Amausaan uji Matcha

Desserts, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt

1950 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 356-4237



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My kids love matcha, and this shop is their personal paradise. It's decorated so sweetly-- like a Japanese tea shop. The food is all very pretty and the staff are nice. It's not a bargain by any stretch and the Christian Radio station is played loudly enough to damage your hearing.

This has got to be one of if not my favorite place to grab matcha. I really like how I can choose from a variety of drinks and desserts here; right now, my favorite would probably have to be the matcha ice cream and the hot matcha latte with soy milk. I also really like the ambiance/atmosphere of the place though it can get pretty crowded at times.

I've been here a couple times and tried their Uji Matcha soft cream, their uji matcha Mille crepe cake, and one of the mactha story. Their interior has some imitation-shrine aesthetic going on, and you'll definitely get some time to take it in as there's sometimes a wait. Their bathroom is overall clean and their sign is a lil funny lol. Their menu is pretty expansive but it can also get pretty expensive. The overall presentation was spot on, you'll be full review

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