McDonald's Expands Its Domain with JUJUTSU KAISEN Special Grade Sauce
Image Credit - McDonald's
by Alex Bailey | July 08, 2024

McDonald's Expands Its Domain with JUJUTSU KAISEN Special Grade Sauce

McDonald's is teaming up with popular anime JUJUTSU KAISEN. Starting July 9, 2024, customers can try a new "Special Grade Garlic Sauce" inspired by McDonald's Japan's Black Garlic Sauce.


This sauce mixes garlic and soy sauce with a touch of sweetnessю It is named after the highest classification of sorcerers and curses in the JUJUTSU KAISEN universe.


The packaging is as cool as the sauce itself. Each packet features one of eight JUJUTSU KAISEN characters, including Yuji Itadori, Satoru Gojo, Mahito, and Sukuna.


The Special Grade Garlic Sauce is available for free with any Chicken McNuggets order through the McDonald's app. As a bonus, you’ll also get a 30-day free trial of Crunchyroll with the sauce purchase – a platform, where fans can watch full episodes of JUJUTSU KAISEN and other anime.


McDonald's also decided to bring the anime to the racetrack. The NASCAR Chicago Street Race took place on July 7th, with Bubba Wallace's car decked out in JUJUTSU KAISEN design, complete with Sukuna's face and the anime's logo.


This whole thing started with a cryptic social media tease from McDonald's about "Something SPECIALZ coming." Anime fans quickly figured out it was a JUJUTSU KAISEN song reference. Though it's a limited-time deal, so don't drag your feet if you want to try it out!


It's pretty wild to see how anime is taking over mainstream culture, especially in the food world. It's not just McDonald's jumping on the trend - recently, the first official One Piece themed restaurant opened in Las Vegas.

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