Ovaltine Cafe

251 E Hastings St, Vancouver
(604) 685-7021

Recent Reviews

Buster McNeice

It was kinda like going home for a meal, but also seemingly world class. Great food as well.

Are Ready

Great atmosphere, good food, great staff. Sit in a booth or at the counter and enjoy a great milkshake or drink of your choice. I like milkshakes myself

William Dugard

Great homestyle cooking. The best clubhouse sandwich in town

Danalee Benson

Restaurant was nostalgic, staff was friendly, and at 52 I learned something new!!......I don't like ovaltine!! (The beverage)

Holly Callahan

Love this place! One of the last real ones left. Great food and service.

D Daestl Beattie

Thank-you, Grace & Co. , for consistent, long-time support, camaraderie, and good food.

Jennifer Kleinsteuber

A hot spot that Billy and I love to hit for breaky on the weekends ???❤

Jean Austin

Service was good. Food was good. But they had flies in there sugar. And aren't very polite

Joel Benoit

Good food. Love the vibe there. No place like it .

Daniel Dennison

Been coming here since the late 60’s. One of the many greasy spoons around at the time has standard the test of time in this relentless city. Always will stop if in the area.



Kevin S

I have worked near enough to this restaurant for over 10 years. I finally went there this week. It met all my expectations. It reminded me of how a place to eat should be. I plan to become a regular and bring in as many people I know as possible.

Darcey Lewis

They serve breakfast all day and I love a good hot breakfast. Price is right too.

Brennan Fitzgerald

Ovaltine has a long, incredible history, and was recently names one of the top cafes in the world noted for its distinctly Edward Hopper charm. Food is great and affordable.

Kali Madeline

This Is one of my new favorite restaurants. The food is great and affordable. The staff is friendly and it's got a funky old-school diner vibe.

Bern Clark

Very quiet, nice n relaxing. Fast service

kyle reakes

great food even better service

Mr J

Excellent Breakfast...Great atmosphere

Harold Miller

Food is col prices are good must go eat there place is FAMOUS for doing movies there check it out cool place

Geoffrey Reid

It was fast. We were greeted by a fresh beautiful face. She was flawless in her knowledge of the menu. She made frequent stops to see how we were doing. And communicated quite effectively with guests that were just arriving, already seated guests, and guests she was waiting on in the moment. Coffee was topped up until we declined. The food came out promptly. Exactly how we ordered. It was fresh and always delicious.

Jeremy Allan

As authentic as you can get. Cheap good eats in a relaxed environment. Frequented by customer s of all income levels and housing arrangements.

Louisa Chan

Waitress is friendly. We ordered fish and chips and Benedict egg. Both Fish and benedick egg are tasty. There is not busy even in Saturday noontime. I think location is the crucial impact.

Khalil Ramírez

Great experience, great food, great service, first time in this place and I had a great food

Coquitlam 40

Went for a burger the patty was tasteless, the poutine had very little cheese but the fries where good. It was very dirty. Loved the nostalgia but don't think I'll be going back.

rob heeb

A very nice place for lunch or breakfast. It still sports the old neon signs from its hey days of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Many movies and TV shows are shot here and it is possible to sometimes see famous actors there. Food is good, people are great and the prices are reasonable.

Naomi Wilson

loved the service amazing food. excellent feel to the place

andrew mellish

Best greesy spoon dates...

Faby Martinez

Some menu pictures here show they have a lot of Gluten Free options, but they changed it. They were able to change up the menu a bit for me to make it suitable though. It was all in all a good experience :)

L. E.

Very disappointed. The server was stressed she appeared to have about eight tables which is standard for a lunch service. I suspect there were other operational issues at play that were contributing to her stress. She was trying to keep up but she was clearly fed up and had a short fuse. When my food arrived it was cold the server apologised and told me that the cook was overwhelmed (not what you want to hear) She later returned with a hotter plate but I after a few bites I had to stop. The cooking oil for the fries was old making the food inedible. When we were ready to leave we waited for an unusually long time for our bill. Again I could see our server was struggling. The Ovaltine Cafe has some charm but the lack of cleanliness outweighs to charm. While my friend waited for the bill I went to the restroom. The restroom was the dirtiest restaurant restroom I have ever seen in Vancouver definitely a health concern. Just because it is located in a neglected area does not mean diners deserve a lower level of service and a lower level of cleanliness. I do hope they can elevate their food service and cleaniless so all diners can have a some dignity during their restaurant experience. I know it's a challenge to keep the safety and health concerns on east hastings in check when they flow into the restaurant however a basic level of care is possible. Unfortunately The Ovaltine Cafe is missing the mark on multiple levels. I will not return.

Earl Jenkins

Food is decent. Service is decent. Prices are good. Interior is old, but VERY authentic. I had the Clubhouse, and it was made with big pieces of real turkey, so that's a good sign. Fries look like they are hand-chipped, although they come unseasoned, so a little salt and pepper makes them much tastier.

A. L.

Because of the sketchy neighbourhood it's located in, I finally found the courage to go here with a friend (if I was with another friend, we would've walked back out...haha). My friend laughed over my nervousness & squeamishness - hey, who can fault someone over cleanliness & friendliness (that's a lot of ness...haha again). This is definitely a diner joint with 4-seater booths on one side of the restaurant with a divider blocking the view where a long counter is in the middle & counter seating all along the other side. Cheap eats here. Ordered the BBQ burger (lettuce, tomato, cheese, jalapenos & a "haystack" of onions) with a choice of fries, salad or soup but since we didn't ask for soup or salad, it came with fries; & coffee. My friend ordered the same burger & a strawberry milkshake. Service was pretty good, the server checked on us often enough. Burger tasted pretty good & the coffee was ok, but I look at the table for sugar & there's a juice bottle that contained the sugar...yuck. All in all, it was the experience & now I can say I've been here but probably won't return.

Gordon Ross

Nice place to eat. Friendly staff, good food.

Varun B.

A historic gem in Vancouver's DTES. Friendly service, tasty food, reasonable prices, and a huge gust of nostalgia.

Brent Turcotte

Comfortable little hole in the wall. Amazing proportion of food price is extremely affordable and it has some wonderful history!

Mister E.

I am a fourth generation customer. In all the years of patronage, I am never going to be back. Today I sat with my son in the restaurant. We were two of maybe six customers. The chubby young hipster dressed in black who served us was an arrogant jerk. We waited 40 minutes and still no food. Not once did he offer a coffee refill. I finally asked when will our order be ready? He said "when it's done" I said "how much longer? Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour?" He said "yep" and walked away. I will never go back. Too bad such a great place is ruined by stupid fat jerks like my waiter today

Morgan H.

I have been coming here since I was a child. Literally nothing has changed, except the food has improved and the staff have changed. Cheap 6.99 breakfast, always consistently great good. They have a decent menu with a bunch of options depending on what you like. They are always very welcoming and polite. It's a very relaxed environment, an old diner style restaurant.

Lorry Ballantyne

Old style famous restaurant with a small menu. Delicious food

Paul M.

Sublime 1942 long-running neon-windowed, diner cafe in the heart of the DTES. Reinvigorated recently but not ruined. Mahogany panelled cozy booths, and long, low counter bar. All-day breakfast is $6. Lovely server enthusiastically swapped out the carbs for some avocado. A delightful steal.

Antonio S.

It was the morning before Christmas and all was right, as we drove to Hastings near Main the Ovaltine Cafe was soon in sight. The big sign, neon red, beautiful and historic, inviting, "comfort" is what it said. We entered, early it was, before most awake and at the back we found a booth to take. All around is history to be found, the Ovaltine is from the 1940's and the past abounds. Like a time machine. It is awesome. So much time it has seen, like an oak tree four foot around had been. We ordered eggs Benedict and the house breakfast, good, hearty and flavourful. The prices so low as to be in another time. Service with a smile, the atmosphere inviting us to sit for a while. Dave, a patron came over and sat and said hello. Told us his story, full of interesting times. We talked about life in nonsensical rhymes. Nothing is as it seems, that's the lesson to learn. Open till three, so if the chicken we want, lunch it we'll be. And so it is, we will come again for breakfast or lunch, soon, and have the burger, the chicken or the soup, all of which delight. Time stood still for me and a friend in this place, a great morning escape from the human race.

Gord McCaw

Very reasonably priced, decent chow in one of the very few old school diners to be found in Vancouver. I have had a long association with the Ovaltine, having first eaten there back in about 1980. Not to mention that it still has what is likely the coolest neon sign in the city...