panda Express Chinese
1900 E 16th St, Yuma

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Chow Mein Honey Walnut Shrimp
Orange Chicken with Chow Mein
Beef with Broccoli
Mushroom Chicken

“As we were visiting the area we stopped in for a small meal. Decided to try their "bowls" which is one entree, one side. I chose the kung pao chicken over noodles, hubs chose the bejing beef over rice. Both were perfectly satisfying and the amount of food just right if you don't want to overdo on a large meal. Service was good, price fair. Recommended.“

3.3 Good173 Reviews
Panda Express Chinese
3275 S Ave 8 E, Yuma

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Double Kung Pao Chicken Half Rice and Noodles
Honey Sesame Chicken Breast
Black Pepper Angus Steak
Orange Chicken Cub Meal
Cream Cheese Rangoon
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Brown Steamed Rice
Mushroom Chicken
Chicken Egg Roll
Broccoli Beef

“The team today was really working and doing there best to get orders out, they have my respect, and great customer support. Ya'll stay safe.Kid-friendliness: Great for kid, my kid has a nut allergy, as long as you give them a heads up when you order, they make it work and have had no issues. But this is just one case. I still recommend talking with your pediatrician and an allergy specialist.Dietary restrictions: Not much restrictions, just options of healthier items with low calories.“

3.2 Average157 Reviews
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