Menya Hanabi USA

733 W Naomi Ave Suite K, Arcadia
(626) 623-6190

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Ves S.

Savory ramen! It's a different style ramen that comes "dry." You can get the original with spicy minced pork and tea egg or get deluxe with chasu and get additional egg. If you finish the noodles and still have sauce leftover you can get a free small helping of rice to finish. We also got an appetizer, fried tofu with minced pork. Check out the table for new appetizer options. Delicious! Apparently this place has been open three years now and they have a special coming up so check out their social for bogo or discount coupons.

Michelle Wong

Great service, great food, and very filling! Came on a Wednesday evening and we were sat right away. They offer complimentary white rice at almost the end of your meal as the traditional Japanese way. Love that they keep and respect that culture here in USA.

Chelsea S.

Super tasty, love their menu!! Garlic edamame was good and so was the original mazesoba. Def would eat here again!

Demi F.

My cousins absolutely love Menya Hanabi and have been raving about it for months, so I was pretty hyped to try it this weekend, and it did not disappoint! Menya Hanabi is located in a plaza with various other restaurants, so there's plenty of parking. I came on a Saturday evening and there was still lots of parking near the restaurant. We had a party of 8 and were concerned wait times would be extensive since the store itself is on the smaller side, but we were seated immediately. Chicken Nanban 5/5: Amaaaazing flavor profile. The chicken karaage has a great outer crunch while still maintaining its juicy interior. It had a mild ginger flavor, which was great and balanced well with the salty, savory flavors of the sauce. The plate comes with 5 pieces of karaage with 1 lemon slice, and the flavor is best with the sauce and lemon!! Chashu Nagoya Mazesoba 4.5/5 (5/5 with broth option): It came topped with 2 slices of chashu, green onions, garlic, fish powder, seaweed, and an egg. Any topping can be removed. I got the spicy version of the mazesoba- I enjoyed the spiciness a lot but it did cause the bowl to become pretty salty. The egg broke beautifully and the yolk made the entire meal creamy and delicious. The table comes with vinegar and the spicy powder, and I definitely recommend trying out your bowl without the vinegar first and then adding as it changes the flavor profile and cuts through some of the fattiness of the bowl. My boyfriend got a side of broth, which comes in a little cup of what looks like miso soup. The broth is pretty light and I thought the option to add it to your bowl was amazing, since it really helped with the saltiness of my mazesoba as I neared the bottom of my bowl.

Jasmine P.

I get the cravings for this mazesoba so bad sometimes! My parents even love it. You know when your picky Asian mama - who says she could probably make something better at home when you eat out - enjoys it, it's good. My go to order is the Chashu Mazesoba - Spicy. I really like the extra meat as I feel I miss out on the ground pork when it's fully mixed. Definitely recommend using the vinegar to help cut through the strong umami savory flavors or, getting a order of soup on the side to add to your noodles. I like ordering one side of soup and splitting it between two orders so you don't loose the all rich flavors. I have been here several times and I will say sometimes the taste/ spice isn't always consistent. I always order spicy and some days are spicier than others. (Or maybe some days I'm weaker than other days). But, it's always rich and delicious!

Andrew C.

First time having mazesoba, is NOT by the original creators of mazesoba Menya Hanabi, but by MoguMogu down in Costa Mesa. Mazesoba is a "dry" style of "ramen" without soup. We had arrived on a Sunday afternoon on July 4th weekend, and surprisingly it was not that busy. We got a table immediately upon arrival. I had gotten the DELUXE NAGOYA MAZESOBA that had chashu, nori, and ajitama, also in the SPICY variant, with the ORIGINAL's ingredients of dry noodle, fish powder, spicy minced pork, green onions, chives, seaweed, garlic, and egg yolk. Presentation wise, both places are quite similar. I felt like MoguMogu had more chives. After mixing and adding the table side bottle of vinegar, its pretty good. The spice they use for their "spicy" tasted a little weird to me. Noodles were perfectly cooked. Maybe i prefer more garlic too heh. Their chashu is decent. Actually prefer Menya's chashu since its thick cut vs MoguMogu's thin slices. Overall, really good. Convenient location for the greater SGV area without having to go into the city or all the way down to Costa Mesa for something similar. Very filling, didn't even have room to eat the extra rice they give to finish the toppings (had a big breakfast shortly before heh)

Doriee L.

I've had MoguMogu before in Costa Mesa so for our most recent SoCal trip, we decided to give Menya Hanabi a try. Menya Hanabi specializes in mazesoba, which is pretty much dry thick soba noodles mixed in a variety of items and sauce. I decided to go with their Original Nagoya Mazesoba, which had fish powder, spicy minced pork, green onions, chives, seaweed, garlic, and egg yolk in non-spicy. The egg yolk is perfectly poached so when you get your bowl, go ahead and poke that egg and mix it all up! Once you take a bite, it may seem a bit on the heavier side so there's actually a bottle of vinegar at each table. Use it! I love my bowl of mazesoba with tons of vinegar! The texture of the noodles were perfect. Flavors were good. Though, I think I prefer MoguMogu over Menya. I'm not sure if it's because MoguMogu is mazemen vs mazesoba. I find that the flavors at MoguMogu shine better. Menya is still really good and would definitely recommend.

Raquel Y.

Oh my god. I am in LOVE! Seriously, this mazesoba is mind blowing. The unami richness was amazing, sooo delicious, we were in foodie heaven. I would come here every week if I could. Definitely also order the soup on the side. It was very clean and delicious, pork bone soup, completed the dish well. My sister and I ordered the Chasu mazesoba, she got original and I got spicy. The waiter said the spicy was level 5-6, but I didn't think it was that spicy, it was just right. Chasu was tender and fatty. Delicious, I probably don't need it next time I come because the flavors of the mazesoba with the ground pork was already enough for me, but my sister said she loved the chasu and would get it again. Price was also affordable too. Ugh, LA has such amazing eats with good prices (I'm from the Bay). Y'all are spoiled! (And yes I'm just jealous). Menya Hanabi is a must try, I'm very glad I came and will definitely be back. Thank you for the foodgasm.

Dustin D.

I haven't had this place in a long while, what can I say, the food was delicious! First time getting a soft boil egg with it and I don't regret it one bit even though I already got an extra poached egg! The food doesn't disappoint me here, just the service. They never check up in you. Like how would you expect a tip or even a good tip if you don't even ask how am I doing? I still tipped anyway cause at least they were mean. But here's a pic of the food! It looked and tasted amazing!

Serena H.

I. LOVE. THIS. PLACE! This is my absolute go to spot when I'm craving noodles! My sister told me about Menya Hanabi a few weeks after it's initial opening and I've been obsessed ever since. I love getting the Original Nagoya Mazesoba, but I've also tried the Chashu, the Tan Tan and the Curry and every single dish was soooo mouthwatering good. It's also so filling and leaves me completely satisfied! I honestly have no idea how people get additional rice after, but I also love that we have that option! If you haven't tried Menya Hanabi, I definitely recommend getting off your phone or browser and getting over there right now! There might be a wait... so be prepared for that, but it's so worth it! Trust me and go try it now! 10/10 recommend!!!

Jonathan L.

This place is SOOO good!! It's one of my top favorite eats! Menu is very simple and taste amazing. Their main ramen is Nagoya Mazesoba which includes Dry noodle, fish powder, spicy minced pork, green onions, chives, seaweed, garlic, and egg yolk (poached egg). My mom and I got the Deluxe Nagoya Mazesoba which includes everything form the original with additional egg and seaweed. The ramen really reminded me of taiwanese minced pork noodle with a little twist. It's amazing! It can be a little heavy, but it's so good. The flavor is strong and robust, leaving me wanting more. At the end, after you finish all the noodles, they give you a small portion of rice to mix in with the remainder of the leftover sauce. In addition to the ramen, we got a couple appetizers. We got the Hanabi Tofu and Geso Nanban. THe hanabi tofu was basically the dried minced pork on top of fried tofu pieces. It was okay, not worth ordering again. The Geso Nanban was solid though. It's basically fried squid. It was pretty good. Can't wait to check out this place again! Hopefully they'll open up morer locations soooon!!

Jackie M.

The noodles were decent but honestly it just felt super heavy and rich that you start to get tired of the taste after awhile. If I go next time, maybe I'll get the salad version. I wasn't able to finish my bowl but definitely took it home to go. Also ordered the takoyaki which was very good! They didn't skimp out on the octopus, which is nice.

Jen O.

This mazesoba noodles comes out of my dreams. Super duper delicious bowl of dry chewy noodles but very flavorful. It has flavorful toppings like minced garlicky meat, chashu, soft boiled egg and in the end, they give you a small scoop of rice to enjoy the leftover flavor to enjoy. You can also opt for some broth (highly recommend). Karaage and ika furai also aren so good. Absolutely the perfect complete meal.

Ly H.

Amazing place to go to for a satisfying lunch or dinner Came here around afternoon during Sunday and there weren't too many people outside, only had to wait 5 min before going in, although it's already a full house inside. Interestingly they had the menu options stuck on the table as well as a QR code available for accessing it I wasn't too hungry and got the original, friend got the chashu with poached egg. Unfortunately they don't have extra spicy but there are chili powder for self adding Service was fast with food coming out in the promised 15 min time. I really liked how bouncy the noodle is and sauce really tasted amazing mixed with everything in that bowl Would definitely recommend this place and look forward to coming back in future to try their tan tan option

Miki M.

Heard the hype about this place and wanted to try mazesoba for the first time. We ordered the Chicken Nanban for our appetizer. The chicken was crispy on the outside and very juicy on the inside. The tart tartar sauce paired well with the fried chicken. I ordered the Curry Vegan Mazesoba and my sister ordered the Original Nagoya Mazesoba. The flavor was very strong and quite overpowering. The toppings of raw onions plus green onions along with the curry sauce was pretty spicy. My mouth was a bit numb from the spice after I finished it. Overall, the original Mazesoba seems to be the more enjoyable dish.

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