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2085 Vine St, Berkeley
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Coffee was very good! I had a latte and it was more than decent (and I drink a lot of coffee and espresso). But I have to say that the food shined brighter than anything.. I was surprised and delighted at the quality of the prepared food. The avocado toast was toasted and seasoned perfectly, the herb frittata had a ton of flavor and was absolutely delicious. Great atmosphere, will be coming here again.

First time at my cafe, cashier was rude/unwelcoming. I ordered a matcha latte and brought my own reusable tumbler. The cashier looked at my cup with a disgusted look on her face and immediately asked, "is this dirty?" My cup is transparent, so it would be obvious if it were dirty, and why would I use a dirty cup for a $7 drink? I asked her what milk options they offer, and she seemed annoyed that I asked. They don't even post the milk options on the small menu on full review

OMG! Thanks for making such a great coffee place a reality. The space is just amazing, with a beautiful outdoor and indoor. Most importantly, they have high speed wifi through Sonic (right now shows 205Mpbs download and 140 Mbps upload) and they have power plugs. I will come often, buy lunch, coffee, sparkling water etc just to make this place stay around.

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