Poke Bar Arcadia

733 W Naomi Ave h, Arcadia
(626) 623-3288

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Ariana Garcia

First time here don't know what is up with there workers but seams like they just want to get u out not good when want to get new customers also don't have many topings and ones they do have they give so little even though I said I will pay extra still refused to give extra they also forgot to add my sauce at the end whe I tried it it didn't taste fresh it had a gone bad flavor had to end up throwing it way if owner sees this should address workers to be patient also more topings and don't give so little other places charge same even less and give more.

JRB Backer

This place used to be the best poke in Arcadia. Now it's just average. The discontinuation of Yellowtail and Lime Cilantro sauce were bad decisions. The smaller portions are disappointing, and the lack of basic things like chopsticks, restrooms, and take-home sauces like soy sauce and hot sauce are just ridiculous. The manager of this place must have changed, since standards continue to just drop. Would recommend to instead order from somewhere else like Bay Poke instead.

Cassidy F.

This is my favorite poke place in the area! I was recently looking for a new poke place since I just moved and was recommended this place! I don't regret it at all!! Prices are fair and you can online order for fast service! I online ordered and once I got there everything was ready! I especially like their sauces combinations. I got the dynamite and sweet unagi and it was great! Fish was fresh too! Will be back for sure! Highly recommend!!

Sal Mir

The poke bar is one of my go-to lunch/dinner options. What makes them great is the friendly faces and fast service combined with options. There is a price difference between the stores of the same chain and what they do/don’t offer based on their locations. The food is often a little pricy but mostly very good quality.

Nguyen V.

Good Poke restaurant. The ingredients are fresh, the quantity is enough for a full meal and the staff is friendly and courteous.

Oliver L.

Tried this Poke a couple years ago, and heavily regretting it ever since. When I left for college, I found myself going to a variety of poke places, but those places have never matched up to here. Greatest spot in southern California. In fact, i'm literally writing this in a Poke spot because I miss it so bad.

Ann A.

I started getting hungry as I was waiting for someone to finish shopping at Burlington Coat Factory. I decided to walk around, and found this Poke Bar. I read a review stating that there was a Yelp event here. I am sad that I missed out on the event, but I am happy that I was able to try this Poke Bar. I thoroughly enjoyed all the selections that were available. Everything looked and tasted fresh. Next time I come here, I'll order extra scoops of fish and protein.

Raymond Derrick D.

Meh! You can skip this one if you'd like. Reason is because the quality of the food was average. I didn't taste any of the sauces, the salad was subpar, the rice was dry, the portions of the proteins were small, and I asked for sesame seeds and furikake and I didn't even taste them! On top of that, I had to wait twice because the employee was finishing up and order them had to let the food delivery employee in too! I didn't leave with the eBay impression. My favorite was the free gummies they had at the cashier.

Magda N.

Great poke joint. They have lots of options (even octopus!) and everything taste fresh. Price is still affordable. They have gone up over the years but still competitive. Generous serving. Place is so clean and organized. Everything is labeled and makes ordering very easy. They don't have seats inside now, but they have a couple of tables available outside. They do put them away by 7.30pm fyi (close at 8pm).

Lindsay F.

All my pregnancy dreams came true yesterday when I was able to have a poke bowl at a Yelp event here because this place offers cooked shrimp as one of the fish choices!! I'm almost 7 months pregnant and have been counting down the minutes until my due date when I'm looking forward to having the biggest poke bowl ... but, I didn't have to wait that long thanks to this place!! Seriously made my day that there was one cooked fish option! I received a small bowl as part of the Yelp event and I bought my husband a small bowl. With 2 scoops of fish, half brown rice/half lettuce, and all the toppings, we were both plenty full by the end of our bowls. They were generous with the toppings for sure. Compared to other poke spots, this place had 1-2 more options for fish than I usually see, the same number of topping selections, more sauce options than I've seen at other spots, and more (and interesting) dry topping selections. I wish I'd asked the employee what sauce concoction she made for us because the sauce was so on point! I told her we both liked hot stuff (but not crying hot lol), garlic, and sweet stuff, then told her to do her thing and she did - sauce mix was awesome! Loved that they had a spicy crab option as one of the toppings. I've only seen that at one other place and I've been to tons of poke spots. There's plenty of parking in the shopping center. It's connected to Von's and is about 2-3 suites down from the grocery store's front entrance. I liked that Burlington was close by - made a mini shopping trip out of the visit to this place. :) There's definitely a lot to see and do in this shopping complex!

Vivian A.

COVID-19: Social distancing is not enforced at this establishment. All of the staff wears a mask. All customers are expected to wear a mask too. Some of the staff also wears gloves. There are some hand sanitizers available for customers to use. This place is available for take outs and has some indoor seating available with limited capacity. They are not sanitizing in between customers. COVID-19 Vaccination Proof: This establishment currently does not require proof of vaccination. While I was grabbing my food from this establishment today, I asked if they had any special offers and they weren't offering any at the moment. They currently don't have happy hour. They also do not allow pets in their establishment UNLESS it's a service animal. Parking: The parking lot for this establishment is massive. Plenty of parking spots for you to choose from. Although, some parking spots are smaller than others, so be careful where you park. Food: I ordered the medium white rice bowl with spicy tuna, albacore, and shrimp and pretty much all of the toppings except avocado. I just love how fresh and delicious everything tasted. Portion sizes are massive too. Totally worth the $16. Staff: The staff here are very kind, friendly, and fast. They accept only credit cards. There is no credit card minimum.

Gavin S.

Poke Bar is an Arcadia classic! Conveniently situated in the Vons/Burlington shopping plaza, it was one of the first restaurants to introduce the Poke craze to the San Gabriel Valley. Bowl options: Poke Bar offers a small bowl with 2 scoops of protein, a medium bowl with 3 scoops of protein, and a large bowl with 5 scoops of protein. In addition, they are currently serving a gyudon bowl as well. Proteins/Toppings: Poke Bar has an amazing variety of toppings and proteins. In addition to the basic albacore, spicy tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, Poke Bar also has scallops, shrimp, tofu, and my favorite - octopus. For toppings, in addition to what you would expect at other Poke joints, they offer delicious pineapple and your choice of spicy/non-spicy crabmeat. Gyudon Bowl: The gyudon bowl is like the classic beef bowl you would expect from Yoshinoya; but, with the surprise of being dressed up with Poke toppings. It's a decent value for the money and a fun twist on the dish. Parking: The shop is located in a large strip mall and there is always plenty of parking. Refer to the affixed photo. Parking in the LA Fitness and Burlington direction can be congested but fret not because the actual parking spots closest to Poke Bar are always open! Other: * I believe they have a rewards program * As of 4/22, there currently is still no indoor seating. They do not accept cash and there is hand sanitizer available.

Tanya B.

If you want a dependable reliable poke bowl poke bar is a great place to go. The fish has always been fresh. They're toppings are always fully decked out no shortages or "sorry we ran out" the portions are generous I always ask for half rice and still can't finish my bowl. The only reason I can't give 5 stars is literally only because they don't have Hot Cheetos as a dry topping which I've grown incredibly fond of at other poke spots and because they don't have any pre marinated fish options which I also enjoy Nonetheless I still very much enjoy poke bar and will return

Ben A.

So I didn't get the invite after my RSVP for the YEE here. No worries, dear Yelp reader-- I only hope that this restaurant got lots of brand new customers to come and enjoy their delicious fare. As for me, Poke Bar is on my rotation for different Poke places. As a younger man, I spent a few summers working on fishing boats, so I'm something of a snob about seafood in general, particularly with regards to freshness. Poke Bar seems to share this ideal, as their food is impeccably fresh and delicious every time I visit. I'm something of a creature of habit when it comes to sides, but I do rotate through the different fish: generally, I order a medium with either salmon, yellowtail, tuna or albacore... and load it up with seaweed, masago, furikake, sesame seeds, and chili (I am El Gigante Picante, after all, Ichiban...) Glad that this place stuck around through the Great Panini, and hope they stay here in this big shopping center for a long time. YEE selection committee... maybe I'll catch you on the next one? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sam T.

Pretty solid. Service fast, portions are good. Taste, toppings, and sauce are pretty yummy as well. Location is awesome. I liked the array of sauces , particularly the sesame. My only qualm is the fish didn't taste the absolute freshest, still scarfable though. Good for a quick poke fix.

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